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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, A lot of times when working in 3D I want to use the Working Plane but my view got blocked by objects in front of the plane. The Clip Cube can help with that. But it takes a lot of time to setup. That's why I decided to make a script that sets the Clip Cube based on the active Working Plane. Since there are no functions available to set the position of the Clip Cube I used a trick to make a huge extrusion on the workplane and use that to set the boundaries of the Clip Cube. This works for most user-cases but unfortunately not for rotated Working Planes. @Marissa Farrellcan you throw in an enhancement request for more control of the Clip Cube with Vectorscript? Step 1: Set Working Plane Step 2: Look at Working Plane, view gets blocked Step 3: Run Script, view gets unblocked PROCEDURE ClipCubeByPlane; {Sets the Clip Cube position equal to the Working Plane.} {Since we cannot rotate the Clip Cube by script this work best with Working Planes on X and Y.} {© 24-06-2022 Arnhem - The Netherlands, Marcel Plomp} {Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License} VAR H1 :Handle; xRot, yRot, zRot :REAL; p0X, p0Y, p0Z :REAL; BEGIN {Turn off Clip Cube} SetPref(6707, FALSE); DSelectAll; {Create big extrusion} BeginXtrd(0,-1000000); rect(-1000000, 1000000, 1000000,-1000000); EndXtrd; {Get workplane coordinates} GetWorkingPlane(p0X, p0Y, p0Z, xRot, yRot, zRot); {Move object to workplane} H1:=LNewObj; SET3DRot(H1, xRot, yRot, 0 , 0,0,0); Move3DObj(H1, p0X, p0Y, p0Z); {Enable Clip Cube and delete object} SetPref(6707, TRUE); DelObject(H1); END; RUN(ClipCubeByPlane);
  2. Hi all, Every time I change the Working Plane using the Working Plane tool, it seems that I get stuck with the new working plane and can't change it back. I'm using Planar Surface mode to select a new working plane. From the manual: Double-click the Set Working Plane tool to set the working plane to the layer plane. Nope. Doesn't have any effect. In fact, trying to select another planar surface to establish a new Working Plane has no effect. It's like the tool is a one-shot deal that needs a restart to fix. I'm using Screen Plane or Working Plane mode in Plane Mode under Document Preferences. Double-clicking the "Active Layer Plane" from the Working Planes palette does not have any effect either. The only way i have found to restore the working plane to the active layer plane is to restart. Is there some option to lock the working plane tool after one use? Perhaps that got selected somehow with an errant keyboard shortcut? Weird...
  3. When using the Planar Face Mode of the Set Working Plane Tool, I wish that Vectorworks would generally assume that “Y” is up and that “X” is to the right, especially when using the face of a simple extrude (regardless of which direction the extrude was created in). Similarly, when creating a planar shape (for example, combining a circle and a square within a 3D symbol to create the profile for an extrude), I wish the plane associated with the profile would, by default, be set with “Y” up and “X” to the right. When zipping along modeling and setting working planes, it’s disruptive suddenly having to identify why objects aren’t being drawn with the expected orientation and then having to manually rotate the working plane so that “Y” is up. VWIS101
  4. This topic was originally introduced in General thread by pclary, December 29, 2016. Redo of topic here for bug verification. Fastener placement on working planes is problematic - Working As Designed? Bugs? Graphics card related? Or? Summary: If a custom working plane is activated via the Working Plane Palette, and then a 3d mode of any fastener tool is enabled via the Fastener Tool Set, then: 1. The custom working plane is deactivated on screen and the Working Plane Palette item changes to have a gray background. 2. vwx creates a new, temporary working plane (ie this new plane does not manifest in the Working Plane Palette). • This new working plane is parallel to the Layer Plane • This new working plane has same origin as the former custom working plane. 3. The custom working plane can be reactivated while the tool is active: • dbl click on the desired custom item in the WP Palette. • The tool will now place a fastener object on the custom working plane. 4. Except a Special Case: • The Fastener Tool in 3d mode (1st tool in the tool set) always places the fastener object with origin and axis on the layer plane. Tool apparently cannot place a fastener origin and axis on any plane other than the Layer Plane. • Automatic Plane is not available when Fastener Tool 3d mode is active. Demo video: https://vimeo.com/197646616 -B
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