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Found 11 results

  1. I have just downloaded Vectorworks 2024 (educational version) I have usually relied on the subdivision tool to create curved objects or walls as I don't understand nurbs curves too well. It used to work perfectly but now the subdivision tool doesn't work at all. I can't select any points within my shape, and I can't modify it either. I have tried on Vectorworks 2023 (educational version) too but still not working. Below Ive provided an example of what it looked like in my last project when it worked vs now.
  2. Hello guys, I started using the subdivision tools and I think it is great! I have created a "simple" subdivision object (in green) with some waves and now I would like to section it every ie 100mm (like the brown one). I used to know how to do it in Rhino but I am sure it is possible in VW as well but I cannot find how! Any idea on how to do this?
  3. I have finally gained enough control with the subdivision tool to create the forms I want. Now I am trying to think about how best to 'deconstruct' that object into a drawing set to allow them to be constructed. Obviously I could just take a bunch of sections through it, but I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing. - Does anyone have a process they have found successful? Thanks.
  4. I'm having an issue with subdivision editing- I've created a subdivision object by converting from an Extrude, and I don't seem to be able to edit it. I've pasted the object into a new file, but no dice. Strangely, I've made a generic subdivision object in a new file that I can edit, but once I paste in the mystery object I am unable to edit either one. I've tried it on two computers, both running 2021 SP3.1. Thanks for any insight! Severn Subd Test.vwx
  5. hi I've been playing with subdivion primitive forms. Is there a way to convert them to real solids? When I do a section, it shows only the surface. For example look at the picture: I created an amorphic form, but when I sliced it (substracted from it vertical solid forms) I got an empty solid.. joey Vectorworks 2018 SP6
  6. It it currently not possible to have a site model modifier that does a form like the images I attach. I have tried doing this with a 3D Polygon placed under the DTM-Modifier class but the site model reads 3D polygons as contour lines. The pad with slope doesn't provide the form I want to create either. I have also tried creating a 3D Polygon, converting it to Nurbs then via the 3D power pack>Create Surfaces from Curves, then Create Interpolated Surfaces, and then placing that in the DTM-Modifier class but then the site model converts that into a mesh with little information that does not contain the form that I want. So the best way to create this strange shaped would be with the subdivision surface. I hope one day one can use this object as a site modifier. Or it could also be created via an interpolated surface but then the site model should respect all vertices and not read the interpolated surface as quite a basic mesh when the interpolated surface is in the DTM-Modifier class. Maybe I'm totally wrong and doing this type of form in a terrain is possible, if so, I would be very glad if someone tells me how can this be done. This type of form occurs many times in the real world, for example you have a ramp that's connected to a street with an incline and to a garage that it's entry level is straight...
  7. Hello I'm curious if its possible to find the volume of a subdivision? Will I have to convert it to another object? Thanks Len
  8. I'm having trouble using the subdivision tool and nurbs to make the shape I want. I've been able to import a rhino shape and convert it to many different things to alter its bits. But its not perfect and its not extremely useful because I can't always make it do what I want when it comes to scaling it up and down to make it seem like they are in fact separate layers of foam and concrete. Right now its just a shell. What is the best way to make this shape? But with a thickness and the ability to gather the volume of it. If i knew a mathematician and a python coder...could I get this done easiest with Marionette? I have a basic understanding of marionette. I just don't have the math or coding skills to make it what I want. The firm I work for needs to go in the marionette direction...and I'm hoping this answer will give the kick in the butt we need to spend the time to transition into the world of marionette/Bim/IFC integration. Thoughts? Thank you Please point me in the right direction if i'm in the wrong place. Is there an easy marionette equation that could do this for us with the right parameters? Len
  9. I am thinking to use subdivision tool for modeling a character. Has anybody have any experience with it. I have used Autodesk Maya and Blender earlier for similar purposes. I would really appreciate suggestions and comments!
  10. Hello, is there a possibility to divide a subdivision (no pun intended) into two smaller subdivisions? Or to convert two subds into one? Anthony
  11. I have just used two days to model a chair using subdivisions. The improvements in VW 2017 are massive. As one of the few remaining general purpose users of VW, I often feel snubbed by new releases, since many basic drawing tools have not been improved in more than a decade. But with this release, subdivision has become truly workable It is great, that I can change meshes into subdivisions. I wish, I could go the opposite way as well: By clicking in the OIP, I would like to be able to change the viewing mode of any subdivision, so that I would only see the cage. Then, if I changed it into a mesh, I would only get the geometry of that cage. Ideally I would then be able to go back and forth between mesh and subdivision in order to refine the design. So the question is: Can I get that?
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