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Found 25 results

  1. One of my student's files has me stumped. We can't see objects from layer 2 while working on Layer 1 and vis-a-versa. All classes and Layers have been marked visible, both layer and class options are set to show/snap/modify others. Is it a setting that we have missed? The file was created in Windows. Could it have something to do with this setting (see image att below)? I can't test it because I'm on my Mac at home. I have attached the VW file as well. HELP.vwx
  2. HI, I didn't find the way how to list all the classes assigned to a layer. I have lot of classes and layers, but I don't see the links between them. Any idea? thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to be able to write scripts that change objects on a given layer/class. I will want to do things like: changing fill or pen colour/thickness or switching a particular layer/class off. Can you please advise me whether there is a good example of a similar script out there that I could have a look at and use as a guideline when adjusting to fit my needs? Thank you very much!!
  4. Hello, So I'm creating a 3D Building and I've separated it in different layers and classes. Now, as I'm working, I'll naturally move inbetween layers/classes and this has been happening (check photos): I'm working on the tower, for instane, go from top/plan view to a costum 3D view and the rest of the building (on a different layer), as well as the 2D page remains in top/plan view. Also, as you can see I've got "Show, Snap, Modify Others" on in both layers and classes. This did not happen to me before and I'm not sure why it's happening now. Can anyone help? Thank you very much!! Cheers
  5. Hi All, Perhaps an obvious question, or may be not.. but is there an easy way to summarise and view all the objects in my drawing so that I can make sure everything is in the correct class or on the right layer. As a VW newbie I have found myself drawing objects onto the wrong active design layer or creating objects in the wrong class. Sometimes I spot it at the time, or make a note to myself to correct it later. I know. Discipline! Some examples: Walls and doors should be in walls and doors classes (and only on certain layers) Televisions should be in an AV-TVs class and on the AV-Equipment Loudspeakers should be in the AV-Loudspeakers class on the AV-Equipment layer I only expect polylines in my audio zoning layers I was wondering if there was some means of checking things over via a worksheet for example and possibly correcting them from the worksheet too, perhaps. Spotting the things that are clearly out of place? TIA Ross.
  6. Why do all design layers change to the same view whether top/plan view or front view? If I want both design layers on, but one in top/plan view and the other in front view, how does that work? This just started happening today, so not sure if there's an update that needs to be downloaded. Ok I figured it out. I clicked on "unified view" in the tool bar at the top. All better now! Haha!
  7. Hi everybody I would like to export images (PSD, TIFF) with layers from Vectorworks to import it in Photoshop / Procreate. Is there a way to do that? Thanks Francesco
  8. I just watched the excellent Hidden Treasures Seminar presented by @BSeigel, and was thinking maybe there's a setting hiding in plain site that I've missed all these years... See attached screenshots: Some Child Classes are set to Invisible Parent Class is set to Invisible to hide that entire department Parent Class is set to Visible to restore #1 settings (but overrides them) Is there a "nondestructive" way to change Parent Class visibility? The reason I continue to use Layers for Departments is because I'll have my Classes set to all manner of Visible / Gray / Invisible, so I can easily hide an entire Department by hiding it's Layer. Then, when I restore that Department's visibility, the Classes aren't affected. In addition to using VW the way it was intended (Layers are "where" and Classes are "what"), this also helps myriad other areas, like exporting to DWG. The goal is to have a proper Layer hierarchy like Production Air Production Stage Production Ground Surely, there must be a way to do this that I'm overlooking.
  9. I know Layer Options: Show/Snap/Modify Others lets you select and modify anything, regardless of layer. Is there any easy way to exclude some layers from this? For Example, my set designer just rotated the set 180 degrees on the sound stage after I've completed my light plot. I'd like to grab, my lighting layers and the set layers, but not the stage and pipe grid layers and then rotate 180. There most be an easy way to do this that doesn't involve rotating and re-aligning dozens of layers, one at a time. Thank you
  10. At a recent online webinar, some of the users wanted to know more about layer and class filtering. I made this youtube movie to explain how i use layer and class filtering: https://youtu.be/6xCPL_I-qdg
  11. simple question. On this project, I created a new layer with a story (elevation) of 133", now every new layer created since then has that same elevation. How do I change that? Some how I change it and now its a default that I don't want. I just don't know how I changed it. dave
  12. It is helpful to have a layer for each story / floor in one file to see how they stack, and sometimes each story needs multiple layers. It would be great if we could group layers so that, for instance, all the first floor-related layers could be turned on / off at the same time, or at least found more easily, particularly in complicated projects that may have multiple options that want to be their own layers within a single floor. Photoshop has the ability to group layers.
  13. I would like to suggest some improvements to levels. The first and most important thing would be a simple list of levels, displayed in the navigation palette. This list should contain all the information belonging to levels. In this list you should be able to create, edit, copy, paste, duplicate, delete and replace all levels. All operations regarding levels should be possible from this list view. Especially copy and paste from one story to another. There should also be a mechanism to export levels to another file. In this case you would simply go to the level list, copy any desired levels and paste them into the other files level list. In order to move a level from one story to another you would simply drag it in the list, if desired also duplicating it by option-drag. If you want to get rid of a level you should be able to delete it from the list. In that case, there would be a dialog similar to the one, when deleting classes. This dialog should allow you to define a replacement level for the one you are about to delete. Default Levels are nice to have, but not mandatory, because it would be really easy to create a new level. Step 1: From the popup menu select "Create New Level" Step 2: Enter Name and Height (relative to story, layer or absolute height) Step 3: Drag it to the desired layer or story in the list. Finished. There is no step 4. There is a mock-up of the level list to illustrate the concept. (Bear with me there are some typing errors.) When connecting objects to levels pretty much the same list would be displayed in the form of an pop-up menu.
