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  1. See my latest Firewire Enabler 2.5 revelation posted under "animation crash" .
  2. After testing everything, I finally arrived at the fact that there is a problem bewteen VW9 and Apple's latest Firewire Enabler 2.5 . If I disable that extension then VW9 works fine and is stable, but then I have no access to my FW bus...em...what to do now. Why is it that VW9 is the only app ( I have hundreds) that has this little nuance ?
  3. I've been with Minicad since v1 and have seen it all. I waited patiently for VW9 believing that it would be very stable. But when it crashes..it is instantaneous. I use so many different APPs and have fine tuned my system but now the installation of VW9 appears to offer new challenges in the realm of instabilities. Thankfully when it blows it doesn't take the system down with it. Tender..tender..tender.. I now spend my free time testing ..testing..testing..every tool and contingency. But the core program is still superb..it's all the little attached scripts that seem to wreak havoc.
  4. Interesting installed G4 upgrade from MaxPowr and had similar problems when the memory was set to "write-back" and not the slower "write-through". Pan, scrolling, would freeze in every program not just in VW. There may also a link to the ATA/33 bus bug
  5. It is not at all tedious if you consider the modularity of geodesic design.Tetra 3, cube4, Icos5,Octa8. You only require one of the triangles to compute all the relationships. Each tri is divided by frequency, ie 4Freq Icos as four subdivisons of each edge of tri and there are 5 of these triangular sections. So find one of the main triangular sections and discover the modularity of the internal triangles from the corner vertexes. Everything is reflected ! At first it appears complex but the elegance is in the simplicity of it all. Create an iso tri and begin dividing it up from edge to edge or from vertex to edge. The formula for chord length is 2r*sinA/2 If you need any assistance
  6. Temp file limit error. HP2500 default set to spool to harddisk not to memory..memory hangs if network is too slow or interrupted. Spool file queue issues. Solve most of your printing issues if you use Acrobat4 print to PDF then print from Reader to device(s)
  7. I use Acrobat4 for everything.Just print to PDF and print from Acrobat Reader to the resolution of any device.
  8. OS9.04, type 11 crash/quit when trying to import Objects from O.B. or edit Objects from the Object Library via Resources. This only happens with the "Red" editable objects. The "Black" symbols work fine. Checked on Fonts and reinstalled..same problem. Any thoughts ?
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