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  1. Hi I am working on a worksheet for my floor slabs. Is there a way to add an identifier to an object so that it would be listed. on a worksheet? I have 5 different slabs so I would like to give each object a name Slab1 , Slab2 etc. I have a worksheet that lists each slabs area, thickness and volume and it would be great if I can automatically identify each one. Thank you
  2. I am working on a 6 building development, and am currently developing the general massing and suite mix/size for each floor. I am using Space objects to develop my floor plates and overall massing, and have set up a series of worksheet databases to track my saleable, buildable and parkade area so i can calculate my overall area totals and FSR for the project. I also need to keep a running total of how many of each type of unit I have (Studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, etc). To keep this tallied, i have added a series of User Defined Fields, one for each unit type. I then manually enter a "1" for each row that contains a unit of that type so that i can sum them all up at the end. I am assuming I could simply set up my databases to automatically tally each unit type separately, but I want to be able to sort them by Unit number in ascending order so when we present to the Client they are neatly ordered. Unfortunately, I am finding that every once in a while when I recalculate my databases, a random assortment of my user defined fields will refuse to tally. The information is there, but the top row of the database shows a blank cell (not a "0," but an actual blank cell). It happens at random times and to random User Defined fields, which tells me I'm probably using them improperly. Along with this, it means I have to manually enter information, which opens up the possibility of human error (there are approximately 615 units). Is there a better way to tally up my unit count? I have attached the file for reference. The database tables are on the "Project Information" design layer, and all the space objects live on the various "Outline and Areas" Layers. Thank you, Brett 24145-DP Brett.vwx
  3. I'm working on an energy code worksheet and having trouble working out the if-then statement function: Basically, I want the worksheet to automatically say how many credits I need based on the area of the building. The area is shown in cell C1. In cell D3 I would like a formula that says: if the value in cell C1 is less than 1500 then display 5 (if the area is less than 1500 sq ft we need 5 energy credits), if the value is between 1500 and 5000 then display 8 (we need 8 credits for a 1500 - 5000 area), if the value is greater than 5000 then display 9 (for 5000 or greater areas we need 9 credits). I started with the if((logical_test), value_if_true,value_if_false) syntax: =if((C1=<1500), 5,0) but I'm definitely getting something wrong, it just shows the formula instead of a result. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? Thanks, Kit
  4. Hi There, Does anyone know if there's a way to turn classes off in a worksheet image? I create symbols to represent art objects for exhibition design, and I embed the 2D component of the hybrid symbols with a number for use on floor plans. This number has a different class than the image I would like to appear on the worksheet. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. Hi there Im having an issue with "disappearing" worksheets from the resource browser... Working on a large drawing with many worksheets. When I open the resource browser to work on the sheets, there is always only 1 worksheet showing (and the worksheet that is showing isn't in the file). If I right click on a worksheet that is in the drawing & select "Locate worksheet in resource browser", all of the missing worksheets show up. If I leave the resource browser on my folder with worksheets in - they always show up when going back to the resource browser. If I leave the resource browser having looked at a different folder (Lighting / Rigging etc) then when clicking back to the Worksheet folder in the Resource browser, there is only one worksheet - and as mentioned above, this worksheet isn't even in the file. Yes, the work around is to continuously right click a worksheet in the drawing & select "Locate", but this appears to be a bug of some sort? I only have one drawing open so its not selecting folders from a different drawing. Apologies - the screenshots have had to be redacted slightly - and I cant share the file. Ive not tried on other drawings as yet. Any pointers grateful recieved. Cheers Ant Hall MacBook Pro 16inch 2023 / M2 Max / 64GB ram / Sonoma 14.2.1 / VWX 2024 3.1 - Design Suite & Braceworks
  6. When showing leaf width on door schedules, how do you deal with double doors? Is there any way to show the leaf width of double doors as "2x 533" instead of a whole number like 1034? In the past I've just manually masked over the worksheet with the figures I want to show, but in this case the contractor has asked for a spreadsheet file. I could manually edit that file before sending it, but I thought I'd check if others had found a better way?
