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Found 49 results

  1. Hi guys, I've receive a DWG files to make a 3d model in VW and I have a problem with them, looks like I could only work with them at 2D Plan. I attached a jpg files to show you what I mean. Is there's something I do wrong ? The file in the middle (backlit) is join as a reference file, elevations are copy and paste in to the file. Either way I can't work with this dwg files in others than 2D plan view. Thanks a lot for any help! Alice
  2. I wish the DWG Export had an option to convert all Extrudes to Generic Solids before exporting. Currently all my Extrudes, a Geometry Type I really like, inside VW, get exported as lose DWG Polyfaces. (Even only when "Triangulate to preserve Fills "activated, otherwise just un-filled Polylines) Currently, to avoid that, I would need to : - "save as" File Ccopy for export - check and set Layers/Classes visibilities - Select Similar > Extrudes - Convert to Generic Solids - Export - Close Export File - re-open VW File Same wish for FBX Export.
  3. What I don't get at all is, if you import a DWG at a wrong Scale/Units, the Object's (Off) Scale itself between objects is totally ok. But the Location of (some?) Objects is wrong and some Objects spread all over the drawing. It looks like there are no problems in Z heights, just dislocations in XY plane. I think often only one Axis is affected. (I am not 100% sure about that) If I re-import that file at a correct Unit Setting again, I have to choose Millimeters as DWG Units, everything is fine as it should. I noticed that behavior over many years and VW releases. So I do not understand what the problem is, that Objects come in fine but not their Location. Why import in wrong Units happened at all : In this case I worked in a DWG file that had "Working" Units set to Meter and VW was set to Meter. It looks like the "File" or System Units Standard internally may be in Millimeters though. Whatever or which side does wrong reading or exporting the correct Units, - I would have expect to import Meters - VW expects to import in Meters And it is just a Factor of 1:1000 off + everything sits directly around file origin.
  4. Wonder if someone could help with a DWG Export problem i am using Spotlight and trying to export my drawing in to a 3D DWG. i'm sure it is some settings i am missing, however when i export, the Truss and Lighting Instrument symbols remain as 2d Symbols (but retain the 'Z' measurement). Un-ticking the Decompose 3D Symbols and Groups button successfully exports the lighting instruments as 3D, but still not the truss. however the DWG does not retain the 3D Orientation of the lighting instruments. ie - some fixtures are spun 90 degrees, to appear flat on the front face of the set. however the DWG ignores this are outs all 3d Orientation back to Zero. any help with this would be great.
  5. Hi, For my company I drew models of the Danley sound labs speakers. I want to share those with my colleague who doesn't has VW. I read on this forum that the best way to do it was using a .DWG format file. When I export The models there is no problem. I wanted to check of the export was succesful, so I imported the model and it turnt out as a complet white model. I tried to edit the colors and textures of the classes but i kept comming out completly white. Does someone now what I am doing wrong? I also exported it to 3DS. Here the problem didn't accure. If you want more information on what I use just ask:)
  6. I do DWG Tests and try different settings, by exporting and re importing back to VW. If I activate "Export as ACIS Solids", it will pull out my "Windows in Wall" and some other Elements and position them at the VW origin ! (I think the same happens in DXF with ACIS option) If I don't activate to "Decompose Symbols and Groups" it may even destroy Elements by pulling one of their ends to arbitrary far distances.
  7. Hello VW Support, I send this as a Tech Support Request separately and use this Thread as a Container for Resources and detailed description. I attached : + VW File with Export Geometry and DWG Re-Import + both DWG 3D Export Files (ACIS Solids vs Meshes) + some Illustrations. My Problems with DWG Exchange are : 1. DWG Mesh Export : For certain Geometry Types I get loose non welded 3D Polygons instead of true Meshes : (Everything from except VW original Mesh Geometry) - Extrudes combined to Add Solid - Extrudes combined to Add Solid converted to Generic Solid - Extrudes - Extrudes converted to Generic Solids 2. DWG Mesh Export : Extrudes have flipped Top Face Orientation. Opposed to all other Faces 3. DWG Mesh Export : All Face Normals are generally flipped to the wrong side. 4. DWG Mesh Export : I have unneeded and unwanted Triangulation of all Quad Faces. 5. DWG ACIS Solids Export : In any other App beside VW, when I import a VW DWG ACIS Export, I get an unwanted Tessellation of Faces. (Modo DWG Import Plugin or BriscCAD which speaks native DWG) All Edges get somehow divided by 5 new Vertices. 6. DWG Solids Import : I get no Solids into VW from my clients DWG Exports from Revit. Just Meshes only, with slight inaccuracies. While in Modo or BricscCAD Solids are coming in fine. (An IFC Import of the same Project brings Solids into VW) Unfortunately I have no demo File for Revit Exports (NDA) Thanks in advance, Zoomer VW2017_DWG_TEST_EXPORT.vwx VW2017_DWG_TEST_IMPORT_ACIS.dwg VW2017_DWG_TEST_IMPORT_MESH.dwg
  8. Hi all, Using tiles inside the walls give the wrong result when exported to Autocad. Here is how it looks in VW 2017: How it looks in ACAD: Here is the VW 2017 file: TilesToAcad.vwx Cheers, Juan
  9. I'm having issues getting a DWG file that was drawn in metric to import in 1/4" scale. The issue is when I import the file and tell it to be in imperial units and 1/4" scale, the drawing shrinks down to peanut size on the page. Then when I dimension line it, the dim lins are HUGE compared to the drawing. I'm thinking that the dim lines are probably in 1/4" scale, but the drawing itself is not for some reason. Can anyone help?
