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  1. Here's some info on the new GPUs: http://creators.radeon.com/radeon-pro/. Looking forward to hearing how they fare with Vectorworks. I've got one toe in the market, but boy that price tag. I'm sure it would be worth it for a video professional (two 5k displays?!), but what about us lowly draftspeople? -B
  2. Any suggestions why the Plane Mode plug-in won't install for me in VW 2014? I had it back in 2013. I continue to struggle with files from other people that are terrible mixes of layer/screen plane objects, and collaborators who seem not to pay attention, and my own system that seems to occasionally have switched modes without telling me. I'm using the new Plug-Ins Manager, Third-Pary Plug-Ins, Install, select .zip file, and restart VW. No dice. Have others successfully installed it? Thanks in advance for any help, EDIT: I got this to work. The plug-ins manager was copying the files with non-English (I think) characters that VW didn't recognize [Objects to Γ?Layer PlaneΓ?]. Renaming them in the file system fixed the problem. Brian VW2104, Mac OS X 10.9
  3. Hmm, should have said: VW 2013 SP2 (Build 177995) Mac OS 10.8.3 Macbook Pro 15" Core i7 8gb RAM Does that narrow it down at all? Is there a preference I'm missing? Been driving me nuts for almost 6 months now! Thanks, Brian
  4. In previous versions of VW, pressing the key while in the object info palette would move focus back to the main drawing window, allowing another keyboard shortcut to activate a tool. This doesn't seem to work anymore in 2013 - am I missing a setting? I keep entering "x" in fields everywhere as I try to activate the selection tool after editing some information. Thanks, -b


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