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Found 12 results

  1. I'd like to be able to drag and resize multiple selected Structural Members at once. In Unrestricted Interactive Scaling Mode VW suggests you can (by the multiple selected handles), but only one of these gets resized:
  2. Is it possible to do this shape with the Structural Member tool. It's a beam, for beam and block flooring.
  3. Hello, Is there any chance to report in worksheet database length of structural member. Simple column type member or straight horizontal member.... There is for structural m. property: 'lenght'... when added to worksheet it changes to: ='StructuralMember'.'CenterPointLength'...but doesnt report lenght value. I know we dont have lenght field in OIP for structural member ... but one would expect that such a basic property of member can be easily available and reportable. Or am I am missing something obvious? would welcome if there is at least some math calculation alternative to be able report lenght value in worksheet or data tag as well. Since introduction of material resource we abandoned framing member but we feel that this tool is not really fully developed... Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Hello, I am experiencing difficult time with structural member. Using them as simple ceiling beams parallel to each other, not interconnected into net. (see attachment). Everything works fine until I want to reposition (drag and move to new place) in top/plan view any of the members. It is glued to the place and will not move. I paid special attention when inserting members not to have tools auto-snap function on. Doesn't help. Option+ click and then drag function for duplication works ok but movement not. This sticky behaviour is persisting problem of structural member. Never was working. I have to say this tool is far from working...i wonder what was the point that it has got material resource implemented... and framing member that works quite ok not...??? At our office we want be consistent with usage of material resource as much as possible. Timber members are great part of most of the projects (pitched roofs) that we do. At the moment we are confused if structural member will eventually replace framing member. What direction development goes? Can someone form vectorworks confirm if one of the tool is legacy tool. I don't see any mention about these tool on public road map. And if structural member is future please fix it! Any idea or workaround for time being would be greatly welcome. Thanks
  5. Before I model this bowstring roof truss manually using Structural Member objects (as I've always done in the past), is there a parametric way of creating the entire bowstring roof truss? I tried the Roof Trusses PIO at: http://www.vectordepot.com/older_plug-ins.html (screenshot attached). Not a big deal--just curious if anyone has come up with a pro way of doing this. These roofs are pretty common in Los Angeles, so this won't be the last time...
  6. Please add back in the BSI universal column library to the Structural Member Tool. For completeness, it would be great to have all the profiles from the Wide Flange Tool etc available straight from the Structural Member Tool. I know you can pull out the profiles and use them as Customs in the Structural Member Tool but it's irritating and adds more steps to a simple operation. Many thanks, Seán
  7. Hi, I would like to know if everybody ese is having this problem or maybe I'm just understanding incorrectly how structural member work. When working in a file that has stories and levels adjusted, I create a structural member and when trying to adjust the Elevations (start bound, start offset, end bound, end offset) the structural member simply does not obey the levels I'm assigning to its boundaries. The element changes height inconsistently, this happens if the element has been drawn as a beam or column. I would appreciate if someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or maybe it's just a bug and we need to wait for a service pack.
  8. Please add the ability to add labels to the Structural Member tool, just like the Framing Member tool. But with the ability to class said label, like the Column Tool.
  9. I am attempting to use the structural member tool to create steel beams and columns. When I attempt to select a shape using "select shape" with steel material selected, all the boxes are greyed out. I cannot select the shape, series or size, but I can enter a material. Currently the properties dialog box for the structural member is reporting that I currently have a Wide Flange W12x30 beam selected from AISC series but I have no way to change that. I have confirmed this issue in both an existing file and a new file. I have attached the new file and a screen shot of what I see. I also checked through the resource browser and do not see any structural profiles that I could import that made a difference. structural-member-test.vwx
  10. Hi Everyone. I've been keen to get into using the structural member tool, and so far I've picked up a couple of issues, but I might be wrong of course! Firstly, I'm in the UK and although we have a big list of Universal beams, I can't find any UK universal columns. Have a look at Tata Blue book, http://tsbluebook.steel-sci.org/EN/Browsers/Main.htm Go to, advance sections, Advance UKC on the left, and perhaps click axial compression to see the standard steel sizes.... Can't find them in VW2017 (I've got the designer edition) I also use a lot of custom profiles, such as Metsec and Kingspan purlins and side rails and would like to input these custom shapes... In the preview teaser video the gent mentioned that you could put in custom profile details, but I can't find that anywhere! Is there a csv text file or something where I can add my own custom profiles in? and are the UK Universal columns going to be added, just like the Universal Beams are? It's a bit useless without the ability to use the most important steel shapes Cheers
  11. Try this in blank document: Create a column with the structural member tool. It'll have a Z height, looks like default is layer wall height. Go to its settings dialogue, "3D attributes" tab. Change "set attributes:" from "object" to "class". The column immediately flips to zero height (even if you don't change the "class" from the default) and the "start bound" and "end bound" dropdowns in the OIP are blanked out. Is this a known bug? ***edited to add: (1) with column same seems to happen if I change "set attributes" to "class" in the 2D attributes tab, (2) the beam version of the structural member tool survives these processes. (3) setting "2D attributes" by class seems to have no effect on rendering of beam in top/plan view. Only setting the class of the object itself achieves this. (4) with beam, having changed 3d attributes to "class" I can't seem to then change them back to by "object"
  12. Hello! I think I need a complete tutorial about the news structural member tool, because there are things that seems doesn't works. I do place four columns, then I try to draw the beams, but it draw them at the bottoms of columns instead of the head. I do set the proper elevation in the dialog box, but it's the same... So, the build has some problems to fix (OXS - 327801) (to let auto join works, I have to deselect and then select it again - just for example) or I do somethings wrong and then I need some tutorial. Thank you L.
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