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Found 43 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This Example shows, hot to have a any (complex as you want) geometry with a parametric length (available by the yards). The Geometry was not modeled and parameterized in the script. But this is the advantage which this example shows. So take every geometry (import files etc) and just "cut" the length you need. Thats how this script works. It cuts away from a maximal part length (input as symbol) to the length you need. You can make an own symbol and rename the symbol input of the script. The Symbol cross-section now is limited to one meter. You can edit the script and increase this if necessary. Or look at this, with this method, you can model frame and installation plate in your script. The "fill" you can make with the method of this example script.
  2. Hi all, When two identical symbols with the same record format are inserted in a wall, this record format can´t be edited, but if the symbols are not in a wall then the record format can be edited. I´m on Win10 and VW 2017SP3 Cheers, Juan
  3. Bas Vellekoop

    Creating a bill of materials

    I`m trying to create a bill of materials for a table design. The idea was to create a worksheet to count all the symbols in the design (every part of the table is a symbol) and add a column to type a description for every symbol. But this doesnt seem to be possible. Is this correct? I want to add text in the blue part. If this is not possible: Probably attaching record is the way to go. Only me is told that i have to 'reload/replace' all the symbols on al the design layers to give it the record/info I attached to the symbol. Is there a way to attach the record to symbol and 'send' the information in it to all exciting symbols without replacing them? Thanks!
  4. Ryanlawrence94

    LED Tape Lighting Symbol

    I had a quick search but I couldn't find anything. Is there a function in Vectorworks Spotlight 2017 that allows me to insert a lighting symbol at different lengths? So the length of the symbol is variable? For instance, when I draw LED tape the length is never a set amount. It is normally set to the size of scenery or buildings. Which means there are sometimes over 10 different lengths the symbol can be. Which makes reports and instrument summaries a nightmare. I think it will be really useful if there was a tool in which you could choose the type of LED Tape (For example RGBW @ 8w per meter). And be able to draw the tape live on the plan. Sort of like how the truss tool works but more of a click and drop like system (So you can create curved tape). It would then be useful for this to automatically be a singular lighting symbol and add information to the `Light Info" records. For example standard lantern information such as Unit Numbers, Circuit Numbers, Purposes, Positions. And additionally new information such as automatic Tape lengths, splits, and final wattages calculated from the watts per meter given and the variable length. I think when it comes to the instrument summary it would be useful if there was just one symbol that showed a section of the length. Named for example RGBW LED Tape. At the moment this is possible but the build list is flooded with 10 different lighting symbols for LED Tape. I know you can choose to hide/show symbols in the build list but symbol management would be so much organised. Let me know if this does or does not exist. Hopefully, I haven't been too oblivious. Many Thanks, Ryan Lawrence
  5. Is there a way to place a symbol multiple times in a drawing but edit only one of them? For instance, I have a toilet symbol on one design layer that I want in a solid line and the same toilet symbol in another design layer that I want to show in a dotted line. Is that possible?
  6. jc4d

