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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to run Vision on my Mac using Nomad on the same machine. According to Vectorworks this is not recommended because it can be slow, but it is not impossible. However, I'm unclear how to connect the two so that the Nomad controls Vision. (Btw, I don't have a Nomad dongle... just using the free download.) Has anyone does this and can give me some step-by-step help? Thanks!
  2. When I open up the Nomad app, it initially says "You are in offline mode", and my files don't show up - even though the device is connected to the internet. I'm not able to change preferences or anything in offline mode.
  3. I repeatedly have the problem that I place a VWX file in my cloud services folder, but it fails to generate a 3D model for viewing in the Nomad app. The file is there in the Nomad app, but says "3D project Not Generated". I press the recycle symbol, it tells me I need to process the file to view in Nomad, Would I like to process the file. I press Yes, it tells me it's been submitted for 3D model generation. Then it shows as "Processing for 3D viewing" for a while, before reverting back to "3D project Not Generated". Trying again gives the same result. Sometimes I'll upload something and it'll work, but I can't work out anything particularly different about the files that succeed. Is there anything I can do to files in preparation, to make success more likely? This feature is very useful for sharing with clients and for presentations but it's not much good if it doesn't work reliably.