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Found 4 results

  1. Hi @Vlado I want to be able to retrieve information from specific plants into various Cells in the Spreadsheet and not the Database inside my Worksheets. This can easily be done for several built-in objects in VW, not least for Materials. I am unable to find a solution for how to do this with information on specific plants. Information contained in the 'Plant Record'. I want to be able to retrieve various data from the 'Plant Record' into various cells in my Spreadsheet where I search for the plant's 'Latin Name'. An example is that I want to have a Spreadsheet in VW with similar layout as we have in UK Landscape Institute PDT Flora 6.1 - 28/06/2016(see image and attached excel file). Appreciate being guided on the right path. Image shows how I would like to be able to display data in the same way as PDT. Image shows my countless attempts to retrieve data from the plants' data located in the Plant Record. I know I'm not good at this, but I didn't think it would be so difficult 🙂(My file is attached) The reason I don't use Database for an entire row is that I want to be able to vary the layout of where the information should be in a Spreadsheet. Here are some other points that I have experienced when setting up many rows as a database; 1. On large files that the program takes a lot of time to calculate data when I have set up many rows as a database. 2. When I copy several database rows, I only get one row as database and the others are changed to Spreadsheet with text and numbers from the previous database. 3. When I copy a row, I have to go in and set up summation and sorting again for each and every column. This takes time so I had hoped the program remembered this when I copy. PDT_Flora6_1.xlsx Test Worksheet- Plant Record in Spreadsheet Cells 2024-01-04_v2024.vwx
  2. Hi, are there any possibilities to implement a substring and a count function in a VW 2022 Data Tag? Both are worksheet functions, however I didn't find them both in the data tag functions. (I suppose, because the "data tag" Plugin doesn't support them there) typing a substring command manually still didn't work.
  3. I have two near identical worksheets where =SQRT works in one and not the other. =SQRT works with one cell which is calculated from other cells, and fails on all the other cells where I want to use it. It's infuriating. Can anyone see what's going on? It Does work on other cells if I simply enter the number but that defeats the purpose of having a computer. Worksheets are standalone with no links, Cells formatted the same, both set as decimal to same signif. places. My desired solution is to generate mean planting distances for each of my planting types (which I have working the exactly same setup in other jobs). I'm doing this in worksheets as I usually understand and trust them more than the DB which I've had very bad (co$tly) experiences with. Peacock_sqrtBug.vwx
  4. In Jim's Knowledge Base list of window functions for worksheets I cannot find "Overall Window Area". Is there such a function to return the elevational area of the window? For now I use the obvious workaround :WindowWidth*WindowHeight. Before using this workaround I was using the function "Area" . This returns a value for each window in my database worksheet. But the value is larger, though not much, than Width*Height. I guess Area is too simplistic for using with the 3D Window object , being normally for 2D objects. PS I am finding VWX2016 a truly rewarding experience!
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