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Found 13 results

  1. Another vote for stacked wall components. I have to create this wall condition in VW... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  2. Hi, im trying to make walls that the height are 3000, i click on them and it says thats the height but when i go to the 3D and messure it there says 2449. i dont know how to fix it, please help
  3. (This is another idea for stopping the proliferation of Wall Styles and avoiding the need split walls, in a similar vein to this wish.) I'd like to arbitrarily extend, split and/or effectively remove segments of wall/roof components without affecting the length of the wall/roof itself or any of the joins with other walls/roofs. In the attached example I have a column situated within a twin-frame metal stud wall. I've simply placed the column over top of the wall, but in the real world these elements do not overlap. The metal framing should stop either side of the column (at the dotted pink lines) and only the plasterboard should continue. But rather than create separate wall components for the plasterboard around the column, I'd like to be able to tell the middle three components to T-join against the column. Or I'd like to be able to simply drag the components manually back to the column edge. The accurate way to model this currently in Vectorworks—and ensure the extraneous framing isn't exported to DWG, IFC, etc.—is to stop the twin-frame wall either side of the column and use a different Wall Style for the plasterboard around the column. But this can really suck for a number of reasons. A few off the top of my head: You might have a wall insertion (such as a window) where the split is required. It can cause havoc with Space objects and Slab objects. It creates exponentially more walls, walls joins (and Wall Styles) to manage. In this example if I were to move the twin-frame wall, then I would have move at least two more walls for each column within the wall. (and this quickly gets out of control) In the real world the plasterboard around the column is logically a continuation of the twin-frame wall type. Vectorworks needs a way to deal with this concept. Giving us the ability to manipulate components independently of the main wall position might be the way.
  4. Is there a way to define a wall type with a stone skirt and stucco above, without the stucco being added into the entire width of the wall? even with defining the top and bottom offsets, the wall thickness adds everything together .... thanks! stone skirt question.pdf
  5. Hi, currently trying out the new data tag tool in v2019 and the data tag tool really helps, tagging is now an easy task. However, I was just wondering, is it possible to tag the material of the wall style (applied via class of wall components) using the data tag tool? Like, I have applied a certain class for the component of a wall style. In the class that i have applied, I have input a description of the material. Now I wanted to tag the wall style in elevation viewports so that the tag tool show the description that I have input on the class. Is there a way to do that using the data tag tool?
  6. Is anyone else having a problem with sections and section detail viewports where some components are not accepting the Class Overrides? This is so frustrating as I've used this method for many years now to create details. In this particular case, the component that is the wall stud is not accepting the class override for a black pen line. I'd hate to draw that in or find a work around. I just downloaded SP1 and it still does not correct it.
  7. Hi, Since the very same wall components repeat across different wall styles, it would make sense to be able to save the wall components separately. One could create a wall style by simply selecting pre-defined wall components from a list, and/or import them from other wall styles. I know it's possible to set up a master wall with every possible imaginable component and delete the ones not needed, but is it not really the same thing. If one later wishes to add a component, it has to be done manually. For example: A 13mm gypsum board is always the same, no matter which wall style it sits in. The graphical presentation is practically always the same, also other parameters. It doesn't make sense having to re-define whenever it needs to be added to a wall style.
  8. I'm trying to create a simple wall section with a section viewport but can't get the components to show up as viewed in the edit wall styles window. I've read all the posts and info in the Help file for the past hour or so but can't seem to find the answer to this simple procedure. Attached is the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. wall section.vwx
  9. I'm just learning about worksheets and generating reports. I've created a worksheet for a wall style and have 2 issues i can't resolve. 1) When multiplying Net Area and Price/ SqFt, the numbers are off. (The functions maybe wrong?) 2) Using =COMPNAMEBYCLASS i have the wall components listed to determine price/sqFt. but the total Net Area for each component and the wall styles don't match up. Or are they not supposed to? Attached is the file. Any insight into what i'm doing wrong is greatly appreciated. Worksheets.vwx
  10. Is there any way to assign different RW Materials to a single Wall Component, the same way you can apply different Materials to each side of a complete Wall ? As you have as an option in Classes, to assign 3 different Materials to Walls by Left/Sides/Right faces. I use Wall Styles and have set all Styles to have Materials assigned by Component. generally that is and should be only one Material per Component. In this special case I have a 2 Component Wall, Concrete Structural Component and a dark Insulation which has to be visible behind folded translucent sheet metal covering. (I have to create that facade layer separate by custom geometry) But for visible faces of insulation not covered by the outer layer, the insulation should be covered by sheet metal. That happens especially for Window Cut Outs and sometimes at the bottom. Currently I modeled all these Cut Out Framings, which are very tedious to adapt to design changes. Now I thought I go into my Styles Insulation Component and just assign different Materials to the Insulation Component for Left/Right (Insulation) + Side (Metal), but that does not work. Even in OIP, going to "by Object" will influence the complete Wall Package only. Has anyone another idea ?
  11. Is there a way to itemize each of the wall components in a wall style in the database of a worksheet? I was able to create a worksheet with the wall style showing dimensions, costs, etc without a problem. In the database header, i tried setting the criteria to the class of the component but there must be more to it since it didn't work.
  12. Maybe there is a way to do this, but if not: What if there was a library of wall components? Or at least an option to "import" wall components from another wall style. As far as I know, currently wall components have to be re-defined for each wall style. Of course one can use an existing wall as a "base" but often there is a need to combine several components from different wall styles.
  13. It would be handy if there was a tick box for wall component "right pen" to follow the settings of the "left pen". Most of the time one uses same settings for both pens. At least I do.
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