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Found 25 results

  1. This thread is intended to bring together the features needed to bring the window and door tools to what I (and some UK architects I worked with on these) consider maturity. These tools have been neglected for too long. These aren't interface improvements, nice-to-haves or radical ideas, but rather basic features (from a user's point of view) needed to model windows for the vast majority of our projects (mostly medium-sized residential buildings in UK/Europe). The last set of items are the interface improvements, nice-to-haves or radical changes that we'd love to have but I've posted here by way of contrast to the basic features we need for window/door tool maturity. Window Tool: Additional window sash types required (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49476-additional-window-sash-types-required/ Additional window panel types required (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49477-additional-window-panel-types-required/ Window sill improvements (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49479-window-sill-improvements/ Control attributes of individual window panes/panels (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49478-control-attributes-of-individual-window-panespanels/ Brick header and decorative window lintels (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49481-brick-header-and-decorative-window-lintels/ Support for 3D 'Wall Detail' component returns at windows (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/50263-support-for-3d-wall-detail-component-returns-at-windows/ Door Tool: Ability to define gaps for Door Tool (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49508-ability-to-define-gaps-for-door-tool/ Frame stops for Door Tool (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49502-frame-stops-for-door-tool/ Custom ID tags for windows and doors https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51066-custom-id-tags-for-windows-and-doors/ Bi-folding sliding doors for Door Tool (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49506-bi-folding-sliding-doors-for-door-tool/ Meeting Stiles for Door Tool (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49503-meeting-stiles-for-door-tool/ More refined control over complex door opening arrangements (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49504-more-refined-control-over-complex-door-opening-arrangements/ Window/Door tool interface improvements: Ability to configure doors within the Window Tool (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49369-ability-to-configure-doors-within-the-window-tool/ Traditional window schedules (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49480-traditional-window-schedules/ 2D front view vector-based door schedules (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49364-2d-front-view-vector-based-door-schedules/ Ability to define Wall Hole Component of Window/Door Objects (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/50187-ability-to-define-wall-hole-component-of-windowdoor-objects/ Ability to manipulate windows/doors directly in model (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/49482-ability-to-manipulate-windowsdoors-directly-in-model/ Ability to define our own sash types and markers (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/50577-ability-to-define-our-own-sash-types-and-markers/ Need better way to hide Window ID Tags irrelevant to current elevation https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/53910-need-better-way-to-hide-window-id-tags-irrelevant-to-current-elevation/ Undo function for Custom Sash Options (not implemented as of v2021) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51103-undo-function-for-custom-sash-options/
  2. The Plan Wall Offset setting in Window Style > General is currently based on the centre of window frame to centre of Wall. This is not a figure we're generally interested in practice. As designers we're interested in where the outside or inside face of a window frame sits relative to the outside or inside face of a wall, or relative to the outside or inside face of a particular wall component, more often than not the Core component. So instead of being a simple offset from centre of window frame to centre of wall we'd like the following offset options added to the OIP: OFFSET FROM: 1. Outside face of window frame 2. Inside face of window frame 3. Centre of window frame TO: 1. Outside face of Wall 2. Inside face of Wall 3. Centre of Wall 4. Core component of Wall [or, if possible, specific component of Wall]
  3. We should be able to define a ‘Fitting Gap’ for the door leaf (gap between jamb and leaf), which is typically 1 to 3 mm either side of the door and may include smoke seals or weather seals. If this gap is not supported then we have to make the shim gap or the casing the wrong size to compensate, which apart from being visually wrong also means we can’t schedule accurately. For the same reasons we need to be able to define the gap between the door leaf and floor. As well as being able to define the shim gap to the top of the door separately from the sides, as this can often be different. UK defaults should be as follows: WIDTH DEFAULTS 7 shim gap 32 casing 3 gap 826 leaf 3 gap 32 casing 7 shim gap = 910 Wide Structural Opening HEIGHT DEFAULTS 15 shim gap 32 casing 3 gap 2040 leaf 20 threshold gap = 2110 High Structural Opening ARCHITRAVE SIZE DEFAULTS The default architrave (trim) should be of the following size: 19 x 69
