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  1. Hi All, Looking for some help and direction. I am trying to estimate the weight of a truss grid with decking. Its a 36' (L) x 12' (W) x 12' (H) grid out of Tyler 12" truss. I am stuck at the first layer with the truss connections. I keep getting a warning "Cross section types do not match". I read a few posts about corner blocks and I have tried to use the correct corner blocks for the drawing and not what I am using in actuality, ie 5-way verses 3-way. I have attached a screen shot of where i am at currently....
  2. Hi, When I create a braceworks calculation report the text is low quality. I can't find any settings to improve the quality.
  3. Hi All, I have a problem with calculating some truss systems. All give the error message "The static system could not be calculated". In VW23 on some trusses I get "Virtual FEM support gets load" In VW24 on some trusses I get "The truss system is not properly balanced" 8 Trusses won't calculate, all other trusses and hoist calculate normal. Of those 8 trusses, some only give the note: "The static system could not be calculated" with no other warnings on that truss system. Any one any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hello Hive, I have a project in front of me where I'm hanging both truss/hoists and independent lighting fixtures (via beam clamps) onto a tent structure that has tiny weight limit. I was looking for a way to get all those elements to report back but haven't found a good solution. I tried structural memebers (which won't attach hoists if they are angled), hanging positions and house rigging points. All are limited in different ways and I'm at a loss at how to get a reported load across a single structural beam for all these different elements. Any strageties/ thoughts/hacks are welcome. Cheers! @JustinVH @jcogdell
  5. Hi, When using Braceworks, I get accuracy errors on my corner trusses. The problem seems to be that there is no data in P1. How can I correctly determine this value? The schematic is not entirely clear about the axis and points corners. Maybe, this problem is already solved, but I cannot find anything in the form. kind regards, Mathijs van Ommen
  6. Hi all, I've been having issues with the speaker tool and the array tool. With the speaker tool every now and again every speaker will disappear. I have confirmed multiple times that they are not in a hidden class or layer, and we're talking 70 speakers in multiple classes on multiple layers, so accidentally deleting all of them at once is highly unlikely. I've tried re-importing the symbol and doing a custom selection. For now when it happens I just open a previous file and copy and paste the speakers in. Still wastes a lot of time getting all the speakers back to their correct position, but this only happens with point sources. The array tool is special in its own way. I have my arrays on Braceworks hang positions, and when I change the trim height of the system, the bumpers will follow, but sometimes the speakers follow, sometimes they don't, sometimes they end up 20' higher than the bumper, and sometimes two arrays are fine, but then three others are completely out of whack, and I have to reconfigure or repopulate the arrays. Am I doing something wrong, or can I be sure these are bugs? Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 (Build 537701) Designer/Renderworks Educational Windows 10 64bit
  7. Hello users. Does anyone knows how to setup the Bridle Configuration so that is empty. Now every time I add a bridle Vectorworks automatic adds steels, shackles and stuff into it. Is there a way to keep it empty? Greetings Martijn.
  8. I added this to an old thread and I thought I might need to re-up it here. How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option? I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option.
  9. Have been having constant issues with Braceworks and corner blocks. 1) When using corner blocks in a system, the system is deemed unsolvable due to "geometry accuracy too low". 2) When trying to system check or calculate a system with corner blocks, Vectorworks freezes up (beach balled) and needs to be force-quit. This happens when the system is left as truss, put in a group, or converted to a hanging position. Any one have any fixes for this? Note I have tried the following: Have adjusted the Geometry accuracy number Restarted VWX Restarted my computer Reinstalled VWX Repaired vector work, multiple times Updated my computer Copied to new file Reverted back to v2021 This has become incredibly frustrating and is causing issues with my work.
  10. Hi all, I want to change the page size of my braceworks reports. Currently it's formatting in letter size. But I would like to change it to ISO-A4 size as standard. Can't find it in the BW prefs or any other prefs.. Hope someone can help me! Working with VWX2021 SP3.1 Thanks!
  11. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this for me. I am putting in a audio array with hoist for a Braceworks report. As you can see in the picture, when I put the array in vertically I have no problems. However, when I rotate the array or even insert it on an angle the array disconnects it self from the hoists. Is there a setting that I need to change? Am I not doing the secret hand shake correctly? Or is this an actual problem? Thanks for the help, Sam
  12. I am running 2022 and everything is running slower than ever and just checked and everything is up to date. Any idea on how to get things moving better.. Radeon Pro Software Version 19.Q4.1 Firepro w8100 and 96Gb of memory available it is maxing out on 45gb being used at full request.
