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Found 36 results

  1. I find myself forever going to the Color Palette and having to go through the 4 drop downs to reset all to the "Color by Class", "Fill by Class" "Style by Class" etc ... Does anyone know a shortcut or script to automate this?
  2. Another plant tool query: Generic "Small Shade Tree 01 object has components classed for outline, canopy, interior linework, and color fill. The only color fill classed object is a single short line - sort of a twig similar to the interior linework. Does it have a function for display or other use? This wouldn't be an issue except that if this resourc plant definition is duplicated to use as basis for a new custom plant object, the new object does not display properly if that "twig" is present. My discovery: Duplicate the resource, edit the 2d components. Replace or reshape all the elements, leave the twig as is, or move it to new position. Now place the new custom plant object into a drawing. The shadow and mass outline functions do not work. Edit the definition 2d elements and delete the twig. Now the shadow and mass outlines display as expected. Any ideas? -B
  3. When first used in a new file, the Plant Tool creates classes for the various plant graphic components - Outline, Canopy, Color Fill, Bloom, Interior Linework, Tag, etc. None of these classes defaults to Use at Creation. Why is that? My opinion is that they should all be set to Use at Creation, at least for best attribute control in Viewport overrides. Or? -B
  4. Would be useful in the Object Info palette (as in the Navigation palette), after the selection of a object in the drawing, to click on the class (or layer) pop up menu having the position of the cursor already on the line corresponding to the selected (or active) class or layer and not on the top of the list as it happens now. This action could simplify a fast change of the class or of the layer containing the selected object.
  5. I am exporting a number of Sheet Layers with viewports for a project to DWG format to hand over to my Consults. They would like to have a list of the classes (their layers) that are on or off in each viewport. Is it possible/difficult to generate such as list for each DWG File created for each sheet (Mostly flattened plans and sections) Thanks, Steve
  6. Apologies in advance as this is quite long winded.. I've noticed some weird behaviour when trying to alter the way classes appear in certain viewports, through the viewport class properties panel. Essentially my understanding is that if I have class 'test 1' set to display by class (all aspects, i.e. fill and lines), then I can override the appearance of geometry on this class from say 'green with red outline' to 'yellow with blue outline'. I could also choose to display these items with a hatch instead of a solid fill, etc. However, if the class is NOT set to display by class, then its appearance cannot be overridden in a viewport. It would be good if this could be changed, so that ANY geometry could accept an override via the viewports own properties. This isn't my main query though. Now bare with me.. If I take some geometry on class 'test 1' and give it a solid colour (not fill by class), THEN set it to hatch by class, I should be able to override the fill in the viewport properties panel. This does work - partially - but the item retains the solid colour it was given before it was changed to a hatch. Essentially this means the item has hidden information contained within it, namely a fill colour, which effects how it behaves even if it is set to display a fill of say, hatch by class. I guess my query is, is this a bug or is this working as intended? It can be quite irritating, as in order to tell if each item has a fill colour attached (i.e. not fill colour by class), you have to look through each item individually (from hatch, tile, etc.). As a followup an add to wishlist, although perhaps someone can suggest me a more concise way of saying this for the wishlist item.. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I've accidentally deleted a class related to the door tool, specifically the Ceiling-Main class. It appears that this class is automatically generated after the first use of the door tool to control the visibility of overhead lines for RCP creation. It seems that deleting this class messes up the whole door tool since I can no longer toggle the overhead lines off. I expected the door tool to automatically generate the class once again, but it doesn't do that. I've already tried creating a new file and importing the exact class back into my file, but that doesn't do anything either. I want to know If I can somehow recreate this Ceiling-Main class to avoid starting over with a fresh file. Thanks, Raymond
  8. I have a model with mass models and a landscape. For the mass model I've made an entire worksheet that gives me a lot of information instantly. Now I'm trying to find a way to do kind of the same thing for the landscape. I have made several classes ( private green, public green, water, hard surface,...) all in the same layer (landscape). I was wondering of it's possible to make a worksheet that gives me in one column the name of the class and in the other column the entire surface of all the polygons in that class? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! I'm unable to set the proper class to a new obj. What's wrong with this? In my opinion, it a very, very simple script, but what I get is not what I need: create a closed parametric polygon (ok) to a class... Thank you L. VW 2017 SP1 Here's the script. PROCEDURE Poly_1; CONST {capitalized to distinguish them from variables} NOTHING=''; VAR s:STRING; i:INTEGER; layerHandle, objectHandle:handle; BEGIN PenSize(14); PenPat(2); FillPat(1); PenFore(0,0,0); PenBack(65535,65535,65535); FillFore(0,0,0); FillBack(52000,52000,52000); NameClass('MyObj'); ClosePoly; BeginPoly; Poly( 0,0, 0,pH1+pH2, pL1,pH1+pH2, pL1,pH1, pL1+pL2,pH1, pL1+pL2,0 ); EndPoly; {objectHandle := LNewObj; <-------- I've tried this way but it doesn't works too SetClass(objectHandle, 'MyObj');} END; Run(Poly_1);
  10. Is it possible to have different sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text in different classes within the same call out box, so that we can hide sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text on a class by class basis. Eg. I have a drawing that i want to present both to a client and to our in house workshop, their are some pricing / production notes that i dont want the client to see, but everything that the client sees id like the workshop to see. So id like the 1st sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for client" and the 2nd sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for workshop". When published, the client pdf / viewport would have the "notes - for workshop" class off, the workshop pdf / viewport would have both classes on. Is that possible or is there another way to achieve something similar ?
  11. Would it be possible to have the text field in the New Class and Layers box offer auto-complete suggestions? So in the Classes the box could offer class family names already in the file and in layers would offer storey prefixes. Also could offer class names from a set of standard as well.


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