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Found 35 results

  1. I believe this should be considered a bug, or at min. not desirable behaviour. Page based symbols do not display correctly when Navigation Graphics is set to Best Compatibility. This may be is a result of my graphics card, but certain things should always show. - Create a page based symbol - when inserted into a section viewport it scales down based on the scale of the viewport it seems. - when a crop is applied to a viewport the symbol increases in size? If you print a PDF it displays correctly. Page Based Symbol.vwx
  2. Josh Schulman

    Astera LEDs

    Does anyone have symbols for Astera leds? They are a newer company. Thanks!
  3. Boh

    Symbol Attributes

    Our office does a lot of retail work and I am looking to revise our system for standard symbols for retail fixtures which are used right across our office. i would appreciate any advice on a system that best suits our needs. In our office we have varying levels of expertise on vectorworks so the system has to be easy to implement no matter your understanding of how VW works. We also do not yet have an office standard for classes so everyone is currently using different systems. The current symbol system is confusing especially for the less experienced VW users on the staff. It uses different classes inside the same symbol so that you need to have viewport visibilities for 2 (or sometimes 3 classes) set correctly to see the symbol in a viewport. For example a symbol for a table will be placed in a class called "Arch-Furniture-Contract". The table will have 2 rectangles inside it to represent the table - one rectangle with a solid linetype placed on a class called "Fixture - solid" and the other with a dashed linetype called "Fixture - dashed". The viewport classes are toggled depending on which view of the table is required. E.g: - On the main floor plan a solid view of the viewport is required so both the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" & "Fixture - solid" classes need to be turned on. - On the electrical plan a dashed view of the table is required so both the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" & "Fixture - dashed" classes need to be turned on and the 'Fixture-solid" class turned off. - On the ceiling plan no view of the table is required so the"Arch-Furniture-Contract" class is turned off in that viewport. This is confusing especially when a symbol gets put on the wrong class. It also means these symbols drag these classes into any drawings they are imported into. I am looking at 2 alternative options: Option 1: For the table symbol example I would have only one rectangle which is set to say the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" class with the rectangle's linetype and solid fill attributes set to "by class". The symbol itself is placed either in the "none" class (which always has visibilities set to "on") or it could be placed in the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" class. You can then override the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" class attributes in the viewport to get the dashed line with no fill. This is relatively simple and once the symbol is set up pretty easy to implement. Though if the symbol is inadvertantly placed into a different class then that class also needs to be turned on for the object to be visible in a viewport. Also it drags the "Arch-Furniture-Contract" class into any drawings it is imported into and as it is using "by class" attributes the symbol will take on the class attributes of the file it is brought into. Option 2: For the table symbol I would have only one rectangle which is set in the "None'" class with no attributes set to "by class". Viewport visibilities are adjusted either by graying the class or overriding the opacity of the class the symbol is placed into. The plus side is that it is really only dependant on one class - the class which the user chooses to place the symbol into. No importing different classes into your drawings and the attibutes are the same no matter the class attribute settings. Downside is that you can't override the linetype to get a dashed line instead the table would need to be grayed out or set to lower opacity for some views such as the electrical plans (perhaps not as clear as the dashed line system). Any expert advice on these options (or perhaps someone can suggest a better way that I haven't yet thought of?) would be very much appreciated. Perhaps a wishlist item for vectorworks would be to introduce a "by object class" attribute setting for symbol objects similar to the "by block" setting used in AutoCAD. That would mean symbol subobjects could simply be on the "None" class but take on the attributes of the class the symbol is placed in. Thanks Boh
  4. John Meunier

    Disappearing Objects in Symbols

    Bug Alert, This works with simple object for example draw a rectangle and make it a symbol, the same behaviour will persist. With a hybrid symbol, open "multiple views panes". Edit the 2D component of the symbol, the 2D objects disappear. Also happens when editing a symbol containing symbols, if a symbol is 2D only it will disappear when entering the root symbol with multiple views on. See Screen recording. Very frustrating behaviour!! Screen Symbol.mov
  5. In project sharing, you should have to check out entire symbols to reduce editing conflicts between users.
  6. Very excited to dive into 2019! What better way than with a program hang. I'm encountering a long delay with opening the resource window of the 'Choose a Symbol' dialog, when activated via the OIP. No lagging issues when using 'Replace with Symbol' via the menu. Anyone else?
  7. Charlie Winter

    v2019 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down causing lag in Blank Document