  4. This one's be doing my head in for years and I haven't got round to troubleshooting it or submitting a bug because it's usually a last minute thing and historically I've just ended up just not presenting drawings how I want to present them. What I find is that the attributes of wrapped wall components ("External Wall Detail" and "Internal Wall Detail" in the door and window tools) cannot be controlled by Class overrides. Worse still you can't get around this by just changing the attributes of the original wall. This is because wrapped components take on the attributes of the wall *at the time* of being inserted into the wall and that's that. It's remains like that no matter what you change the wall attributes to. To change the attributes of the wrapped components you need to update the attributes of the wall and then remove and reinsert the windows/doors to take on the new attributes. Test file attached. If you've found any other way around this I would love to know it. Even if it's some way to reset all the windows at once without having to remove and reinsert them. test-file.vwx
  5. In the Design Day Live Europe Q&A a question about future development of windows, doors and stairs was answered by way of pointing out that Vectorworks is always working on incremental updates to these tools and prioritising which updates to include. Windows, doors and stairs are at the core of our experience, but these tools have been missing key features for many years. Can we have a release where major updates to these tools—instead of incremental updates—are one of the biggest focuses of the release?
  6. Hallo everyone. I would appreciate some help. When it comes to a Door with a Sidelight, I can not seem to change the colour/material of the doorleaf so that it differs to the door frame. For example here below, i wish to have a white doorleaf however in the list of attributes available, the doorleaf attrubute incorporates the Sidelight as well. So that i end up with all white or all gray. The door frame easy to change. Have i done something wrong here. How else can i draw up a door with Sidelight so that the elements remain separate when it comes to attributes.
  7. We need the door tool to support frame stops. These can be both planted or rebated, as attached image. We need this for a number of reasons: Correct visual representation in 3D and 2D views The ability to visually check that we're providing the correct clear opening For accurate scheduling
  8. section image of door tool, set to round cased opening - really poor and not round!
  9. A couple of challenges: 1. How do you get a flush door pull to sit flush with sliding door leaf? 2. How do you give both sliding door leaves a pull handle? sliding-door-challenge.vwx
  10. Can we have a proper arrow for sliding doors instead of this silly little triangle?
  11. There are various window sash configurations and door opening configurations missing from the window and door tools. See below for the ones I can think of. I'd like NV to support these (ASAP) but another approach could be to provide us users the ability to define them ourselves within the tool interface. Things we need to configure would be 2D plan representation, elevational representation (namely the hinge direction marker), 3D aspects such as if and how it opens and schedule data. And then the infill types. Potentially difficult to implement but at least then we'll be able to add our own types, as window manufacturers come up with them, instead of having to wait for NV. In fact this principle could be applied to parametric objects in general, not just the window tool. Sash configurations: 1. Fixed glass, i.e. sashless (currently only a fixed sash can be created, currently called a "Fixed light") 2. Tilt n turn (implemented, but the ability to choose opening side still needs to be implemented and they need to remain inward opening at all times) 3. Easy-clean side-hung 4. Fully reversible 5. Single sliding horizontal sash (at the moment horizontal sliding sash splits each sash into two when applied) 6. Centre-pivot 7. Sliding sashless 8. Round windows Infill types: 9. Fixed insulated panels 10. Frameless panels 11. Louvre vents 12. Louvre windows 13. Glass block Door configurations: 14. Double acting 15. Fixed door 16. Various missing folding configurations 17. Various missing sliding configurations 18. Stacking 19. Overhead rolling 20. Overhead tilting 21. Overhead sectional 22. Overhead folding 23. Pivot 24. Wall hung sliding 25. Louvre doors
  12. We'd like to be able to configure the louvres in Window and Door objects to be vertical. Currently we're restricted to horizontal.
