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  1. takesh h- Using an english Version of VW 2008 is it possible to read Japanese characters from a japanese VW 12 file? (I understood thath the layers' name should be written in english) If it is possible, how should I do, because I'm not able... thanks! (kornetto00@gmail.com)
  2. I'm using the vectorworks 2008 reader to open and print a japanese vector works version 12 file... I can read everything but the japanese characters are lost, because automatically converted in an arial font... I even have installed the correct japanese fonts in my OS, and can use them in any program. What can I do? Thanks
  3. I have the same problem, and even using the vectorworks 2008 viewer I can't read any japanese character which is converted into arial automatically...
  4. I do have the same problem....
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