  10. Hello! I'm working to figure out the best way to export a useful DWG. I'm wondering, is there any way to maintain Symbol names (ex. S4-36deg) in the exported DWG block? They are currently exporting as a seemingly random array of numbers. Thank you!
  11. Hi there, Does anyone know the export settings (I'm on 2015 designer) to export a DWG with both 2D & 3D elements? I have 5 viewports to 3d objects & they dont seem to be exporting , only the annotations. I would like to keep the format of the sheet, with all the annotations etc. Thanks, Liz
  12. Hi, Could anyone tell me the best way to export from Vectorworks and import to MicroStation? I would like to keep all 3D elements in tact, for MicroStation to recognise walls, slabs etc. When exporting to DWG/DFX this information seems to be lost... Is it possible to retain all the information as seen in Vectorworks?
  13. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to change the classes of the components that make up a symbol all at one time in multiple symbols? Not just editing the symbol and changing the class one at a time. I ask this because when I import some .dwg files the walls, doors, windows, etc.. import as symbols and often they have multiple lines and polygons. I can use the custom selection tool or just select all symbols and change the overall symbols classes to "0" or "none" but the components of the symbol still retain there original class say "New_A-STRS_Pen_No__2." I would like to have everything as a single class so I may then import into a working template and not have 500+ new classes added to the file. Is this possible and I'm just missing the correct approach using the Modification tool?
  14. Hi, I'm having an issue exporting DWG files from Vectorworks 2014 SP1 on a Windows 8 laptop. I get the following error message: "Vectorworks 2014 insufficient memory at least 4500K of additional memory must be available to initialize export." I've checked Task Manager and there are plenty of resources available. I've had this installed for quite some time and have only recently began to experience this issue. I've tried setting the application to open in Windows XP compatibility mode, but when I try this the application won't open at all. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Good afternoon everyone, This is more of a wish list item more than anything. Dealing with different engineers that work in autocad, i find it a bit frustrating to export elevations with hatches in BIM mode to be converted into linework. More importantly, when selecting option for hatches to be converted to a separate layer, any exported elevation (not plans) hatches in vectorworks aren't converted to a different layer, instead they remain in the original layer of the wall type class. As a result the dwg files become bloated and hard to modify. Any way to change this? I know a workaround, however, its a bit cumbersome - which essentially converts any surface into a poly - that can use hatch information. This exports just fine into required hatches, just a nuissance to do for every job. Perhaps there is another way? Thanks in advance !!
  16. 1. Why does VW export solids, when "Export Solids as ACIS Solids" option on, in a way segmenting each Solid by 4 cuts into 5 Segments ? I think that started with VW 2016. No matter if latest DWG or older versions. Segmentation of Solids : 2. Also I do not understand why Extrudes, including a 2D Polygon will get exported as 3D Faces only, while Extrudes with a 2D Polyline get out fine as Solids. (WALLS always Faces only not nice too) Polygon in Extrude left = Faces vs Polyline in Extrude right = Solid (As you can distinguish by unwanted Segmentation of the Solids) : 3. I get now DWG Materials in into VW. But I don't get my VW Materials out of VW by DWG.
