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Found 2 results

  1. Marionette node input/output text labels can be obscured by the node gradient fill when drawing is toggled to black background. Wish is for a separate control/class of the wire color so that text can be black (or dark grey) when drawing is in black background. And wire can switch from black to white. Setup General condition when toggling black/white backgrounds is that "pure" white and black attributes switch. Dark grey (impure) does not switch. Marionette nodes have a gradient fill - white to a color (different color for each node type) Node input/output text labels are same class as wires. Label pen color for white background is black, and switches to white in black background. If pen color of a node is changed via class or attributes palette, any wires for that node change to same color. Separate classes for labels and wires would allow always dark text (dark grey), AND wires always opposite of background color. -B
  2. Where is control for color of text and the tag line/shoulder? 2d plant outline color & fill can be edited via Resource Browser symbol edit. But I can't find controls for the text color or the line color. Elements can be edited if ungroup the symbol after it's placed on the drawing. But, then it's just a bunch of dumb geometry, not a plant symbol/smart object. -B
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