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Found 30 results

  1. Very excited to dive into 2019! What better way than with a program hang. I'm encountering a long delay with opening the resource window of the 'Choose a Symbol' dialog, when activated via the OIP. No lagging issues when using 'Replace with Symbol' via the menu. Anyone else?
  2. Charlie Winter

    v2019 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down causing lag in Blank Document

    Creating Blank Document Select Symbol Insertion Tool Click 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down in the menu bar ... ... Still waiting... ... ... 2m. Vectorworks logo bounces in dock, and then I can return to the program, with no resource menu open. Select the 'Active Symbol Definition' drop-down again, and... ... ... another 2 minute wait.. then the logo bounces again. Help.
  3. I have set up a workgroup folder which contains my custom hatches which I want displayed as default content when I select hatches in the attribute palette. I can see this file in the resource browser under the workgroup tab however it doesn't display as default content in the workspace. See screenshots below. Any suggestions? The workgroup file location is: ...Vectorworks\Libraries\Defaults\Attributes - Hatches. There are no files in the equivalent user library location so they are not being overridden. I feel like there is a basic setting wrong or something I'm not doing right. I have got vectorworks libraries enabled in the VW Preferences.
  4. On my machine, I do not see anything in the resource browser preview pane unless I actually have the file open in VW. If the file containing symbols is open, I see a preview. If not, it's entirely blank. Sometimes (not always) those previews are incorrectly scaled and do not show everything in the symbol. See the attached screenshot...note that three of the thumbnails are not shown correctly, but the "Title Block" one actually does encompass the entire symbol. "Set Thumbnail View" is set to Top/Plan, and "Set Thumbnail Render Mode" is set to Wireframe, although it doesn't appear that changing either option makes a difference. Just wondering if there are settings I can change which will fix these or if they're known issues. Anyone know? Thanks.
  5. I would love for the Resource Manager to be 'active' in the way that - whilst downloading textures, symbols & other items - I can still scroll up and down within the Resource Manager to see about other units. - At the moment the Resource Manager 'freezes' and prioritises the download. - Only once the item is finished downloading the Resource Manager 'frees' up and lets me work and scroll. - Being able to do both at the same time would very much increase the overall work-flow. A solution to this is much appreciated. Cheers, Grethe
  6. I've run into a problem where I am unable to set Renderworks textures to "Receive Shadows" - the setting unchecks itself after I finish editing. This is pretty much a deal-breaker for a functional renderer - has anybody run into this, and found a workaround? I've also been having problems being unable to set bump textures in the Resource Manager.
  7. I'd love to see the data that is inputed for wall styles to show up in the Data panel of the Resource Manager. This would help a lot in making sure a user gets the correct wall they want to use rather than relying on the Style name and or having to open the style by edit. Essentially this Data tab is the "Record" for the wall style.
  8. In the resource manager from within and open VW file: Standard Title Blocks.vwx there are 10 title blocks to choose from starting with Custom Title block-01. However, In file manager if I open C: Program Files > Vectorworks 2018 > Libraries > Defaults > Sheet Border - Title blocks > Standard Title Blocks.vwx I see a different set of title blocks including my own custom title block and 6 standards. When I insert a sheet border, I can choose a title block from the resource managers list (the first list above) but not the second which has y regular title block in it. What am I missing? I thought these were one and the same?
  9. I'd love a way to just view the "in use" items of a particular file in the Resource Manager. This would only show items that are on a design layer, sheet layer or applied to an object (eg. a texture). Kevin
  10. I wish there was a Fixture Request submission page available for Vectorworks like there is for Vision so that I could get confirmation that the request has been received. Being instructed to submit a fixture request on the wishlist seems to me that there is a high risk of the Fixture request being missed, overlooked, and not being created in a timely manner.
  11. When using the Existing Tree tool, somehow empty folders are created in the resource manager. Every edit, move, copy, tweak, etc. in an existing tree tool results in the creation of an empty resource manager folder. I am currently working on a project with 150+ existing tree tools and this resulted in the creation of over 200 empty folders?
  12. I realized today that texture folders work differently in the Resource Manager than they do in the Render tab of the OIP. I had spent some time in the Resource Manager organizing a bunch of textures into a folder because they had been imported with SketchUp objects I brought in, and I wasn't really interacting with them. I wanted these textures to be filed away so it was easier to work with my own. This worked great in the RM. But now when I select an object and go to the Render tab to apply a texture, the popup-RM-thing displays ALL the textures. I would've expected it to be organized the same as the main RM, with some textures in folders and others in the 'top-level'. I'm not sure if this inconsistency is intentional or not, but I find it a bit confusing. The only thing that's the same in both places is that you can select the folder in the lefthand navigation pane, allowing you to see ONLY textures in that folder. But if you select the top level (the file name), the RM shows textures organized into folders while the Render tab does not. It'd be great for the Render tab to keep textures in their folders.
  13. When trying to add a renderworks texture from a custom image or edit an existing texture from the resource manager in VW2017, nothing happens. I can't get to the normal dialog box that controls textures. Ideas?
  14. When creating a new resource folder in the resource manager, I am unable to see all the folder type options, the only visible option is the Script Pallet folder. I am currently running VW17 SP3 on a Windows platform. Attached is a screen shot Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. I have some strange behavior in Resource Manger with Resource Folders* and Drag and Drop. I am not sure if that is a general, OS X or even Wacom only problem. * those new "special" individual new Resource Folders for a special Resource Type 1. In the middle main column, when I want to drag a Resource into one of my Resource Folders, it does not work like in Finder by just clicking and dragging, it works more like dragging a Row in a Numbers Ttable : I have to first click once long on the Resource, release and click drag again to make it move. (Even if that Resource was already selected before) 2. When I want to drag Resources between my opened Files. I have all Files Subfolders expanded in the tree view on the left. When I drag a Ressource (with the tedious extra click mentioned in 1.) form one File to the other's Resource Folder in the left Tree Column > All Files will collapse their Subfolders and I have to open them again for the next drag and drop action. 3. If I activate the Filter, all "other" special Sub Folders of Files will also disappear in the left Tree Column. This irritates me somehow as it looks like all Files would not have any ressource at all, if they don't at least have such a Resource Type Folder. Like the behavior of RM integrated into BIM Tools like Window, where it will only show Window related resources, where it makes sense. I am not shure if it is a good idea in main RM View where you want to manage ALL of your Resources and I expected the Filter for the Main Middle Column only.
  16. I installed VW 2017 (which had SP1 included) and the resource manager catalog fails to update (it stops at 14%). I receive a message box that the default content could not be updated and to verify if I have write access to the application libraries. I checked the security dialog box in the file properties and my user account has full read/write access. I tried running VW as an administrator and still the same problem. I also tried the administrator account to see if VW would work and nope - it won't update the catalog. Since the resource browser cannot update with the default content, all plug-in objects, attributes etc. do not show symbols, hatches, textures etc. The selection boxes are greyed out. Basically VW2017 is unusable. I also installed VW2017 on my HP notebook to see if it would work - nope, same problem. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  17. Jonathan Pickup

