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  1. Joe, I agree with the benefits that you mention on having just one stair. I install it on the lower floor and use the upper and lower floor options to represent it as I want on either floor. I found that the copy really does not work very well. You mention the default file, is this the same stairs with the eyedroper set to pickup the original stair options as a default? or a complete different drawing file?
  2. Can someone tell me how to write degree and delta in vectorworks for mac? Thank you CF
  3. Stairs on the basement floor appear on the ground floor, is this normal? Should I draw the stairs on the upper or lower floor?
  4. Some time ago I was able to use a locus as a guide line by turning on this option on the preference window. Is there such a thing now?
  5. Can anyone tell me how to connect two walls at 90d with one sloping up at the top plate. The connection at 45d looks odd in 3D Thanks This is what it looks like
  6. can you tell me where to get this trial version? Thx
  7. I just downloaded VW12 as an update from VW11 which came free with my recent purchase of VW11. All that from the support Service Select website. Unfortunately there is no License number yet and the VW tech told me to use a free trial download and use a temporary license or to reinstall VW 11 that I deleted in the meantime. Any idea where to get the trial version license number? Thanks
  8. I purchased VW 11 upgrade a month ago and was promised to receive VW12 as soon as it came out. Anyone knows when I can expect it? I am eager to try it!
  9. Is it worth upgrading a Macbook Pro to Lion, does it slow down the machine?
  10. Are you sure you are creating a Section Viewport or a regular Viewport?
  11. Once the viewport is created, go to the layer it resides in, click on the viewport and open the object info. In the viewport select View, Front and Voila! Hope that helps
  12. Can someone tell me how to rotate an hibrid IBeam component so that it does not rest on the layer plane but on the vertical plane? Thank you
  13. Sorry about this but I cannot select anything on my active layer and class, only force select seems to work, any idea?
  14. Can someone please tell me how to draw a 3d loci on a vertical plan by projection from a Z coordinate? I am trying to redraw the top of a wall to match the intersection of a ridge beam by modifying the wall verteces. This could also be used to draw a projected vector in plan from a 3d line Thank you Christian
  15. Although the sun is on and shadows are created, the lights that I put on do not seem to render. I have tried to rotate them 180d without any more results. It seems to me that the issue may be related to the system setup. Can someone help me? Thank you
  16. Does this also work for pluggin windows ? I just tried it and the whole column took th e value #name? Any suggestion? Thank you
  17. Let me see if I get it right, when you add a column in a schedule and add a name the to header row, this new name becomes in new record field for the elements of this record, the window in this example?
  18. no, not really, I have spent countless hours trying in all different ways to automate this viewport/drawing/section naming..... Lost a lot of hair and keep doing it. I am glad to hear that there is no way around the old way, this may prevent me from wasting time again.
  19. I am trying to add a record for windows prices in the pluggin record which... is not in the Ressource palette. Is this possible? The goal is to get an estimate of the windows replacement . Thanks a lot CF
  20. I am trying to label walls but it shows as a blank square with no option for numbering although my walls have a Mark#. Is this appropriate use of this label? Please suggest
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