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Found 8 results

  1. This is an idea for a new way to create new classes. Instead of 1). going to the Organization, 2.) creating a new class and then 3) modifying it's corresponding attributes (i.e. pen, fill, texture, etc.), it would be awesome if there were a command, perhaps a right-click menu command, that created a new class with the attributes of a selected object. Inherently this would then work best if the objects selected were placed in the newly created class and made to reflect all attributes by class. This would be an additional, more visual way of creating classes, simply by first applying graphic overrides to existing objects, and then by using that object to define the style of a new class. Its kind of like a style in Word or InDesign...
  2. I have inherited a project file and I'd like to take all of the original classes and put them in a subclass like "V1" and then moves things out one by one into my new organization. Is there an easy way to do that or do I need to label each class with the prefix "V1-"?
  3. The class and layer system in Vectorworks is excellent, but one major thing that's lacking for me is a list of objects in a class (not a report). Essentially another organizational palette that works like any other program with tons of objects. The visualization palette sort of already has this, but is missing the hierarchical view, (I.e., same-class lights). So for example, you have 10 different types of things in a single class. 5 polylines, 2 extruded objects, 3 walls. The 3 walls would be hierarchically under "Walls", 2 extruded objects under "Extruded Objects" and the 5 poly lines under "Polylines". Double clicking an object with extrudes or subtractions would open up a hierarchical list for that object. (I.e., Extruded Object would open up to it's polygon base). Groups would be their own list and double clicking would expand that group into its own hierarchical list with the same categories. All the data is there to implement this panel and would be a value add to the Vectorworks experience. It would speed up some of the manual clicking and finding of an object. Sometimes you don't want to have to navigate to an object in physical space in order to select it. Would also help with objects that appear to be missing but are behind or below another object. A step up from there would be the ability to have Layers shows which classes are within. This sort of already exists but not in a simple hierarchical list as its own palette. It would make finding and selecting objects so much easier. Being able to rename objects would be great, too (I.e., Extruded Object could be a custom name suffixed with the object type, "%Name - Extruded Object"). Of course you could leave the default names.
  4. Is it possible to reorganize the columns in the navigation palette? For example, the design layer names can be long, but I always want to see the stacking order column. Intuitively, it would make sense to move the stacking order column to be between the visibility column(s) and the design layer name column. Is this possible? Similarly, would be great to have the same functionality in the Organization menu. A good example is: with a Designer license where I'm primarily using Spotlight, I will almost never use the "Story" column, but Elevation and Wall Height are important (looking at the Design Layers tab). Would be great to move Story over to the right, or simply turn that column off.
  5. How about add the description in Organization dialog? so you can have an entire look of the drawing's structure
  6. I wish that the drawing name automatically equaled the viewport name for sheet layer viewports. Either that or get rid of one of the naming categories .I don't understand why we need two different names for a viewport. This would streamline visibility controls, reduce redundancy, and help with using drawings labels.
  7. When using the Existing Tree tool, somehow empty folders are created in the resource manager. Every edit, move, copy, tweak, etc. in an existing tree tool results in the creation of an empty resource manager folder. I am currently working on a project with 150+ existing tree tools and this resulted in the creation of over 200 empty folders?
  8. In the updated resource browser is there a way to bring back the headings of each resource, eg Symbol Folders, Hatches, Line types etc? I have found where to organize by type or by name. Have also found where to refine list by type.
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