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  1. As a design-build firm I've developed some standard constructions as vwx files and have my construction project managers open said files with Vectorworks Viewer to consult details and pricing. Just this week I was introducing this to a newer member of our construction management staff and, much to my surprise, was able to edit the drawing (move and deleted objects). Furthermore, upon closing the file it did so without asking if a 'save' was desired. Re-opening the file on the same computer and on another revealed the edits had been saved. I thought that Vectorworks Viewer was inert with regards to the participant being able to edit (screw up) the file? via VW_Viewer.pdf: "... The Vectorworks Viewer does not contain any drawing or editing tools, so you can be confident that the integrity of your design is maintained." Am I not remembering/understanding this correctly? Can anyone set me straight? The two computers used in this episode both had full version of VW installed. One was an old VW17, no longer used on that computer, which we deleted. The other was my own upon which I have VW19 installed although it was closed. Would having a legitimate serial number buried in a preference file somewhere allow the Viewer version to edit? I'd really like these staffers to look but not touch! Thanks to all for your help in understanding how Viewer is supposed to work, Matt
  2. An interesting thought although I'd need to establish a large number of URLs to cover the number of database searches I'm envisioning. I could do the same by creating a large number of database files each with a specific search hardwired. I was hoping to avoid this with the ability to pass a single piece of information from Vectorworks into Filemaker so a single Filemaker data base could call up targeted info from the larger database. Not impossible but less elegant than I'm hoping. Thanks, though, for your brainstorming. I hadn't considered that yet and it is one of the few things hardwired into the hyperlink tool. I'll look into it further to make sure I'm not missing something. AHDesign1
  3. I'm wanting to navigate to a specific set of entries within a FilemakerPro (v16 Advanced) database from a Vectorworks (v2018, Mac OS 10.11.6) model layer. I've been playing with the hyperlink capabilities which easily gets me into the FilemakerPro application and/or will open a specific FilemakerPro database. But that's as far as I can get; the stock hyperlink capabilities don't allow additional information to be passed between applications that would allow for further tailoring of the database record set. Anybody have any suggestions as to how one could achieve this? The quantity of data in the FilemakerPro database is substantial so quickly/automatically paring it down per a search criteria would make it more readily available. Is there a way to script data capture to the clipboard as a transfer device? Or would records and worksheets provide info access that could be captured and transferred? Maybe there's a way to employ an ODBC relationship that could be made to work? Other methods? Any help getting pointed in the right direction will be appreciated, AHDesign1
  4. I'm interested as well. Unfortunately, our Canon W6400 is about to be made obsolete by OS upgrades. It's been a great machine for our relatively low volume operation for some time now and I'd be inclined to consider the Canon line again. We used an HP prior to the Canon and found it decent but more finicky. It HP quit supporting the Mac OS on that machine waaaaay too quickly which angered me. Mac Pro OSX 10.7.5 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xenon 14 GB 800 MHz DDR2
  5. In case you're still searching.... I had a custom color palette migrating through the upgrades that was not in (Mac) Users\(me)\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks\20xx. Somehow I'd copied and pasted old color palettes in to the new version.... via templates perhaps(?) - not sure how actually since version updates are far enough apart I never seem to remember how I did things. Anyhow, what I did this last update was find an old file (v2013 in this case) employing the color palette I wanted to bring forward and opened it in the latest version of Vectorworks, thereby updating it. I then accessed the Color Palette Manager via the attributes palette - 'Tools' button (upper right). At the top of the list of color palettes was 'Colors In Active Document'which is the palette I wanted available as a standard but didn't exist as an .xml document anywhere. To correct this I simply selected the 'New' button at the lower left of the Color Palette Manager window bringing up another dialog box asking for colors to populate the new palette. In this dialog box I typed in the name for the new palette and then selected the 'Get' button which brings up yet another dialog box for specific color inputs. Down the left side of this dialog box there is a list of other palettes from which you can import colors. I picked the palette 'Colors In Active Document' (again) which then displayed my sought after color palette on the right side of the dialog box. From there simply 'select all' (I did this by click-dragging the entire color grid displayed) and then selecting 'OK'. This series of steps created a .xml version of my color palette placed properly in Users\(me)\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks\2015 and made my color palette available to all v15 Vectorworks files. Now that I've done it 'properly' this time I suspect the simpler migration of the custom .xml document to the new folder will suffice for future updates. Hopes this helps or you've found another suitable solution, AHDesign1
  6. I'm needing a triangular window that has a vertical leg, horizontal head and sloped sill. For those who've had experience with this; what's the best way of doing this as the standard window symbol doesn't offer this option. Custom symbol creation? If this has already been addressed (which seems likely) being directed to a previous answer would be great and of equal interest would be sources of info on creating custom window shapes of all kinds. Thanks in advance for your help, Matt/AHDesign1


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