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Found 6 results

  1. When orbiting around a model in Shaded view on my Design Layer, the components of some of my walls are switching from their correct concrete texture to black. It happens in both perspective and orthogonal 3d views. The concrete foundation walls shown are all the same wall type, but only some of the walls show this behavior. It also happens one some Slabs that have the same texture. 136516257_2023sp3perspectiveblacktextures.mov 1757163616_2023sp3orthoblacktextures.mov
  2. I just installed Vw2023 SP2, and on a file that looked correct in SP1 -- I am now seeing lines between coplanar objects in all of my SLVP. These wall objects are perfectly coplanar, and these lines did not show up in SP1. No other changes to the file or SLVP other than opening it up in SP2 and updating the out-of-date viewport. One step forward... two steps back...
  3. Hi all, Would it be possible for any Masters in VW to help me with this, please? I have a brick texture to which I have also attached a hatch line to work on hidden line, In walls is working fine but when I apply this texture to a column it turns the Hatch vertically but the texture is horizontal as it should. Is there a way to turn the hatch to the correct position without creating a new texture to edit the hatch alone? See attached pictures for reference,
  4. Please allow Stories and Levels to be imported into a new file. When confronted with a file that gets corrupted and refuses to open without crashing Vw, the suggested method to try and recover the file is to use the Layer Import trick (outlined in THIS thread). The problem with this method is that Stories and Levels are NOT imported; Any object that was either bound to a Level or a Story is broken as they do not exist in the new file. You end up with a bunch of objects in the OIP saying Top / Bottom Bound "doesn't exist". Stair objects refuse to be created. If the file is so corrupted that you are unable to open the file, you cannot see how the Stories and Levels were constructed. Which leaves you with a new file that is better than having to completely starting over, but not ideal.
  5. Currently with VW 2023 SP0 you cannot select 'Check for Updates' from the Home Page, you have to first Open a file or Create a New file. You should be able to 'Check for Updates' from the Home Page without any files open.
  6. Has anyone tried to import a file into 2023 where they have been using spaces? I am testing out 2023 before rolling it out to the office and noticed a potential serious bug. Any file imported into 2023 with spaces (styled or otherwise) splits the space into a Data Tag and a space, however the space itself is no longer editable, although it seems to be locked to the data tag and the data tag itself is all but useless. Have tried with numerous files and all have the problem. Just asking the question before submitting a bug report.
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