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  1. I'm trying to export a selection of sheet layers to DWG. I've tried this via 'publish' and 'export'. To test the export, I've dragged the DWG into a blank file and I get this grid all over the drawing. I've tried messing with the settings but with no success. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone is able to shine light on an issue I have or if it is just VWs. I have set of planning drawings that I am trying to publish. the set publish fine apart form the elevations sheet. I have done it thought the cloud, with it taking 15 hours last time. The elevations are Bitmaps as apos to viewports as I hade hopped this would speed things up, sorry to say it has not helped. (I'm I correct that a bitmap should speed publishing up?) Any help on how I can speed this up would be appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I have a Sheet Layer that looks like this: The two sections are views from the design layer space, and the set (drawn blue) and high steel (drawn light grey) is from a further Section Viewport of the 3D scenic/house model in the draft. When I Publish, the Section Viewport does not show up, but every other object in the file publishes correctly. The PDF invariably looks like this: I have restarted vwx, switched computers, switched operating systems, and checked every option I can think of. The vwx file in question is attached. Am I going crazy? Thank you, Stephen LFN 2024 Lighting Plot SJS.vwx
  4. It would be great to get a little status bar when doing an export or publish process so you can get a sense of what VW is doing (though you do get a nice complete dialog at the end)... while you wait, maybe take a quick nap, grab a cup of coffee, whatever. There's no indication that something is happening other than: the program is locked up. Which leads to the question: is Vectorworks doing something or did it crash? There's a pattern there for heavier processing tasks (I.e., rendering / updating viewports 😮). A global, functional status bar would be ideal.
  5. Vectorworks - Since I started using VW2022, an old problem has crept back into it. When I go to PUBLISH a set of Sheet Layers to a PDF, the PUBLISH window does not retain the order I have set them in the Sheet Layer Window. If I try to sort by Name or Type, it does not reset them in the correct order. On a large set of drawings, this makes it very difficult to reorder the set. What gives? This was corrected in 2020 or 2021. See images below for intended order and order that the PUBLISH window resets them.
  6. I am over seeing a shared file that is on the Dropbox platform. One of the users of this file cannot publish to the cloud unless he saves his copy of the shared file as a vwx file. Is there a workaround for this problem. TIA Jeff
  7. I have only been on VW2021 for a week or two + have used 'Publish...' command for first time just now + found I can't use any of the naming schemes: whatever I choose the PDFs are always named 'Sheet#SheetTitle', whether I use one of the predefined VW ones or my own custom ones. I had to export the file to VW2020 in order to publish the PDFs there using my normal naming scheme... I haven't noticed any posts about this happening so wondering what's going on? I'm pretty sure it's nothing I'm doing as it works in VW2020 just not in VW2021...
  8. I have a sort order applied to my sheet layers in the navigation palette - Why can't I sort/easily print in the same order from the publisher? It would be great to use tags/filters in the publisher, too.
  9. Why is VW updating viewports when I publish DWGs and how do I stop it? There's a command in the print dialogue for this kind of thing but not in the export DWG nor publish DWG options.
  10. When exporting DWGs via the Publish command and I uncheck the "Create Folder for Each File Type" option I don't want it to create a new folder and put the DWGs in that. I want it to put them directly in the folder I choose, along with any PDFs I may also be exporting. Works As Designed bug report here: https://jira.vectorworks.net/browse/VB-119212
  11. Rendering locally on my computer would render fine but when rendering from the cloud, the image comes out mostly white. Is there a setting or something we're missing? It was previously working fine up until a few days ago and then realized I wasn't the only one with the issue. Using VW 2020. Below you can see rendered locally on the left and without changing any settings, the cloud render on the right.
  12. We are testing the hyperlink tool for creating a master index to our office details, each with their own sheet within the same file. When we publish all sheets including the index sheets, all hyperlinks work correctly within a single PDF file by essentially converting the named sheets to bookmarks. Our next step involves posting the master detail PDF to the cloud for access from anywhere. We'd like to be able to click a hyperlink in our construction drawings and open the cloud PDF master detail file, which works fine, but we'd specifically like the cloud PDF to load directly to a specific sheet matching a particular detail, which would be possible if the sheet name was automatically converted to what acrobat refers to as a named destination. A named destination in lieu of a bookmark can be directly referred to in the web address for a particular file, such as www.website.com/detail.pdf#nameddest=TOC. Is it possible to have vectorworks publish a PDF so the sheet names are automatically converted to named destinations recognized by acrobat?