    Creating Blank Document Select Symbol Insertion Tool Click 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down in the menu bar ... ... Still waiting... ... ... 2m. Vectorworks logo bounces in dock, and then I can return to the program, with no resource menu open. Select the 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down again, and... ... ... another 2 minute wait.. then the logo bounces again. Help.
  8. Hi there, I have put together a drawing and want the worksheet to count nested symbols in a specific area of the drawing. I have named a rectangle area in the drawing "000-OrderArea", and they Symbol "ProjectSeat" appears in this area both on its own, as well as being nested within two other symbols. Here is the formula in the Worksheet cell: =COUNT((INSYMBOL & (S='ProjectSeat') & (LOC='000-OrderArea'))) The Worksheet is only counting the 'loose' symbols in the area, not any of the nested ones. Any clues as to how I can get it to count ALL of the symbols in the area? Cheers, Nick
  9. twhitwell6

    Download Content

    Hi all, Ive have managed to download the vectorworks content successfully. However I dont know how to access this content. I thought it would appear in the resource browser but unfortunately it hasn't. Ive tries refreshing the libraries to no avail and cant find anything online about this either. Please help. Im using VW 2018 Architecture on Windows 10 Thank you
  10. Josh Schulman

    Adding Libraries

    What is the process of adding additional manufacturers truss libraries to both Vectorworks and Braceworks?
  11. I would love for the Resource Manager to be 'active' in the way that - whilst downloading textures, symbols & other items - I can still scroll up and down within the Resource Manager to see about other units. - At the moment the Resource Manager 'freezes' and prioritises the download. - Only once the item is finished downloading the Resource Manager 'frees' up and lets me work and scroll. - Being able to do both at the same time would very much increase the overall work-flow. A solution to this is much appreciated. Cheers, Grethe
  12. I am working on a project that requires me to extract areas from polygons and landscape areas that are embedded within symbols and display them on a worksheet. I then need to summarise the areas by symbol name and class, Is there a way to easily do this as function within a worksheet or perhaps using marionette?
  13. I have a problem with my viewports. Whenever I want to show my elements that are grouped or a symbol, they are displayed as an wireframe. It doesn't matter if I'm in Open GL or a renderstyle. When I ungroup them the problem is solved, but that's not how it should work. Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. I often use 3D symbols as components of Solids (solid additions, etc.). But if I update such a 3D symbol, it's then necessary to enter the Edit mode of each and every Solid that uses that symbol before those Solids update accordingly. I really, Really, REALLY wish Solids would automatically update when the 3D symbols they're composed of are changed. Their inability to do so simply halves the benefits of building Solids out of 3D symbols. VWIS085
  15. Is there a way to create a report for symbols that have symbols within them? i have multiples of the same part and parts that have minor changes in them that use some of the parts and pieces from other parts and I want to create a report that generates a report of the total pieces used. Is that possible?
  16. Hi, I'm using the Send to Cinema 4d command and the fist time I did the export everything worked perfectly. Now I have updated my project in Vectorworks and have wanted to Send to Cinema 4D once again. The result is terrible. The main problem is that many Instances of Vectorworks symbols are now broken and some symbols export with no texture tags. It's not possible to work this way. One needs to be able to update the Vectorworks model and send it to Cinema 4D.
  17. When dragging a symbol into a wall is there a trick to keeping it oriented the same way as before it was inserted? I find the symbol or PIO often flips around and I then have to reflip it which gets annoying after a while.
  18. We are having difficulties Referencing Symbols from Project Sharing file to Elevations / Sections sheet files, mainly the Level symbols, and grid lines symbol. Things that we use in both Elevations, plans and sections at all scales. We have a project sharing file, with multiple users for one bldg only (10 stories, 256 apartments), which is working fine. we than have separate vectorworks sheet files for plans / elevations / sections, which generate all the sheets as above. Referencing in the main Working file. but we can't get in the grid line symbols nor the level symbols, as we get an error message saying that the Working file cannot be referenced in (only the Project file), which we know... but the symbol is inside the project file, and not reachable from within the resource browser. is there a way around this somehow? kind regards anton
  19. It would be nice if VW would get better support for OpenType features, especially for symbols and fractions that are available in fonts that sometimes cannot always be inserted with e.g. the windows character map. For example, standard fractions like 1/2, 1/4 etc. are usually not a problem but fractions like e.g. 3/16 don't show as a proper fraction in text even though the font supports such fractions in its font properties. It would be nice if VW would support OpenType fractions so that they can be used in e.g. dual units setups and/or dimensions etc. The same applies to some special characters that are in the private space of unicode fonts, they may not always show up in e.g. the windows character map utility but they do in other graphics/dtp programs that can show the full glyph/character palette. To have such a palette in VW would be quite nice as then you could make full use of such fonts.
  20. Recently created some VW2018 assets using 3d IGES data as downloaded from Morgan Furniture (UK) 'Seville' range (www.morganfurniture.co.uk/collection/seville). It took a little while so I thought I'd share the benefit. Process followed to create them: 2d & 3d data is 'as imported' from the Manufacturer (IGES/ IGS files), ie. not edited or optimized (beware, in some instances the 3d and 2d plans differ slightly in overall size) Objects & symbols on class 'none' & texture as 'Texture-1' Insertion point/ origin located to the front centre of 3d object Symbol created for each furniture item Feedback/ constructive comments very much appreciated! PS - I produced these for my own use so have tried to make them as easy to use and accurate as I can. If you decide to use them, please satisfy yourself that they reflect the products; you use the data at your own risk. 20181117_Morgan_Seville.vwx
  21. rowbear97


    Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way. I have a mid-rise residential building that I'm working on and I'm having to recreate the elevations by hand. Each "Window" consists of (see elevation01) fixed lower window, vertical pivot above, fixed larger window with louvered opening for PTAC. I would like to take these four elements and combine them into one symbol that I can insert into walls as this assembly appears on 50 of the 57 units. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreicated.
  22. Is there a method anyone has used for hybrid symbols or objects to inherit space properties? I would like to shortcut the lengthy and error prone effort of manually assigning room numbers or names to furniture records (which is my current method) to enable worksheets with room-by-room (i.e. space-by-space) take off. I hope I am not alone in this requirement?
  23. It is very nice that the Grass Shader in VW also works within Symbols. That makes it easy to create instances of plant tubs or other green furniture. However, that will not work in C4D after Import/Exchange when you keep your Symbols als Instances in VW order. Which I think is the recommended way to go for Symbols. Grass Shader Materials (like Lights) in Symbols will not work as "Render Instances". Export as "Render Instances" is VW's only option to get VW Symbols into C4D and not dissect them into separate geometry. So if you encounter such problems with Symbol exports not working as expected, try to search the Instance Copies in C4D by Name (You can't isolate them by Single Layer (Class) display, as Instances from VW unfortunately don't have a Layer assigned like their Symbols Original) and deactivate the Instance Copies "Render Instances" option - so they will work again.
  24. Hey, I create some custom symbols/lighting instruments and added them in my drawing. Now I went back and edited those symbols slightly but I'm wondering: 1. Does the lighting instrument automatically update with the new symbol changes? 2. How can I update all of the currently used symbols on the drawing? Is there anyway just to make it auto-update? I searched but couldn't find a clear solution to this. Thanks for your help
  25. Hi there, I have a problem with the linked texts inside the symbol blocks. When I see them in any type of 3D visualization even in wireframe, I can see all the information pulled from the record without any problem, but when I try to visualize the symbol not in plan view, with the hidden line mode on, all those data disappear. Anyone knows how can I do to show the linked information inside the symbol block even in hidden line mode? Thanks


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