  7. Hi, I have been looking into using worksheets to show the lengths of rolls of grass needed for plans that we are working on. We usually just show the grass rolls as red rectangles overlaying the shape of the grass we want to cover and use the dimension tool to show the length, but due to needing to now include additional information, it makes more sense to show it all in a worksheet. I have attached an image of the space below and the worksheet showing the length of each roll, moving from left to right. Is there some way that I can label each roll with a number or letter (1-6) and show those numbers on the worksheet so it can be easily referenced?
  8. Pretty simple, it would be helpful to have a Preview of worksheets in the preview pane of the resource manager. It was a turning point when windows made the Excel preview actually navigable... I'm not asking anything that developed, but a simple preview would be great.
  9. Hi everybody any idea how to split a landscape mass planting table -worksheet that is too long - to fit in my page layout...???...scaling is not the solution as will scale the text.... Thanks in advance
  10. Hi This ancient VisiCalc stuff has got to go! Please make sheets compatible with google sheets/excel/numbers. It is crazy to me that I work with those tools every day and when I come to VW do my worksheets I have to go and google how to do a sum on on some cells. And the whole interface feels like 1998. Making a cell text bold is takes a minute of menus and tabs, it just seems like a priority graveyard to me. Or at least please explain Thank you
  11. I would like to create a worksheet of all the Viewports in my drawing and most specifically what scale they are. Available criteria for viewports are limited. Is there a worksheet function I could use to achieve this? Many thanks. Mark
  12. I've been playing with INT in a worksheet this morning and realised it always rounds down so: =(INT(9.1) =(INT(9.9) both round to 9 Which result in us having to do a bit of number wrangling to get the correct result. e.g. michaelk in 2011 As a non-programmer can someone tell me what VW is doing here?
  13. Hi VW peeps at the risk of asking a really dumb question - how do you insert a formula to do simple math operations within each row? I have tried everything. easy sample here: footings and piers: (I have a monster worksheet that I can't bear to think about if I have to enter the operations in every cell manually - I did create that using spaces, but that's another question - how to add a similar math operation on that?). **should I export the worksheet to excel and do the calculations there? The numeric values here are just entered manually. I need to multiply col. B x C =D. then need to multiply D x 2.4kPa to get E then another multiple for F, and a conversion multiplier to imperial for G....for the jobsite. this should be simple, but many hours later.....I did try VW help, this forum, many worksheet tutorial videos... learned lots, but didn't find anything on this specifically. I'll sign off as anonymous lol. thank you!
  14. I've been struggling with finding a way to use keynotes effectively in Vectorworks - and for us, one of the most essential aspects is the ability to revise keynotes as a project proceeds through the design process. Our office uses keynotes with a numbered prefix keyed to the CSI division format, and all keynotes have the same number throughout a project. We only place keynotes in a sheet legend if the keynote actually appears on a sheet, and keynotes may frequently appear on many different drawings - plans, elevations, sections. Attached is a sample file showing an alternate system for placing and reporting keynotes, based on a keynote record format attached to a custom symbol. The system uses worksheets on each sheet layer to report the keynotes on that sheet, and a separate 'master' worksheet to handle global editing of keynotes. Global editing is limited - text or reference fields may be edited, but editing the actual keynote number will break the link - the keynote number is providing the key link to the worksheet. I'd love to get feedback or suggestions that would improve this system. 170527 VW 2017 test.vwx
  15. I have a reeeeeeally long worksheet generated from a load of data in my drawing. I want to display the whole thing on a sheet, but because there is so much information it doesn't fit on the page, and as such I want to split the worksheet (probably a couple of times, and ideally with the headers repeating!) so that I can fit all the info on one page neatly. I also want to still be able to recalculate the worksheet. Is this possible?