  13. When creating a PDF, the "Export Classes as PDF Layers" option doesn't work the way I expected it to and I'm curious if there's another way or a setting that I'm missing. I have one main symbol that I'm using for this project that has an attached record format and text objects in the symbol that are linked to record fields. Unfortunately, there's not enough space in the symbol to spread these text objects out, so I put them all on the center point of the symbol and put each one in a separate class. This way, I can turn classes on/off to see the information that I'm interested in. I'd like that functionality to exist in an exported PDF as well so that end users without VW experience can access the information as well. However, I'm seeing that in the PDF, all of the text objects respond to the PDF Layer/VW class that the symbol was assigned to rather than the class they're assigned to individually. Right now, all of my symbols are in the None class, so when I change the visibility of the None class/PDF layer in the PDF viewer, all of the text objects in the symbols follow suit. I've tried publishing both sheet layer viewports and saved views, as well as directly exporting from the active design layer, all with the same results. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!
  14. Well, I'm thrilled. THRILLED! I can actually use Publish! In past attempts in all these years, the published pdf sheets always produced excellent on-screen representations. But any print to paper (my former inkjets, my more current laser) created stacked up text. All characters in a word would print on top of the first character. Next word would be a new stack etc. At least the spacebar produced some space between the stacks. My Vectorworks publish prefs were set to enable Subset Fonts. Disabled the Subset Fonts pref and print to paper works as expected. So, I guess it could be my printers (but they were current tech at time of purchase). Here is a complaint list: • Dialog for Publish To Options (Export PDF Settings) is gray unless an item in the publish list is selected/highlighted. • Dialog is also unavailable is ALL items in the list are selected/highlighted (even if they are all sheet layers, or all Saved Views, etc) • Hover the pref in the dialog produces nothing in the clue box at bottom . . . Unless the pref is toggled. • Once toggled, hover produces a dialog clue but hover never worked. Clue indicates printing may be more successful on PCL3 printers (whuzzat?) and also that file size might be larger if pref is disabled. • My experience is not much change - a 30 page document is same file size either way. OK, some complaints, but after some success. -B
  15. Hello, I'm having an issue with the Publish feature. When trying to publish locally, Vectorworks generates blank pages instead of the sheets I submitted for publishing. I've tried both generating a single pdf with multiple sheets in it and single pdfs containing only 1 sheet with the same results. This is happening over multiple drawings. I've included a screenshot of the publish window/export settings along with a shot of the resulting pdf to get the conversation started. I dont get it, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  16. The short need is the ability to have 'Document Setup' and 'Publish' available in ALL Workspaces. Possible? I work in a custom workspace called ConnectCAD for my wiring work. All is good, but I can't use 'Document Setup' or 'Publish'. I have to switch to 'Architect' workspace to get the 'file-publish' and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' options to appear. I've tried customizing my ConnectCAD workspace to add 'Publish', and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' but it doesn't appear as an option in the customize screen Anybody know how to do that? Am I missing something silly?