  13. When placing motors (or hoists) in VW2020, the X and Y values will not update to a given origin on a drawing. As an example, if you have 2 different hoist origins and you toggle back and forth between them, the motors will not change their X/Y values.
  14. Good Morning Everyone, I have several truss symbols, That I need to add into my truss library for Braceworks. I have all of the engineering information but was wondering if there was a HOW TO located somewhere that I could quickly reference.
  15. There used to be a ton (damn these puns) of control with hoist 2D display / label legends... Where did all of that move to in v2021? Are we supposed to use Data Tags now?
  16. I've run into a hiccup where if i want to hang a truss vertically from a single motor Braceworks defines it as not properly supported and requires the second motor to be attached. As the truss is hanging vertically it is sufficiently supported. Same as if using a T or X join peice of truss, if all connection points are not connected it believes it is not supported.
  17. When duplicating a hoist or piece of truss it copies the ID and flags an error, can this be set to automatically create a new unique ID upon copy / duplication so as not to cause this every time. Same with mirror tool if you want the same truss setup on the opposite side of a room why would you redraw the entire thing when you can just mirror?
  18. Hi All, I've just discovered the VW has posted the Braceworks presentation I did at the Design Summit back in 2018. It's a follow along type thing so there are questions and answers being done live. The working files for the session are also posted. 90% of the stuff shown can be done without the Braceworks add-on. Braceworks from 2018 Summit You'll need to log in to see the course. Some items are a little out of date as I did the session using VW 2019 and there have been improvements in 2020. I'm looking forward to see what fixes await in 2021. Best, Scott
  19. I'm not sure the subject has been raised before. I painfully miss the possibility of assigning a different cross section to a truss. This was still possible in VW 2019. In 2020, the corresponding button no longer appears in the OIP. Does anyone know the reason why this useful feature has disappeared or am I missing something here? thank you very much for any input
  20. So we are using project share a lot, and have been for a little over a years. IN 2020 we are getting lots of problems with the interconnect objects. So we have been breaking out Rigging, Lighting, Audio, Scenic, Video, and Production into their separate layers so each dept can work on their own. The problem is the interconnection of the objects to truss, hoist, or lighting pipes. So we are experiencing, an issue of once an we attach these other object to the truss the rigging dept is locking up the drawing by checking out their layers. Vice versa is happening if the lighting dept checked out lights to ender data in the lights they prevented rigging from moving hoist because the truss was checked out by the lighting dept. This is preventing the seamless work environment that Project Share should bring. Now we might be using this wrong, I guess some direction might be needed. Using Dropbox to host the Project share file. thanks.
  21. Students and professors can now request our free educational Vision software by filling out our educational Vision request form. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/education?showModal=academic-lab-request For schools, professors and IT people can request lab donations of our educational Designer software now with the option to add on educational Vision, educational ConnectCAD, and educational Braceworks via our lab donation request form. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/education?showModal=academic-lab-request Student/professor licenses of Braceworks and ConnectCAD are not yet available at this time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, you can email me at mdier@vectorworks.net.
  22. When a hoist is inserted into a document the "Measure From:" X & Y dimensions are locked into the units that were active when the hoist is placed in the drawing. If the units are changed for the document all of the other dimensions or settings in the Hoist OIP change as expected, but the X & Y in the "Measure From:" section stays unchanged. Refreshing the hoist does not solve the problem. I have played around with this enough to know that it is definitely a problem that needs VWs attention. I guess I will wait until the next service pack as this greatly affects my workflow. UPDATE: It seems that those dimensions aren't even updating when the hoist is moved from its insertion point. This seems to be a major issue within the hoist plug-in that may render the use of the Hoist Origin useless if you move or adjust anything.
  23. Hi guys ! I have a simply question probably with a simply response : How can i get Number of Leg of bridle inside diagram ? Thank You
  24. Does Braceworks know about grapples? Is there a way to get BW to understand what they are and how they work?
  25. Hello Forum, Is it possible to attach hoist properly for the Braceworks plug in to vertical truss. Please see attached screen shot. Wayne
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