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  1. Hi,I am attempting to import VW .mcd files into AutoCAD (converted as .dwg), draw/render them in AutoCAD, and then import the .dwg's -- converted in VW "DXF/DWG File" prompt. So far, I CAN import the VW .mcd files into AutoCAD; but then AutoCAD appears to be unfriendly to them. However, I CAN continue to work on the "converted" file in AutoCAD format, but then I CANNOT print file to .pdf format on Adobe PDF Maker. Worse still, when I attempt to import from AutoCAD into VectorWorks, I see the following VW message: "Open DWG Library Error 8. This DWG version is not supported." I am presently using AutoCAD 2009 and VectorWorks 12.5.1. Any suggestions, please?
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