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  1. I'd like to create two different schedules, one for doors and one for archways (aka cased openings). When i create a door schedule, it combines the two. I understand that it would do this because you use the door tool to create cased openings, but is there a way to separate them into two schedules? Or is there a way to have the schedule listed alphabetically by ID Prefix? Thanks, -Mike
  2. Technically its a state, not a province. Unfortunately that view point has some truth behind it, but given our status on the world stage, we have plenty of reason to take on a humbler approach toward our neighbors and allies. Back to my issue, i closed down the files and VW, reopened everything and so far it seems to be working ok again. Maybe it was a fluke of some kind, but i know its happened before. If it pops up again i'll re-post it with screen shots.
  3. All curved walls in all my drawings disappear when in rotated plan view. This is a pain in the butt. Is this a common bug? I've noticed this in both VW2008 & 2010, including all the SP updates. Anyone else experience this and have any suggestions on how to fix it?
  4. Is there something that determines the amount of distance fall off of a light source, like lumen output or a set distance? I'd like to get a more accurate rendering from either a point light source or an accurate light, but the distance fall off, whether sharp or smooth, seems very short. The none setting doesn't get the look i want. A 60W A19 clear accurate lamp doesn't hardly light a room 15' x 15'. I've got a HDRI at 100% and a sun coming in through a couple windows and still the rooms seems way too dark. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  5. Moehl


    Yeah, all our files are converted from 2008, so far we haven't had a new project to start in 2010. Yesterday the program didn't crash at all. I ran the repair permissions at the end of the day, which it seemed like it really needed, and it hasn't crashed yet today either. We've had a few new glitches pop up since SP1, but nothing major enough to worry about yet, however they seem to appear first on my bosses computer and then a while later on mine. Maybe this is coincidence, too hard to tell.
  6. Moehl


    I'll try the repair permissions and see if that works, if not i'll have to find were the boss put the cd and run the hardware test. I believe the Error Reporting is on. So far it hasn't crashed today thankfully. Just before we upgraded the software, we also purchased a newer iMac (with Intel), so it is no longer a G5 (i've changed my sig, thanks) and are running it on Snow Leopard.
  7. This is probably what i'm doing and not realizing it...still getting use to these slick iMac keyboards, but they are nicer than the old chunky key keyboards. Good to know that using a 3D tool puts you into Top view as well. Thanks.
  8. VW keeps switching the view from Top/Plan view to Top view on me and its starting to get frustrating having to constantly change it back. The only command i know to toggle Top view is the 5 on the number pad, but are there other actions that will cause it to switch in to Top view that i'm unaware of or is this a bug?
  9. Moehl


    Ok, i don't think i've done that since upgrading, i'll give it a try. Thanks.
  10. We've recently upgraded to VW 2010 from 2008 and it crashes often, a few times a day. Nothing in particular seems to trigger the crash, or any on specific file. 2008 rarely crashed. Is this a bug or are there others who have upgraded to 2010 from 2008 with this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks, Mike
  11. Tim- In the OIP in the text style pull down menu, select "dwg. no. over sheet no." instead of the default "item over sheet", then edit your drawing number and sheet number entries. That seemed it fix it for me. -Mike
  12. When i changed the settings to "Use At Creation" it changed all existing objects on the None layer to the class settings. Since i had different settings on individual objects all on the None layer, this screwed things up, but lesson learned that i really should be creating new classes for objects with different attributes.
  13. I was using the DWG v.2007/2008/2009 to export. I'll try next time as you suggested, thanks.
  14. I've come across this as well, both in vw2008 and vw2010. I'm thinking it is a resolution setting. Sometimes when zoomed out a bit, lines and objects don't look like they line up properly, but when zooming way in, they actually do. It can be annoying at first but if you are careful about your snapping, you'll eventually learn to trust the program. The snapping in vw2010 is much better than vw2008.


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