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Found 2 results

  1. Below are two screenshots. One of some traditional drawing status notes of old. And next to it is ISO 19650 BIM status/suitability codes and descriptions (from the UK National Annex). I find some of the ISO suitability codes and processes a little confusing, particularly regarding work in progress. Any thoughts? Work in progress S0 - Initial Status - as I understand it this is only for internal use only, when editing your model/drawings, and should never appear on models/drawings shared with the rest of the design team. ISO 19650 explicitly states that information in the work in progress state/folder shouldn't be accessible to other task teams. But we often need to discuss work in progress with other team members so how are we meant to issue WIP information to other design team members if no one else has access to our work in progress folder? Should we instead be issuing in the Shared folder with S2 Suitable for Information, as below? If so then what revision code should be used? If it's work in progress then it's meant to have a revision code with a two-integer suffix (e.g. P01.01) but ISO 19650 UK Annex states (NA.4.3 Revision) that this kind of revision code is for work in the Work in Progress folder/state. Which no one else has access to.... Shared (non-contractual) S1 - Suitable for Co-ordination - I find it a little odd that the first status code is 'for co-ordination' when we would typically issue information 'for comment' or 'for approval' before we issue 'for co-ordination'. S2 - Suitable for Information - simple enough I guess, but no explanation in the ISO 19650 UK Annex defining it accurately. S3 - Suitable for Review and Comment - see comment above on S1 S4 - Suitable for Stage Approval - what is a "stage"? Can it mean any self-defined stage (e.g. "layout approval" stage). Or does it mean RIBA Work Stages? Or does it simply mean this is suitable for final approval before moving to a 'for construction' status? S6 - Suitable for PIM (project information model) Authorisation - straightforward, information that's ready to be authorised for management of the construction project S7 - Suitable for AIM (asset information model) Authorisation - straightforward, information that's ready to be authorised for asset management of the project Published (contractural) A1, etc - Authorised and accepted - straightforward, approved and accepted information for construction B1, etc - Partial sign-off (with comments) - straightforward, good way of revising 'for construction' information Published (for AIM acceptance) CR - As constructed record document - straightforward, 'as built'
  2. BIM standard ISO 19650 has this great concept of revision management for internal work in progress changes, helping you manage your work-in-progress and avoid losing information during its development. This system is intended for any kind of 'information container' (file), be it a model file, a drawing, programme, whatever, but you can also treat VW Sheets as information containers, even if you don't export them to files. These WIP revisions are denominated with a two-number suffix. So you start off with P1.01, make a change P1.02, make another change P1.03 and so on. Then when you're ready to issue the changes to the wider team it gets shared as revision P1. Nobody except your internal team can see the work-in-progress revisions. What would be nice in Vectorworks, for Sheets, is the ability to record these internal work in progress revisions in the Title Block Border revisions, but to be able to control visibility so that they're only seen by the internal team. So some sort of parallel list of WIP revisions, that can be switched on or off while viewing the Sheet (on by default) and also at a higher level when using the Publish or Export commands (off by default and requiring explicit switching on on a one-off basis each time you Publish or Export, if you want them to be visible). Harder to get my head around, but also potentially very useful if executed well, would be some way to manually record WIP revision notes when saving a copy of a whole VW file. If there are Sheets involved this could include an automated summary of WIP changes to Sheets too (so a P1.01 revision of a VW file might include a bunch of different revisions to Sheets, P1.05, P2.03, P1.02 etc.). To work well though I think this would need to involve some sort of a new high level menu command (File > Save as a Work in Progress) for explicitly saving a file as an ISO 19650-compliant WIP file. Rather than simply duplicating a file manually in your file system. This command could then prompt the adding of WIP revision meta data. There's also the Project Sharing History tab, although to be honest I've never used it. But seems to me this could be used for recording file level internal revisions with a bit of discipline. Does any do this? It would certainly be more useful if it verbosely tracked changes to Sheet revisions.
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