    Webinar - Resource Manager

    there is a free webinar coming up this week about the Resource Manager. you can find more details here... https://novedge.com/webinar/232
  18. The search function is fabulous but in my opinion it would be so much more fabulous if somewhere in the window it would show the location of the resource(s) e.g. "Object Styles>Lighting Instrument>ETC." Advantages in my mind: helps me learn the folder structure in VW libraries; (I mean really, lighting instruments are an "Object Style" now? Huh?); lets me find the resource more directly next time; lets me know what folder/s I may want to add to "Favorites;" lets me browse similar resources without necessarily knowing exactly what I'm searching for, by going back to the root folder. A fairly routine feature in many websites etc - hopefully not too hard to implement? Unless, embarrassingly for me, the feature already exists and I'm just not seeing it. Thanks.
  19. Maybe there's an easier way to do this but when I want to replace one type of light with another I make the symbol I want to replace *with* active in the RM (formerly RB), select the fixture I want to replace then click on "Replace with Active Symbol" in that fixture's OIP. Except the (good old?) RB used to show the name of the active symbol in the lower left-hand corner. Now I don't see an indication as to which symbol is active (assuming I'm not actively inserting instruments, which in this scenario I wouldn't be). Thanks -
  20. I think I would like to see other options available for viewing texture images in the Resource Manager. So instead of a plane old square, how about a cube, sphere, cylinder and any other shape deemed worthwhile. Seeing certain textures on certain shapes can make visualizing easier IMHO.
  21. @JimWWould there be a reason why a symbol custom made by myself would not show up in the preview window of the RM. Only the thumbnail show.
  22. 1. Where should i put things like Door/Window Styles in, when there are no Door/Window Style Folder types ? In Slab or Wall Style Folders ? 2. Can I rename "Standard Named" Folders to suit my own Naming Standards, rename these objects and move things around ? (Heliodon Symbols, Saved Views, and such ?) or will I risk things no more being found ? Or is that something that can be (fully solved) and needs to be solved by "Standard Naming" Options ?
  23. It was so excellent to be able to right-click a resource and tuck it into a different folder, could this functionality please be restored? Having to drag and drop seems quite cumbersome especially since, unless I'm missing something, the destination folder has to be visible when you start dragging (it doesn't seem that the window scrolls along with the item you're dragging) - thanks!
  24. It would be great if one could export a resource from one file to another within the resource manager rather than the active document only. I often move/export resources (primarily plant symbols) from and older file (which I can browse within the RM) into a master file I call office standards. This is how I keep my plant library together and makes it easy to access. Often my workflow gets slowed when I need to open a file which includes a resource I wish to export to this office standards file. Yes it would be great if I just exported this symbol or resource when I originally created it but, unfortunately it doesn't seem to happen.
  25. I realized that all my Library Files from my Workgroup Folders show thumbnails but no large Preview Image. (Same for User Libraries ?) The solution is to manually open all of these directly in VW, which generates Previews, and saving them again. Only Converting Files with the Batch Command does not create Previews. As Batch Convert has already many function options, I wish for including an additional Checkbox to also create Previews. Or an Option in Ressource Manager to generate Previews from selected resources. Also I tried to download some 2017 Libraries from Service Select. Some may already have, but all that I tried also had no Previews generated and needed manual opening and saving. I was wondering as the Online Select Libraries in RM all seem to have Previews included. For the RM Select Libraries I have a question. I did not find a way to download a complete Resource File, for example into my Workgroup Folders, just to import a single Object into my current Drawing. Not even an RMB Option (for import) if I select more than one Object. Or no drag'n'drop.


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