    Replacing symbols

    Hi all, Since the last two SP if I replace a symbol with some Record ofrmat attached this records doesn´t update to the new symbol, it "remembers" the record format from the old symbol. I´m on Win10, VW 2017 SP3 Cheers, Juan
  7. Is it possible to resize symbols (Stretch them using grips) and not have the symbol "smear?" For example, if I draw two "concentric" rectangles centered over eachother with equal offsets between each edge, turn that into a symbol, and stretch the edges using the grips, the offset distances change and become unequal. How can i maintain the equal offset within symbols? Are there constraints that can be applied to the linework within the symbol to prevent the 'smear?' I want to prevent the asymetric stretching of edges. Thanks.
  8. The issues with Vectorworks 2017 is stacking up. The latest issue is that some symbols are simply disappearing. It disappears when opening the documents in the morning, I don't think they disappear while in session. Funny is that it leaves a locus point with the symbol's record format attached... Anyone having similar problems? Any solutions?
  9. Greetings, I'm creating a few versions of the Tomcat TC1212-AHB symbol at different angles. I duplicated the symbol and edited to make a 45° version. There is a simplified shape that I cannot seem to select. In Edit 3D mode, the outline of the box is in blue. The second screen shot is what I have at the moment. How do I select the blue line shape to edit? Thanks, Scott
  10. Hi all, My office recently upgraded to VW2017. We are experiencing a glitch where groups and symbols seemingly disappear when "stretched" to a new location via the reshape tool. Please see the attached image. Is there a quick way to refresh the drawing cache? The two ways we've found to make symbols reappear is to 1) enter their group and exit, and 2) quit the drawing and re-open. Neither of these methods are preferred. Thanks in advance, Geoff
  11. Maybe there's an easier way to do this but when I want to replace one type of light with another I make the symbol I want to replace *with* active in the RM (formerly RB), select the fixture I want to replace then click on "Replace with Active Symbol" in that fixture's OIP. Except the (good old?) RB used to show the name of the active symbol in the lower left-hand corner. Now I don't see an indication as to which symbol is active (assuming I'm not actively inserting instruments, which in this scenario I wouldn't be). Thanks -
  12. Hi, I'm creating PIO that can be created inside a symbol. I'm using a code similar to this: def execute(): objDlg = createObjectDialog() if vs.RunLayoutDialog(objDlg, objectDialogHandler) == kOK: if createSymbol == "True": vs.BeginSym(symbolName) object = vs.CreateCustomObject("MyObject", 0, 0, 0) vs.Record(picture, "MyObject") vs.Field(picture, "MyObject", "objectName", objectName) ... vs.ResetObject(object) vs.SetName(object, objectName) if createSymbol == "True": vs.EndSym() The symbol is created properly. The problem comes when, from the Resource Manager panel you right click the created symbol and select "Duplicate..."; When you duplicate the symbol, the object instance of the original symbol is used for the duplicated symbol. In this way, if you modify the object inside the duplicated symbol, the object inside the original symbol (same instance) is also affected. Is there a way to force to create a new object instance (copy) whenever you duplicate a symbol? Thanks --Carlos
  13. 1. Auto Rotate When I use many (20-60) image Props inside a Symbol which is distributed over the file and have "Auto Rotate" on, All of their instanced copies will come in to C4D in a special Folder (Auto-rotating Image Props), by every single element separated. About 560 pieces in my case. However they won't work in C4D as they don't get a "Look at Camera" Tag. This is pretty useless. It counteracts the new Symbol Import System in C4D Exchange. So I vote for either : a) "Auto Rotate" in Image Props setting getting deactivated or ignored when Exporting to C4D or b) Providing a "Look at Camera" Tag in C4D so that they work as in VW with "Auto Rotate" If "Auto Rotate" Off, Image Props will stay in their Symbol as expected and each Symbol package will be instanced only at least, as Render Instances. (Which is ok in my Planters example)
  14. Hello! Might anyone have a 2D/3D symbol of the American Standard ADA compliant "Murro" sink? (It's the American Standard sink 0954.000 in the Vectorworks libraries, but the Vectorworks Library version is only 2D.) Attached is an image of the sink, Thanks in advance, -Neil
  15. jacobjz

    BUG: 2017 symbol issues

    Been running into a few problems with symbols in 2017 I've never seen before: When I layer a normal 2D symbol on top of a lighting instrument, then zoom out, the stacking order gets messed up and the lighting instrument is on top. Double clicking a 2D symbol in the resource manager brings up the symbol selection tool, yet when I click to place the symbol, I get the error "A symbol needs to be selected." It can still be dragged from the resource manager to be placed, but this is inconvenient. I never encountered this issue in previous versions. Any help/insight much appreciated!
  16. Hi I made clay paky alpha800qwo symbol, and I made a new file and tried to use that symbol. When I use that symbol, The symbol was recognized as a 2D / 3D symbol and I convert it to a light instrument , Instrument Tpye becomes blank. What's the problem? I fill in blank with ' AlphspotQWO800 32ch' and export LC, LC cognize it correctly.
  17. Josh NZ

    3D Image Prop Symbols

    I'm after a 3D image prop of a Jelly Palm, have looked through some of the resource folders in VW but not having any luck. Can any point me in the right direction.
  18. Phil Kuhn

    Spotlight Symbols

    Hey Guys, does anybody have spotlight symbols for this lamps / Fixtures? PAR 20 Can PAR 56 Can Pepper 300/500 Generally, where can i search for this symbols.. Where can i get them from? best regards Phil


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