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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.3


    A Marionette PlugIn, that collects a custom drawing (font character, picture whatever) and refer it to a regular font character. This "Font" is placed into the control geometry container. Also we could just use a blue symbol. The Heart of the script is a custom node "create font dict" which manage collecting the control geometry. Also it returns a dictionary sequence data type. A dictionary is very useful if you want to have pairs of data. In this case a character and a drawing group with informations forms a pair. Sure, the script could be improved by several things (multi-line, alignment, page based etc. ) But I think it is very useful to have that plug in. Have fun with it. Maybe you can share your own fonts and your wonderful handwriting here. Thanks. Usecases: 1. Handwriting Font 2. Vectorfont (ability to use sketch view) 3. For Milling Machines 4. Fast inserting of object sequences 5. ... Update v2019 1. Script Crashed if input Geometry was None (Integrated a script blocker and an Alert Dialog ) 2. Input Dict was always None, because use of an outdated Script command (vs.GetType() instead vs.GetTypeN()). Issue in many other scripts. One of the very rare incompatibilites of Script commands the past Years.
  2. Hi community! Designer 2022 user here, and I'm working with a bunch of digital artists who use Photoshop. Our printers can use .ai or .tif files to generate tool paths for our shopbot CNC router (using Vcarve to generate the g code). VW doesn't like .ai anymore and .tif's are imported as image files, and Trace Bitmap has less than desirable results. Anyone know how to get a good clean toolpath from a .tif? I already know that PS can spit out a dxf or dwg, but the people who send me things keep forgetting that. (I'd post the .tif in here, but NDA's won't let me).
  3. SimA

    rotate list

    Hello everyone my marionette generates 3d points and puts them in a list. I convert the points into a 3d polygon. I would now like to change the direction to end-start. ideally, the list is sorted first (z-a) and then the polygon is generated. can you help me? Thank you
  4. If I make a helix from a 1/4"w x 12" h rectangle ( 36"d x 96" tall in a single rotation) is there a way to flatten that out to make a cut file for CNC to cut 1/4" aluminum? 228_R05.02 Renderings_7-13-17.pdf
  5. I've been using an Othermill desktop CNC mill and a cheap Chinese laser engraver/cutter for prototyping small pieces, but the most software i've been using for simple 2D & 2.5D CAM work on a MAC only takes SVG files for input. The workflow I have now is export to DXF, then convert to SVG in Inkscape, but it seems to introduce errors. Is it possible to add SVG export to Vectorworks. SVG import would be nice as well for editing files from Thingiverse etc.
  6. For the production (CNC-milling and waterjet cutting) of several parts I need DWG and DFX-files I have a problem with the exported lines. The exported lines from VW should be (to work properly with the different machines) 'polylines', but sometimes they are 'splines' (see image underneath and the difference between how the curves are drawn). If I convert the splines in Autocad to polylines they get hundreds of extra control points and the different milling/cutting machines aren't able to use those (and the line gets faceted). My workflow: - Draw the model in 3D - extract planar object - change the objects to screen plane - export the selected object to DWG or DFX version 2010 or earlier The odd things is that from different object, but the same file, I get different types of lines in Autocad. Anybody experience with this? Anybody knows how I can export them so i get clean polylines? Attached the different files, if anybody could have a look i would be very happy! (ps I`m not able to attach VW-2017 files on the forum ) export test.dwg export test v2016.vwx
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