  13. Can we have support for mail slots in Door Styles please?
  14. Hi all, I cannot find the way to edit the viewing Level Details (if you can call it like that) for certain symbols, like Doors, windows and wall styles, i know when you're creating a symbol you can choose what to see in LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH detail that you can then setup in the viewport but on 2020 i cannot find that option for windows doors and walls, (on how to edit the detail level not how to choose it in the viewport as you can change it easily on the OIP) I've attached the window tool example of what i'm addressing if i wasn't clear on the question. Window Tool preview you can see the differences and for the viewport example where i choose the detail level i want to show, the wall goes from a complete gray to detailed version, i wanted to change this let's say the low and medium settings for the wall i wanted it to be Gray and in the High setting i wanted to see the detailed version of the wall for example, how can you change this either for wall, door and window tool??
  15. We need support for bi-folding sliding doors. There shouldn’t be any limit to the number of configurations (i.e. please don’t use a drop-down list of options, use a Custom Door Options graphical user interface instead perhaps). Examples of common bi-folding sliding door arrangements:
  16. We'd like custom ID tags for windows and doors. One of the main reasons we need them is to display the fire-rating of doors on floor plans for instance. We used to use symbols for doors, including our own custom ID tag (linked to a record format), and this included a fire-rating field. But now that we're using the Door Object we don't have this capability. The fire-rating is there in the door data but we're unable to display it as part of the ID tag, because ID tags are limited to ID Prefix, ID Label and ID Suffix. You might say that we could use the ID Suffix field to show the fire-rating but we already use this field to identify a door type (and the fire-rating is already has its own field). So a typical door number for us would look like this: D-09-B (D=door, 09=door number, and B=type) WinDoor, for instance, has custom ID tags, which are symbols the user can edit. They also have a second field that you can use for any piece of data you like, such as the fire-rating.
  17. As we can with Symbols I'd like to be able to define the Wall Hole Component of Window and Door Objects, so we can more easily model modifications of the wall that are associated with a window/door.
  18. Does anybody know of a workaround for controlling the Texture of a Door object Vision Panel (and the Transom sashes for that matter)? See attached example (v2018). The Vision Panels and Transom Sashes are simply showing as white. example.vwx
  19. Hi, I need to draw a double door set, similar to the image, but without the fanlight, so full height double doors with side panels...any ideas?! thankyou!
  20. We need more options for displaying ID tags. For instance to be able to display the fire-rating of a door (separately from the door ID). WinDoor has some good examples, see below. We also need support for superscript and subscript as some nationalities utilise these for fire-ratings.
  21. We'd like to get rid of the “complex door” XOXOXO drop-down menu and replace it with something more akin to the Custom Sash Options interface in the Window Tool.
  22. The separation of the window and door tools poses a problem for scheduling, visual accuracy and editing. In the real world doors and windows are usually part of the same unit, especially for external units. So we need to be able to define doors and door thresholds as part of window units (or "external opening" units) separately and in addition to the window sash/sill settings. This is probably my most wanted enhancement in Vectorworks. JIRA reference: VE-97948
  23. 1. We need new fields added to the Leaf tab of the Door Tool Settings to deal with Meeting Stiles. Double door meeting stiles have five common arrangements as illustrated below, which are square, rounded, rebated, astragal and T astragal. An astragal is a timber profile/molding fixed to the secondary door leaf to act as a stop. 2. The object in the current version of Vectorworks called "Astragal" is not an astragal and should instead be called a Fixed Mullion. An astragal is in fact a holding that attaches to one of the leafs and closes the gap between the two leafs when closed (see above).
  24. Support for louvre vents in the Window Tool is welcome. Now we also need them for the Door Tool, which is the majority use case for us.
  25. We need to be able to generate a live 2D front view representation of doors and we need to be able to dimension them with associative dimensions. We’d also like to be able to edit/override individual line-types and line-weights as you can with a viewport.
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