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Found 4 results

  1. Have noticed over the last two service pack updates (one for 2022 & then now for 2023) that my Auto-save custom location (in this case a separate drive on my PC) gets reset to "Save over original file" without me knowing it. I have just learned this after crashing and losing some work from a past version that was needed. Very frustrating. The previous v2022 incident, before discovering this, caused me to be bereft of nearly a half-month of no incremental file backups. There was a cloud server issue where we lost some files, and my Auto-save backup locally to a separate disk is usually the safety backup for files on a job. AKA the reason I have a separate drive that only ever stores backups. This Service Pack update causing Auto-save custom location to be lost is surprising...and especially in the event that there was no warning that it would happen, or so it seems. Is there a way for future updates to maintain custom settings...please? I have no idea if there are other custom settings being reset upon update, but this one is a really harsh one to find out "by surprise".
  2. Hi folks, We're working on a file that's setup with Project Sharing and our Master File has corrupted a number of times and we're looking into it but in the mean time, I've been using our backups to create new Master Files and keep working. I've kind of cobbled together a workflow that I think works but I'm wondering what other folks do? There's probably a better way of getting everyone back up and running again with as little re-doing of work as possible. Here's what I do. 1 - Figure out which file is the most recent between the Master File backups and the local Working Files. I do this so that we have as little work to re-do as possible. 2 - Save a Copy of the most up-to date file, usually one of the working files as they'll always have the most recent work in them. 3 - Re-name the most recent file and append with todays date (ie Master-20-09-13_userid.vwx to Master-20-10-14.vwx) 4 - Move all existing Working Files to an "Archive" folder stored locally. Move the corrupted Master File to an "Corrupted" folder on our server (where the Master File is stored) 4 - Re-make a Master File from the new vwx file on the server. 5 - Have everyone create local Working Files from the new Master File. 6 - Re-do the work that was lost. It's not overly complicated but it could use some improvement. Ideally we could re-connect our local Working Files with the new Master without loosing the work we have done individually. Or if one user with a complete local Working file could Save and Commit to replace the information in the Master File with their copy and we could all keep working that would be grand. At one point I tried creating a new Master File as described above but I didn't re-name it with the current date. My hope was that just replacing the file with an uncorrupted version would allow everyone to continue to working without disruption. Well, that didn't work. Knowing that it might not work, everything was manually backed up and I followed the steps above and it worked. Any other recovery systems out there? Not just with Project Sharing either, vwx files corrupt as well. Is there a VW prescribed workflow that I haven't found in my searches? Cheers for the input and have a great day everyone. -Dylan
  3. Dear all, I have recently updated to VW2020 + Catalina 10.15.3 on my IMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015 / AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB / 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 / 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3). I am having an issue with the slowing pace of Vectorworks & several post crash issues. 1. Update issue: Firstly Vectorworks crashes frequently since updating from 2019. The pace of response to simple commands dies to a spinning wheel of death halt over about a 15 min period. I have force quit the program in order to do my job, which at the moment is in short 15 min shifts of grinding fun. I work as economically as possible because I prefer my VW to be responsive. I have my settings on low throughout. I am not using textures or lights. I am only using the model to create viewports for hidden line renders. Quiete simple demands with unreasonable response. Commands that kill. Writing any annotation - Even with default VW fonts. Navigating GEO Updating all Viewports collectively Pasting (cmd + v) The performance has improved slightly but the Wheel of death is never far behind. Things I have already done: I have actively seeked solution to the poor performance of my Imac: I have removed several out of date software form my Mac. Decluttered 600gb of files. Removed live desktop form my mac. Reset the Pram. Safe rebooted. Updated my operating system :-S 2. Post crash issues: Upon loading up files from my back up folder, I notice that geometry on my models has now disappeared completely from view, you can highlight the Geo' & it is visible in wireframe. However not in Open gl or Final RW / Custom RW. Also symbols or flipped Geo has now become more abstract. Various design elements have now flown off to completely random parts of my design layer or are now completely missing. I have tried removing symbols & created generic solids to combat this. But it hasn't tackled these issues. Sometimes if I ungroup the parts of my design, the parts will appera in open gl. Not as they were thou. But this isnt always a soloution to all parts. Thanks in advance. Albert
  4. So I have VWX set for autosave after every twenty operations because, well, crash monster. Yes, even 2020 will disappear from my screen, sometimes without warning -POOF- begone. Awhle later a system sheet will appear, incoming me VWX has crashed, would I like to report it? My poor old lappie recently went slowly along to it's resting place, and an emergency purchase of a new machine ensued. The emergency portion of this event contributed to me buying a 2018 MBP 2.4 i9 eight core w/ the Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB GPU + 32 GB ram. 1 TB SSD. Ouch. But emergencies are emergencies so buy I did. I ported over the entire 'Documents' Folder from old machine to new, as well as many other folders. After doing so, I of course found my SSD almost as full as the old dear. In order to gain space I finally decided to check how much storage space VWX backup files hold in the aggregate on the drive. Suffice it to say I found and deleted over 100GB VWX backup files. I apparently still have 118GB VWX backup files remaining. I'll go through and delete many more, keeping some as in-process files. I'd enjoy hearing how others manage autosave and retention / deletion of VWX backup files.
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