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Found 6 results

  1. We're sharing a file via my local NAS with Synology in a win64bit (my end) / mac (Mojave) environment, so Nic only sees the Synology interface. We don't do workgroup referencing as we've both had problems before and don't want to waste more time on that. We only work on a file one at a time. The problem is the VW file cannot retain linked references from one hard-drive to another. The issue is one project with a lot of image rasters* (mostly .jpg) which I reference to at my end to keep file size at a minimum. At Nic's end files open fine, but a save at Nic's end changes the link locations to Nic's machine and I have to relink on my machine. I'm considering trying to have Nic's mac reference a copy of the files off a Dropbox (and link the dropboc files back to my NAS, but still trying to see if that's viable). No, that didn't work. I've seen this forum post which doesn't look hopeful and seems to add needless complication. * 24 files each in it's own class, 200Mb in total but fluctuates with edits and expected to rise to ~1Gb
  2. Looking for some help please. My practice is probably is the same situation as most others at the moment. We had to scrabble around to get everyone set up for working from home with regards to hardware and basic software issues. The lockdown looks as if it is going to be going on for at least a few weeks, if not months (please no), and the 'haphazzard' office setup really has to be sorted out as things are starting to get messy (file structure, multiple copies of files etc.). There are a couple of things which we will not be doing - most notably is project sharing. This is of little or no use to a small practice (there are four of us) and we collaborate just fine with external consultants just fine - they all use AutoCAD or Revit, and does not get over the bigger problems of office libraries and standards, which are continually reset every time there is an update to VW. What we need is the following: A setup that allows each user to have their user preferences set. A set of office templates and libraries that is fully accessible by each member of the team (Title blocks as well) An ability to remove the libraries from the local machines and force everyone to use the office standards. This has been a goal in the practice for a number of years and have never managed to get it to work as we could just shout across the office when a change happened - this is much more important now than ever before as we can no longer do this. I can recall when I was using AutoCAD many years ago (around AutoCAD V12), that it was a simple task to change the preferences folder so that it would only read network files for certain items. We all have access to OneDrive for Business, so the network folders can be cloned to local folders and everyone should theoretically be able to work100% remotely and when we get back to the office - it would be a simple change to go back to reading from the network. What would be nice moving forward is when service packs and new releases come out that an option to simply download a custom setup along the lines: Download all the templates and libraries separately and give the option of saving them to a separate location (instead of the hard drive) Download and install the program as a standalone (with the current user data migration kept). We should be able to direct the installation to a network (or cloud sharing / local) folder so that the templates and libraries will be the same on each computer in the office. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Our projectfile is by default accessible as "project" for new users. The file is located on our server, accessed either over VPN or on our LAN. Unfortunately one new user gets the message that "the project file is in read-only state and is not writeable". The user is otherwise able to access and write on the server. We have un- and reinstalled once – with no luck. Any ideas as to where the problem lies and how to solve it? Computer, network and server are all mac and updated. Thanks Lars Larsen
  4. We are running VWX 2014 Architect between a few users in a team. We share all our drawings over a shared dropbox folder. We name our files as follows for different parts of the project which are all referenced to each other using referenced design layers : PROJECT NAME - LIGHTING PROJECT NAME - FURNITURE SETTING OUT etc.. Sometimes we've noticed file names changing from ALL CAPS as above, to all lower case - Any idea why this could be happening ? I dont think its a dropbox issue as i havnt noticed it happening with any other non VWX files shared in dropbox.
  5. I am still having issues with a design client who wants to share exhibition design files with me (I provide the lighting design for their exhibitions). They usually want to send me a single project file, which contains all of the drawings, and usually requires several referenced drawings (the building walls, base build information and so forth). As they are designing 3D exhibitions, then scans or .jpegs of the objects or artworks are included. The upshot is the file sizes can often reach 800-900MB. For me, only adding a layer of lighting information to each drawing, this makes the files unwieldy & slow to use. At present, the simplest work around for the designers is to export the relevant drawings to me in .dwg format, which I then convert back to .vwx to use. This is clearly silly, and we are now beginning to wonder why we don't just all convert to using Autocad to cut out the middleman. Is there a way the designers could export the drawings that I need in a simple manner without all of the detail that they want to keep? The process of stripping this detail out for them is deeply tedious, so they just send me .dwgs. Why can't Vectorworks offer such a similar feature that reduces the file size, without us needing to invoke a third-party process?
  6. Just found a nice and easy way to present web view links rather than sending the long email link web view generates to clients... if you create an image (say, a still from your 3d model), paste it into an email and then add a hyperlink to the image. I guess pretty obvious in hindsight, but I'm pretty pleased with the result so felt the urge to share!
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