  14. Hey all, Got a question about visibility- I'm wondering if it's possible to, when switching layers, automatically make specific layers (not all) not visible. Is there another way to mimic this?
  15. Hello guys! I am new VW, currently using the 2018 SP6 edition on a iMac 2017 (Mojave). I have been trying to use the Standard Naming command, but I've have had problems trying to bring the layers and classes with all their line styles and pre-sets into a Template file I've been trying to create. I have activated the auto-classing and it creates new classes when bringing objects like doors from the Resource Manager, but I have not succeeded on trying to bring or import the rest of the classes, layers or VP that I can see in the Standard Naming's dialog box. Is there a way to import them into a blank new file, so I can create a Template file for example? Thanks in advance, Christian
  16. I am sure this is not first time in wishlist, but in a quick search I could not find any to join. Problem: my files get really messy with 50 layers and 100 sheets and coworkers that are not familiar with the file structure, get confused. I would appreciate to be able to organize sheets, layers and viewports into folders that could be collapsable and hide unnecessary information. Now we organize layers with empty layers "***********FLOOR***********", but it is not a convenient way to do it. And I am not gonna insert empty sheet to organize sheets in that manner. What is your solution in organizing your sheets and layers? Liene
  17. Is it possible to influence the order of Layers and classes when exporting 3D PDF? I have an order of Layers 01, 02, 03, etc... and I want them to be exported in that order as a 3D PDF and stay in that order when opening my PDF viewer. Is this possible? Right now they stay in a disorganised order. Thank you!
  18. Hi All, I have a client currently who enjoy the concept of the Project Sharing features although wish for them to be used in a more global environment, unrestricted to a project file. They have quite detailed plans of their venues with specific things which should not be moved (diagonal bars, fixed height winch bars, fixed curtains, fixed orchestra pit deads, etc.). Commonly they will send these plans in the .vwx format to either external suppliers or prospective hirers who will send the plans back months later with their proposed changes. The problem is that often these external users will send back a plan with modification to the specific items above (moving grid pieces to locations which do not exist and/or places which have other obstructions, moving the pit to invalid stopping locations, etc). Often these changes go unnoticed until bump-in periods where conflict occurs as both parties believe they are in the right. The ideal would be the ability to password lock layers within the file. The ability to lock the 'Grid' layer for example and restricting the editing functionality, yet still allow class switching. Should the user need to move something in this layer they call in, receive the password and the file is logged with a change to that layer (possibly within the project sharing History). I'm aware we have referenced layers as an option although this has been tried and still required either a) releasing a second reference document or, b) the reference being broken and edited anyway. @JimWlet me know if I'm missing something here. Otherwise wishlist? Hope you're all well, J
  19. Hello, I am looking to export a Vectorworks 3D model to rhino. When I export using the rhino function all the layers are lost. I can individually export each individual layer and rename this and then import into rhino but this is very labour intensive. Is there an option similar to DWG export that allows layer preservation and solids to be exported.
  20. Quick request related to Administrator 'powers' in project sharing files. Quite often we are suffering issues where a user may have a tiny bit of geometry checked out on a layer, stopping one of us from working effectively on the file. Of course as an admin, I could go in and force 'release' that entire layer, and sometimes this is a useful tool. It would be extremely useful though, if I could also select a single 'user' and release all information associated to that particular user. There are many situations this would have come in handy in. For instance, assume someone is out of the office but for whatever reason have accidentally got some small pieces of geometry checked out, all over the place. I want to release everything that that particular user has - but I may not want to release an entire layer, which other people are currently working on! (Please somebody do correct me if this is already possible and I have just not found the appropriate command :S)
  21. Hello Forum, I have a viewport set up on my sheet for the roof plan, I have the second floor layer visible as well because parts of that layer would be visible when viewed from above. Although my roof is solid and has a solid fill when viewed in wireframe in top/plan its transparent and I can see through to the second floor. How does one fix this? For example when a 2d solid is drawn and has a solid fill the fill is visible in wireframe and you cannot see through it, is there a setting that would do the same for a 3d object? Thank you!
  22. Is there a way to create classes and layers in bulk? Something like a spreadsheet, or a bulk-renamer?
  23. Hi, To cut a long story short, I need to overlay 2 plans on top of each other. Each one is on different design layers. The reason I'm doing this is so I can see what walls need to be removed from the existing plan in order to make way for the proposed. Do you have any idea how I do this?
  24. I am curious on how other offices set up their cad files with respect to multistory dwellings. At the moment for a single storey structure we have a Design Layer for each of the Floor, Walls and Roof heights of a dwelling. For say a two storey structure we repeat the same three layers. The class list is fairly simple, Walls Ext, Walls Int, Roof, Floor etc. In particular my query is to do with how people show two similar objects in two different ways in one plan. An example being the roofs on a First floor plan. The ground floor roof is shown solid as it is below the plan. The first floor roof is shown dashed as it is above. One approach is two have a class for every roof and layer, eg Ground Roof, First roof etc. The other way which I use is to have a DL VP which shows just the first roof dashed. That way can keep the simple class list and still use a class override for most objects. Hope all that makes sense.
  25. I'm pretty new to Vectorworks and having trouble using a DWG file from a surveyor. I can import it, but there are lists of layers that i can't hide and I'm trying to remove some so I can see the site correctly and I also want to create a site model from the survey as would like to use this to practice 3D modelling with this new garden. The only layers that seem to turn off are title blocks, north point and sheet borders. No levels, tree canopies, boundaries or anything within the survey switch off. Is it something I am doing wrong or has the surveyor locked the layers somehow? Is it possible for them to do that?
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