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  1. Maybe your question is a joke? Top of the line Mac mini (Late 2012) with Intel Core i7 has a 64-bit multicore score of 12546. Top of the line Mac Pro (Late 2013) with 12-core Xeon has a 64-bit multicore score of 33066. The Mac Pro is almost 3 times as fast.
  2. Bryan, did you already order yours? I've been trolling around for benchmarks. A 6-core should have a 71% increase in speed (10720 to 18309 in 32-bit). Cost +$500 A 8-core should have a 120% increase in speed (11796 to 25996 in 64-bit). Cost +$2000 A 12- core should have a 180% increase in speed (11796 to 33066 in 64-bit). Cost +$3500 There isn't official benchmarks for the new Mac Pro yet, so these are being pulled off what is presumably Apple testing their own set ups with Geekbench 3. Lots to think about... Maybe I should set up a price to performance ratio graph to visually see this...
  3. I stumbled upon this thread while looking for something else. I use a 13" MBA mid-2011 with VW as a secondary machine for when I'm on the road. Performance is fine. I'm not sure how anyone could say it is painfully slow. I've even run renderings on it overnight when I am pressed for time. I don't do large buildings. Mostly single family residence or restaurants. I'd let you come over to try my machine out, but I'm all the way in Los Angeles.
  4. Does the amount of L3 cache on the processor make a huge difference? The 3.5Ghz 6-core with 12mb L3 cache is a $500 upgrade but the 3.0Ghz 8-core has 25mb of L3 cache but is $2000 more!
  5. Thank you to both of you. This is very helpful. So if I want to upgrade from the base model, I should spend on increasing the number of processors and not worry about the higher graphics cards or increasing memory. When I look at my iMac now when doing renderings, it only seems to be using 6.5 gb of memory (1.25 wired, 5.25 active) leaving the rest available (5.25 inactive, 0 free). So that seems to corroborate the idea that buying more memory will not increase rendering times. It looks like ship times have already pushed out to February, so I guess I won't be getting a new computer any time soon!
  6. I'm interested in upgrading from my 27-inch, mid 20011 iMac 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7 to a new Mac Pro. I'd like to upgrade to higher specs from the base model if it will increase performance, but I don't want to spend unnecessarily. My biggest concern is speeding up Renderworks rendering times. 1. Processor Intel Xeon 3.7Ghz Quad Core vs 3.5Ghz 6-Core vs 3.0Ghz 8-Core vs 2.7Ghz 12-Core: Will Vectorworks take advantage of the multiple cores? The more cores, the faster the renderings? 2. Graphics Dual AMD FirePro D300 vs D500 vs D700: Will Vectorworks be able to take advantage of the larger VRAM, wider memory bus and larger memory bandwidth? Will a higher graphics card speed up renderings? 3. Memory From 12GB to 64GB. Is there a limit to the amount of memory Vectorworks will take advantage of?
  7. Thank you so much! I could not figure out how to get rid of that green box until now!
  8. Sky

    Arrowway Textures

    Thank you. I found what you described. So why doesn't File > Import > Arrowway exist? It is shown in the VectorWorks movie: http://www.vectorworks.net/2013/feature_media.php?handleOversize=none&title=This%20is%20the%20Title&width=960&height=540&movie=Nfv-2013-arroway-texture-import
  9. I just upgraded to VectorWorks 2013 Designer and Renderworks. I can't find any Arrowway textures in the textures library and there is no import Arrowway in the File > Import menu. What is going on? Sky
  10. Thanks Christiaan! I don't plan to upgrade right away, but I need to go through all major apps and see if they are compatible before I do. VectorWorks is checked off my list now.
  11. I am very curious too. There hasn't been an official announcement yet?
  12. I'm quite amazed that there is no offset or center pivot options for doors and windows!
  13. Oh no. I don't think this is fixed at all. Half of mine show up vertical and half of them are still horizontal no matter what I do! What a headache!
  14. Thank you for that suggestion. I have no idea what it was. I quit the program, synced it to my laptop and it worked fine. Synced it back again to the desktop, and it is now okay. I was in such a panic. I will try that if that ever happens again. Thank you! Sky
  15. I don't know what I could have done, but no matter what I select, the Object Info palette always says "No Selection." I can double click on things and move them and they react as I would expect, but no Object Info.... I can't do any work! I thought it might be a corrupt file, but I've opened up other files and it reacts the same way. Restarting the program did not help. Anyone know if there was some weird setting that I accidentally toggled? THANKS! Sky
  16. I'll give ungrouping the cabinet PIO a try. Very annoying....
  17. I just started to work on a large project that required keynoting and just realized now that changing one keynote in the database, will not automatically change the keynote references throughout the project. WTF?!? Go through each one individually and update? You have got to be kidding? Please tell me there is a way to universally update the keynote legend with the most current database information.
  18. You guys are the BEST!
  19. Never mind! I didn't realize that you could specify the number of stringers! Once I specified it as one, the guardrail went back to the right location.
  20. I can't seem to find a way to change the location of the guardrails and handrails in relationship to the stairs. They seem to only locate on the center of the stringer or at the edge of the stringer. I'm planning to do a stair with a central stringer and obviously I don't want the guardrail going through the center of the stairs. Is there a way to do that, or is just wishful thinking?
  21. Is there any way to edit the worksheet criteria now?
  22. I'm pretty sure VectorWorks can not do these things, so does anyone know if there is a plug-in I can purchase that will? * slider doors with more than two panels where each are on their own track and all operable. * corner glass slider doors (sort of like a corner window)
  23. This is to the point where I can't think about it properly. But it does turn out there is a door that is double counted on the same level so I'm sure it is a DLV. I'm still not 100% clear on what I did wrong or how to correct it, so I just manually put the correct number in front of the schedule, hiding the wrong number. LOL
  24. I completely forgot that there was a guardrail tool! I'm so used to the old VectorWorks. I only recently upgraded a few levels to the current one. Many thanks!!!
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