  16. Hi, Is there an easy way to change the "sort order - order" in a worksheet? In Excel ,Microsoft refers to sort order "levels" which can be moved up and down (e.g. sort by Column A first, then by column B and then by column C) You have a relatively friendly dialogue box where you can move those levels up and down. I can see the little numbers within the worksheet column header icons that show the order levels, so I can see the order in which they are applied, but the only way I can change the 'levels' is to remove all the sorting completely and start again. I looked here - but nothing mentioned - notably bullet option 5 doesn't work (perhaps this is an older feature now removed (I'm using 2021) https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Worksheets/Database_Row_Sort_and_Summary_Functions.htm I know there are movements afoot to update worksheets significantly for the next release - so here's hoping 🙂 R
  17. Help please. We are trying (and failing miserably) to create a window schedule of a 1.5 storey house that has rooflights and dormers. We can create window and door schedules easily enough, but when we try and include dormer windows or rooflights - they are just ignored by VW - Help.
  18. I have multiple stanchion objects in a drawing & am trying to easily count the total number of stanchions required using a worksheet, but I cant seem to get the total to sum. Ideally my current 38 line database row would be summarized as a single sum total number, but when I use the sum values & summarize items check boxes it just returns me a -- instead of a number. Stanchion Test.vwx
  19. Hi- This may be an easy one. Trying to make a worksheet that shows the location of symbols. The symbols are all audio equipment in a rack, and the locations are rack spaces (rectangles, each having a specific name) As symbols are shuffled, I would want the spreadsheet to show the location. I can use LOC as a boolean to see if the symbol is in a location LOC="Rack1U1" but how do I find the name of the location?
  20. I’ve been taking my first tentative steps into the world of worksheets. I’ve made a worksheet that reports on material quantities in walls using the COMPAREABYNAME function. In the case of timber cladding/siding I then convert the sqm total into a linear metre value based on the type of cladding/siding being used. So in the case of 200mm featheredge board (bevel edge siding) I multiply the sqm in a separate cell by 5.71 which gives me the total linear metres for the cladding. Hurrah! What I was wondering was, is it possible to record this sqm-to-linear-metres factor in the wall style somewhere rather than inputting it into the spreadsheet? So that if I use a different wall style that has a different type of cladding (with a different sqm-to-linear-metres factor) I won't need to remember to alter the formula in the worksheet in order for the linear metres to be returned correctly because the formula will somehow take the value from the wall style? The worksheet returns values based on the component name 'wood siding' so as long as there's only one type of siding in the file it doesn't matter what type it is. My worksheet has only spreadsheet rows. I tried creating a record format that contained the 5.71 conversion factor in it + attaching it to the walls in the drawing then inserting a database in the worksheet + managed to report the total linear metres this way, but this doesn't really gain me anything. I want my '200mm featheredge cladding' wall style to have this factor baked into it. I saw some posts from people asking if it was possible to attach records to wall styles rather than to the individual walls but they didn't get any responses so I guess not... Any advice would be great. I have only the vaguest notion of how these things work so apologies if I'm asking something stupid. Just keen to keep learning now I'm on a roll!! Thanks
  21. As we all know when we draw walls, floors (slabs) and roofs the component portion of each object representing lumber is a monolithic object that in itself can only give area and volume. How does one determine board feet or the number of joists, studs or rafters required from the data we can retrieve from these objects. A formula of course. Would anyone care to share how that is done? I haven't figured it out yet. I'd like to get estimating materials worked out more for the company I work for using the models we create. More BIM! Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I was looking for some help in the worksheets and putting a letter in a row for each symbol in the data sheet. I also was wondering if the general version of Vectorworks allows you to use data tags in 2020? Also any beginners tips for worksheets and making a BOM for the documents would be helpful, like more records or symbols tips. Thanks, Colin
  23. Hi All, In an effort to learn (and not constantly bug users), can anyone point me towards resources on database string commands? I have a few worksheets that I want to develop that will require some custom database strings. I have no problem learning the code to develop them, I just can't seem to find the resources. I don't have any background in coding but this extended downtime the live events industry is stuck in is a great opportunity to learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  24. In order to align several databases along the same row, I believe we need to provide the ability to reference a separate database formula for different columns (using if statements). It could prove to be useful when managing different datasets that don't have related record information, or have the same record information, but isolated extraction methods. Example below illustrates something that currently isn't possible in vectorworks that is driven by databases because each orientation would require a separate database callout with the rows controlled by an if statement. If they were controlled only by one datase record request, every orientation would be blank and distributed onto later database rows (rather than the same database row). Is something like this possible?
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