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Found 3 results

  1. It looks like the new 2022 wall components wrapping feature for doors/windows/symbols will require accessing "Plug-in Object Options" frequently, and a keyboard shortcut will be helpful. In the Workspace Editor, please allow for a key command to be added for "Plug-in Object Options" in addition to using the right-click object context menu. Alternatively - provide access to the wrapping settings via the OIP
  2. After spending way too much time rebuilding my custom workspace from scratch (because of constant crashes that appear to be related to the workspace), I came up with the following wishlist items. I'm working in VW Architect 2020 with Mac OS 15.4 with an Apple extended keyboard (includes numeric keypad). I started by duplicating the default Architect-BIM workspace and editing it: ⌘-1& ⌘-2 are reserved for zoom in/out x2. This function is also available by double clicking the tool or key. Allow for other uses of ⌘-1& ⌘-2. Many items are shown as Reserved by MacOS in the VW 2020 keyboard shortcuts PDF, but most can be disabled for use by VW in Mac's System Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts. Allow for VW use if turned off in system. Allow use of Function Keys F14-F19 Cloud menu-> "Settings..." should be renamed "Cloud Settings..." to allow for unambiguous placement in another menu (e.g. creating a Settings menu that has all VW & document settings in one place). Allow changes to Vectorworks menu for removal of "Customize Touch Bar" & change of ⌘-,(comma) VW Preferences command for other uses. Provide documentation for adding Tool Set icons, required image formats/size, and where should they be stored. Also, can we access existing GUI icons? Rearrange snap palette in 2 row layout to correspond to the default keyboard layout. Change tool key defaults to better represent current (3D-BIM) workflows - e.g. no need for 2D polygon & 2D polyline to both have key shortcuts, while 3D polygon does not. EDITED: Remove unlicensed tools from workspace editor, per the matrix at http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/Commands_Tools2021.pdf Move all legacy tools & commands out of the "All Tools" and "All Menus" lists (into separate folders if needed) to prevent unintentional addition to Workspace. EDIT: See other option in item #12 below. There are a lot of tools & that are not noted as "legacy" but that appear to be on their way out. Many appear to duplicate other tools. Please provide a list of which tools are to be used for "best practices" with an eye to moving forward to future releases. Move as many as possible to "legacy" status. Some examples are: Hardware found in "Detailing" vs "Fasteners" vs " Hardware". "Bolt & Nut" vs "Screw & Nut" vs individual items. Roadway options Custom Cabinet vs Base Cabinet+Wall Cabinet + ... Handrail vs Railing/Fence Framing Member vs Structural Member Stair vs Simple Stair Other? EDIT: Added for 2021: 12. 2021 added "(legacy)" to the names of most of the latest legacy tools. This is great. Please add to all legacy tools/commands so they are evident in the "all tools" and "all commands" lists. 13. Add filtering/search to workspace editor I also found the following bugs that I submitted via http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit: When assigning a tool key for a numeral, if it is entered via the numeric keypad, it overwrites the Standard View assigned to that numeral. If the numeral is entered via the numerals above the letters, the Standard Views are unchanged. Tool Palettes from VW preinstalled workspaces can't be renamed Tools & Commands for unlicensed products should not appear in the Workspace Editor - e.g. "Foliage" (Landmark) & "Manage Loads" (Spotlight) are available in Architect If you drag a set of nested tools into a different set of nested tools, only the "top" tool is brought into the set and the others disappear. This behavior is unexpected. An error notice should appear, and only single tools should be allowed to be dragged into a nested tool set.
  3. This has finally made it to the Public Roadmap. Please tell everyone you know to navigate to the very last "card" under the Active Research tab, click on it, select Critical, and fill out the rest: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap For starters: Search bar Drag more than one item Drag a complete set: Spotlight to Designer AutoPlot to Spotlight AutoPlot, ConnectCAD, Arch / BIM, Landmark... to Braceworks Only configure one workspace with all keyboard shortcuts, context clicks, palettes... Without having to redundantly enter (and re-enter every. single. annual. release.) Never have to switch workspaces or resize palettes again!
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