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  1. Hello jkell, I sent you a mail with the Updater.log. Thanks, David
  2. Hello, we also have here problems to Update to VW2010 SP2. Our network is behind a firewall and proxy so no direct internet connection. According to this KB http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/610/Downloading+and+Updating we use a VWProxy.txt file. In the Updater.log I see that it's reading the VWPRoxy.txt file but it is not using it! On older installations this proxy file worked! Please help! Thank you, David
  3. Ok now it's working! The problem was that the updater wanted to connect via encrypted (SSL) connection to Port80 but our proxy was not configured to handle this. It would be easier if the updater would connect via the official SSL Port (443). Also very nice would be a more user friendly and more secure (plaintext password in the VWProxy.txt etc.) proxy-solution. However it works now - thank you for any help!!
  4. I will check this again on monday. I got an idea now ... after work I have more time to think ;-) Thanks in advance! I'll let you know on monday if it works now.
  5. Sorry now we found the error and the updater uses the proxy configuration file. But now i got the following error: I see that the program has effective access to server! This IP and all others i found in this thread are authorized at our proxy. Is it possible that your server denies the request?!
  6. Yes I'm sure about the proxy - I administrate it. The point is that the update program ignores the VWProxy.txt ! What can I do?!
  7. Hello! I also tried to update with SP3 via Proxy. I added the VWProxy.txt into the specified folder (C:\Documents and Settings\walcher\Application Data\Nemetschek\VectorWorks). When I try to start the updater again i get the socket error and in the InstallerLog there is no information that the program found the proxy configuration file. If you need any further information let me know. I really appreciate any help!
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