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Found 14 results

  1. Licences currently without VSS but each to add one Architect 2019 £1850 each one Designer 2019 £2500 two Designer 2016 £1000 each Please email cany@ashsak.com to organise a transfer of ownership if interested.
  2. Hi All, I've just taken the plunge to Mojave, and straight off the bat have run into a major issue. Editing text in sheet view is absolutely crippling my system. I'm working in the same file as I was prior to updating to Mojave, on the same system, on the same SP3.1 Vectorworks. The only change is the system update, and it is severely slower since the update. Is this a known issue? I can record some footage showing the slowdown if it helps. Thanks A
  3. VW 2019 latest SP. Working from a viewport back to a DL the view changes to a DL view of the same POV as viewport camera. I choose Top/Plan several times, it draws a OGL screen briefly, then kicks me back to a view showing only info from one layer in Persp. Freaking out. Saved / shutdown / restarted. Open file: same state as above. Decide to record for posterity and in so doing, (spoiler alert) got the Top/Plan view restored. But I am still a bit shaken and have lost nearly an hour of labor over this. Hope the file's ok… Be sure to watch the View Dropdown Menu choice during this and compare to what you see onscreen. Screen Recording 2019-08-13 at 2.55.21 PM.mov UPDATE: Things are still strange in Graphics-land, see attached screenshot. I've been on Best Performance for a couple months now, without issue. LATEST: Welp, Unified View was off, perhaps that is the culprit?
  4. How about add the description in Organization dialog? so you can have an entire look of the drawing's structure
  5. Hi all, I think this bug hase been reported previously, but it's still there. The OIP dies = doesn't display the selected object, this happens occasionally. The remedy is to close the file and re-open. Any info on a correctional update? Thanks
  6. Asemblance

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    We've been doing some testing on some live projects, with the hopes to move things onto 2019. However disappointingly, we're finding 2019 seems to be significantly slower, with a lot of 'hangups' in between actions. In particular I've been noticing this going through and editing sheets. Doing the same actions in identical files on vwx 2018 (Sp4) is smoother and faster. This is quite the opposite from what we were hoping for! Has anybody else found this?
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to remedy the following: Copied rectangles with overlapping edges won't display the line type correctly. The lines become messed up since the run of the line type advances with every copy of the rectangle (why?). Please see attached. This prevents using anything else than solid line for rectangles with edges touching. Edit: This seems to be particular to the stock ISO linetypes - others seem to work. Working in mm.
  8. TedCharlesBrown

    Razer Blade Stealth - Rendering Bug

    Hello, I am testing out the Razer Blade Stealth. I opened a document I had created using my previous laptop with an Intel Graphics 520 Internal card - and found that on the blade I received a horrible graphics bug. Starting in a render view in OpenGL and then persisting in plan view or anything else... Is this an issue with some drivers on the Razer Blade Stealth?
  9. Hi all, I am having an issue with my site model. It is a simple model with only 7 3D polygons that have been used to create site model contours. Unfortunately, the model is skipping some of the contours and drawing straight lines instead (see image attached). The red lines are the 3D polys I have used, and the dashed green is the models interpretation. Is this simply the inherent VW 2019 model creation process doing this due to a lack of data, or is it a setting / something I can rectify? Any ideas would be great! Thanks Joe
  10. JMR

    2019 SP2 Space tool bug?

    Hi all, I find that the space tool reads nonexistent geometry in an empty room. Please see attached. All classes are on and other DL's invisible. Anyone else?
  11. Hi All, I'm having some real problems installing the service packs for vwx 2019 on my Windows 10 laptop. I've had issued with previous vwx installs and updates on this laptop, but always got around them previously by downloading the update, rebooting into safe mode and installing from there. However with the new updater, I am unable to take this approach, as I can't run the updater to download the update.. And I can't run the updater in safe mode, as then I lose my ability to connect to the internet (even with 'safe mode with networking' selected). Does anybody else suffer from this problem? How can I get around it? I'm stuck on SP0. Thanks, A
  12. Anybody having trouble exporting worksheets? I'm trying to export my drawing but I get no file selection window after I select the format. I've tried restarting VW, reloading the file, rebooting the PC. Is it just me? USING: 2019 SP2 (Build 463397)(64-Bit) Windows 10
  13. Jumping from VW 2016 to 2019. All very simple geometry no longer renders under 'final shaded polygon.' I even took the 2019 file shown in the screen shot, saved as a 2016 file to test. File rendered perfectly (and fast) in 2016. Not sure if there are some settings that didn't carry over, or if I'm doing something wrong? Any help someone can offer would be very much welcome, thanks!!
  14. It used to be that I could populate the plant definition records into a new plant using the “Use Currently Selected Record”. What’s happening now is that I find a plant that matches what I want to use and run that command. None of the plant records fill into the plant style and the placeholders are deleted. Thoughts? Is this a bug?


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