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  1. Thanks for your guidance: It was in that neck of the woods, that things were going astray...
  2. In the wee hours...I figured it out...I think. ...That is, I'm hoping it's not a fickle twist of luck! I "unselected" "use layer colors" in the document preferences and, lo and behold, my class colors returned!! I then rechecked "use layer colors" so that I could fiddle with my class colors in viewports. The result, 2 identical viewports with 2 different color schemes to illustrate 2 phases of work. To add more classes that have color attributes, I suppose I will have to uncheck "use layer colors" again. Many thanks for coming to the rescue!!
  3. Could anyone tell me why I cannot get my classes to show any colors once I have designated a pen and fill color? The attributes palette shows what colors they are supposed to be, but the object stays black. If I set up a viewport on a sheet layer, I am able to manipulate the color of the layer in that viewport....but otherwise, no color in my classes! I am utterly new to VW. Many thanks to any who can enlighten me.
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