  17. Hi All, We are currently in the process of constructing a complex 3D vectorworks model with the end goal of exporting from Vectorworks to rhino, in order to render in V-ray. Any ideas as how to best construct and export so that the file is as clean as possible, with all appropriate layers, when imported into rhino? KM VW 2016 SP3
  18. In conjunction with the BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference held in Malmö, Sweden on November 2 – November 3, 2016, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. and BIMobject AB announce the availability of the free BIMobject App within Vectorworks 2017 software. In the software program, designers have direct access to a growing library of manufacturer-specific content, which includes detailed geometric and product information, all coordinated and provided via global BIM content provider BIMobject. Current Vectorworks software users can access the tool by downloading the Service Pack 1 update for Vectorworks 2017. “The BIMobject App in Vectorworks 2017 is a major milestone in our continued mission to provide designers with access to building material and product specifications for building information models,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated practice at Vectorworks. “We’re extremely proud to be releasing such a content-rich App, and we greatly appreciate the support of BIMobject in helping make this a reality.” Anderson will be showcasing the App at the two-day BIMobject LIVe conference, which focuses on building information modeling, future technology and the power of digital products’ internet distribution. He will be delivering the presentation, “Vectorworks and BIMobject” at the conference to illustrate the power of Vectorworks software, as well as to provide a demo of the new BIMobject App. The Vectorworks BIMobject App is unique in that it manages and downloads not only Vectorworks native content, but also transparently converts DWG, SKP and 3DS content in the BIMobject Cloud into information-rich Vectorworks content. This is done entirely in the background and delivers the exact user experience no matter the source data format. Using this technology, the App debuts accessing more than 4,600 objects from over 260 brands, which is an unprecedented amount of content for a newly-introduced App. In turn, the manufacturers who support BIMobject with these formats gain immediate access to the Vectorworks user base of up to 650,000 users. The App stores all of the non-graphical object data in Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, meaning it is platform neutral with a non-proprietary open file format. This means that if a Vectorworks user creates a project using content from the BIMobject App, then exports using IFC, all manufacturer product information is preserved through the export. “The fact that the BIMobject App for Vectorworks is pre-installed is really good, giving direct access of up to 650,000 potential designers for all our manufacturers and brands that are published in the BIMobject Cloud. It will be a great synergy with the Vectorworks application and make the BIMobject Cloud the preferred choice for downloading BIM objects and product information from the web,” said Johan Dyrssen, teamleader for Web Development at BIMobject.” Learn more about Vectorworks 2017 and its offerings by visiting vectorworks.net/2017.
  19. For the production (CNC-milling and waterjet cutting) of several parts I need DWG and DFX-files I have a problem with the exported lines. The exported lines from VW should be (to work properly with the different machines) 'polylines', but sometimes they are 'splines' (see image underneath and the difference between how the curves are drawn). If I convert the splines in Autocad to polylines they get hundreds of extra control points and the different milling/cutting machines aren't able to use those (and the line gets faceted). My workflow: - Draw the model in 3D - extract planar object - change the objects to screen plane - export the selected object to DWG or DFX version 2010 or earlier The odd things is that from different object, but the same file, I get different types of lines in Autocad. Anybody experience with this? Anybody knows how I can export them so i get clean polylines? Attached the different files, if anybody could have a look i would be very happy! (ps I`m not able to attach VW-2017 files on the forum ) export test.dwg export test v2016.vwx
  20. I have a DWG file from a surveyor which has information drawn in both Model Space and Paper space (title block, annotations, legends, general notes, etc). I am able to import the Model Space info, but I cannot figure out how to import the Paper space info. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  21. When exporting symbols with attached records, the records end up as block attributes in a dwg file. When exporting objects (e.g. a polygon) with an attached record the information does not get exported into the dwg file. It would be nice if in the latter case the record contents would be exported as extended entity data attached to the object.
  22. Add the option to define text height the same way as in AutoCAD, i.e. height of the upper case character instead of line height. AutoCAD defines text height as the height of the upper case characters of a font instead of line height as Vectorworks does. Upon import Vectorworks converts AutoCAD text heights to the proper line height equivalent, however it is not possible to specify the text height in AutoCAD style in a simple manner. Automatic conversion to equivalent line height would be fine, as it will then end up properly in dwg exports. Since it already works upon import of DWG files the code is already available in Vectorworks. This will make it easier to conform to text sizes specified in dwg centric offices. This ties into the request for importing/exporting text styles in dwg files
  23. Text style import and export, where text keeps the assigned text style. Font substitution is not an issue. The reason for this request is that often project specifications or standards require the use of predefined text styles. Currently texts in dwg files exported from Vectorworks do not have proper text styles, this makes roundtrip workflows between DWG based software and Vectorworks very cumbersome if not impossible for practical reasons.
  24. Hi, Ive just been given a load of old DWGs that i need to update and add new LX bars into on Vectorworks. Usually importing files is no bother to me and i am able to get on with working but something very strange is happening to the scaling. every time i try to import the dwg the scaling between the import layer and the new lx bars layer is way out. both are set to 1:1 while im working on them, so when i draw a bar which is 3000mm wide it blows up and is huge! whats more odd is i can see on the original DWG file the scaling box someone has drawn is 1000mm. when i import it into vectorworks the scaling box reduces to 40 (im assuming cm) and the text indicating its size also changes. Its all very strange and im completely lost now!! I have attached the DWG here. If someone could take a look for me i would be most appreciative. Its proably something really straight forward but im lost! help! 379_01_02 GROUND FLOOR PLAN1.dwg


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