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  1. I want to know what script or code i can use in order to make a rectangle similar to that of the " basic rectangle tool". this basic rectangle tool creates a rectangle using the one point (corner) and its opposite point (corner). so i would like to know how to write a code that can create a rectangle in this way.
  2. is there any way to trim 3d objects while they are grouped together. for example if i want to trim a group to have a 45 degree angle on one corner, how would i do this if they are in 3d and if they are grouped together (there are too many objects and too time consuming to do individually)
  3. 2 things, do i have to create a leader field for the SetDimText, and the other was if you can look at the code so far and see it if all works. ( it doesn't say that there is an error, but when i run it, it doesn't show a leader field. Procedure DimmedRect; Var OldStd:Integer; DIMS:Integer; Begin OldStd:=GetPrefInt(22); SetPrefInt(22,0); Rect(0,-pBoxWidth/2,pLineLength,pBoxWidth/2); IF pTEXT then Begin Moveto(0,pBoxWidth/2); Lineto(pLineLength,pBoxWidth/2); DimText; End ELSE Begin SetDimText(LNewObj,'12'); End; SetPrefInt(22,OldStd); End; but i think ill try and get the single tolerance command to work. it seems like it will be the best command to use
  4. one other thing, for the SetDimText, what is the handle and the leadertrailer and what do they do? because the explanation VW gives isnt very clear to what should be placed into this command. for example: VW says this.. Declaration: PROCEDURE SetDimText(h :HANDLE; leaderTrailer :STRING); Description: Procedure SetDimText will set the dimension text of the referenced dimension to the specified value. The maximum length for dimension text is 60 characters. The first 30 characters of the specified dimension text string will be displayed in the primary dimension string; the remaining characters will be displayed in the secondary dimension string, if it exists. Parameters: h Handle to a dimension object. leaderTrailer Dimension text string. Example: SetDimText(dimHandle,'Length varies'); can you help me clear up what this means exactly? thanks alot :grin:
  5. thanks, but what if i just wanted to be able to overide the text, like as an example, for dimensions, in the object info palette you can select to show the dim value or not, and you can overide it by typing into the leader text field and so on. what kind of a command would this be ? like would it be under text or something different?, because i cant seem to find a command that would let me insert something i have written in my text parameter 'text field' so like, is there such a command that will let me just insert any text i want in the same place as the dimension text would be ?and where would i be able to write in this new text ( in object info palette )
  6. im looking for a script that is similar to that of the dimensions for vectorworks. i want to see how, in the dimension script, that you can overide the dimension text value and input your own text. i can't find a command that would do this thanks
  7. alright. thanks alot. ive started reading the resource guide and everything tongiht. and its going pretty well too. thanks again for evrything
  8. How would i make an IF THEN ELSE command? like for example... If boolean box is checked then display dim text. If boolean box is not checked then display the text written in the following overide field ( overide value: xxxx ).
  9. what i want to have is a tick box that will either make the dim text show or not show.
  10. so it would be Procedure DimmedRect; Var OldStd:Integer; Begin OldStd:=GetPrefInt(71); SetPrefInt(71,0); Rect(0,-pBoxWidth/2,pLineLength,pBoxWidth/2); Moveto(0,pBoxWidth/2); Lineto(pLineLength,pBoxWidth/2); If pTEXT then DimText; SetPrefInt(71,OldStd); End; Run(DimmedRect);
  11. Thanks a lot for the info, and your time too. i greatly appreciate it
  12. hey pat, one other question, how would i add a check box to turn the dim text on or off? kind of like a boolean command
  13. WOW, exactly what i needed. how do you know so much about the script code? and thanks so much. it is greatly appreciated !! :grin:


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