  17. Could we please have some improvements to how Cloud Publish is integrated? First, terminology - The name Cloud Publish implies that the heavy lifting will be offloaded to the cloud servers. Cloud Publish is different from "Publish to the Cloud" but right now their interfaces are mixed together. If you choose Cloud Publish and then choose "Local Storage" the rendering actually happen on your machine not in the Cloud. This option shouldn't be in Cloud Publish, it should be moved to the regular Publish dialog. Second, accessing it. The Cloud Publish dialog is currently a re-use of the Publish dialog. It should be much simpler - Choose your source - VW Cloud Services Folder or Dropbox Choose your file Choose your set to publish Choose the destination to publish to Keep the building of sets in the Publish dialog itself. There seem to be undesirable limitations when you try building a set from the Cloud Publish dialog anyway - fixed aspect ratio, only one page size etc. Kevin
  18. Good day, I have recently noticed that my Tekton Pro font, when either exported or published to pdf, and when the text has been left-justified, then the pdf text will have little rectangles with crossed lines introduced to the text block. Take a look at the attached pdf for a visual. I have also included the vectorworks file. After checking through the kbase conversations, I hadn't landed on a specific statement about support for open type fonts in recent years. There were some posts about ten years ago. My hunch is that something changed with the recent 2018 version, or one of the subsequent service packs as I had no previous problems with this font in 2017. I would like to be able to export to pdf, and then have my fonts available for last minute editing by Acrobat DC. And yes, I can rasterize the text blocks just fine without any incident. And I have deleted and reinstalled the font on my mac prior to reaching out to this forum. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian ireland_font_test_180426.vwx ireland font test 180426_8.pdf
  19. I just ran into a situation where after some updating I wanted to publish just one sheet out of a set of sheets for review purposes instead of publishing the whole set. It would be nice if there would be an option to publish one (or more) selected sheet(s) from within the navigation palette through right-click on selected sheet(s) and select publish. This could then bring up the same publish dialog as usual but then only as a temporary "override" without having to mess with the existing set of sheets by removing not-to-be-published sheets and having to add them again later (yes saving the publish set could be an option if it were not for the constant renaming of sheets that I often face, which renders the feature less useful for me)
  20. We often export multiple files, some of which have a revision numbers and some of which don't have any revision number. Files that don't have a revision number get named as follows: 100-None-Filename.pdf But we don't want "None" in our file names. Who would? What we'd like instead is: 100-Filename.pdf So not only do we want it to omit the revision number if that data is missing but we also want it to ditch one of the dashes too, so we don't end up with: 100--Filename.pdf
  21. We’d like support for automatic co-ordination of revision numbers, similar to support for sheet numbers that was added to v2011. Including the ability to automatically add revisions to file names when exporting PDFs/DWGs.
  22. General If a list of Sheet Layers is present in the right hand side of the Publish dialog, then using the Publish To PDF>Options dialog to adjust output dpi seems to have no effect. The settings are not saved in Saved Set, or even if the Options dialog is closed/reopened. Adjusting the dpi settings seems to have not effect on published file size. Specific cases 1. Several methods will select all the items in the list: A. Select any item, then press CmdA (MacOS Select All). 2. Click/Drag from top to bottom of the list to highlight all items. 3. Click to select the top item, then Shift Click the bottom item. The problem: If method A is used, the Publish To PDF Options button is grey. Why? If methods B or C are used to select the entire list, the Publish To and Options buttons are active. 2. Select the entire list with method B or C above and click the Options button, then adjust the DPI setting, eg to 72. Save the set and name it SavedSet-72dpi. Empty the Publish list, eg with the Remove All button (dbl arrow). The problem: Call the SavedSet-72dpi (loads the set into the Publish side). Click any item in the list, then the Options button. The dpi shows the default (300 in my drawing). The 72 dpi was not saved in the Set. 3. Similar to above, but for individual sheets instead of entire set. In any publish list (saved set or new list), click/select a single item>Options. Adjust the dpi value. Close the Options dialog. Reopen the Options dialog. The dpi reverted to original setting. Any thoughts on controlling the output dpi of sets or singles within the publish list? Thanks, -B
  23. Tried to create an AsBuilt.pdf with Publish command from sheet layers in a single vwx file - no referenced files. Several problems: 1. All text was rasterized by the Publish process. The Publish dialog options were not enabled for rasterize drawing and rasterize text. This is an old complaint, but worth mentioning again. Fonts are Arial and a smattering of Avant Garde. 2. Huge file resulted. 21 pages came in at 143MB. Options for PDF layers were not enabled. Adobe Reader choked on some of these pdf pages, taking about 30 seconds or more to load. Watching these pages open was like watching a time lapse movie of the various symbol instances and other drawing elements appearing one at a time until the whole page was populated. 3. Assembling a pdf doc from individual pages made with MacOS Print to PDF at 300dpi brought the assembled pdf doc size down to 14MB. Did I miss some Publish settings? -B
  24. Where we have to markup photos as part of a presentation, we import them into vwx as a jpeg / png as relevant, place them on the sheet layer and red line, markup annotate them etc. The issue is when we come to PDF them, the file size is often HUGE, the most recent one with 4 c. 2mb jpegs taken from an iphone6 became a 90mb PDF when published. My current workflow is to then import these into Adobe acrobat and compress them, making sure the image quality is set to 150DPI, which leaves me with a file size of around 2-5mb. Is there a way i can get the compression to happen as part of the PDF publishing process native in VWX ? --- VWX 2014.
  25. Hey guys - Does anyone how to delete the publish list ? Im on 2015 designer - thanks
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