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  1. We have successfully imported plant data into the VW plant database. We are particularly interetested in the NPS data which the plant data base has editable fields for and for which we have now got data in. However, when it comes to using this data in Vectorworks from Get plant data there doesn't appear to be a field for the National Plant specification data to come under? Is there someway of putting these fields into vectorworks?
  2. Hi, were running VW2008 at present but are considered upgrading to 2009. I have got an evaluation copy and it all seems good, but the evaluation copy wont allow you to save or export so cannot try this out. Does anyone have VW2009 and know if it has the same strange effects with some VW files when exporting to dwg in relation to solids and lineweights etc...
  3. Hi I am new to worksheets and am presently trying to figure it all out. I need to make a worksheet to show plant data. I have managed to get all my data onto the worksheet. On the worksheet it seems to list every symbol of a particular species that I have put on the drawing. I just want a single row with a total quanity of each? Can someone help??
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