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  1. Export file won't save after selecting options the 'getting options' box appears at the same time as the Export to DWG Folder box which disappears momentarily on saying OK but pops back up while the 'getting options' box is still running. It just won't save to the destination folder MAC OSX platform
  2. Export file won't save after selecting options the 'getting options' box appears at the same time as the Export to DWG Folder box which disappears momentarily on saying OK but pops back up while the 'getting options' box is still running. It just won't save to the destination folder
  3. VW 2008 Architect Version Usually I am able to see all design layers switched on when drawing but am having trouble with a file that is only displaying the active layer when navigating despite other layers being switched on????? Doesn't seem to be anything to do with visibility or opacity or stacking orders...............is there a setting i am unaware of or is it simple malfunctioning?
  4. We are opening files in VW2008 exported from a newer version and the text used in the originating file is not being recognised properly even though the font is listed. Some text is ok but the format is not uniform. What known issues are there with compatibility when migrating between versions????
  5. Am exporting a sheet layer from 2008 as a dwg file for Autocad 2010 as an active sheet layer that has floor levels in 2 separate viewports with appropriate classes switched on. Recipient complains that the floor levels are sitting on top of each other in Model Space. Is there a way that the design layers can be exported to arrive in Autocad separated out?? Or is it a setting Autocad needs to have adjusted when importing the file??? Thanks for any help.
  6. OK Thanks. Doesn't necessarily seem to coincide with what comes out of printer though.
  7. When setting up the page for a specific printer on a new sheet layer a fuzzy greyed border appears within the page boundary as an object. It seems to indicate the margins of the printer's capability to print. Is this the case??? Should it be there?
  8. OK. Does that mean that we should take a 'factory' border and customise it??
  9. Thanks. The plug in route seems quite complicated but might give it a try. Your other suggestion is what we are doing at the moment essentially. It seems that the Sheet layer set up at creation is limited in so far as what you can manipulate???
  10. Having designed a custom drawing title block and calibrated it with a printer we now want to create a project template file (sta) with the title block/border universally embedded within the drawing template as a symbol. The intention is to be able to have the symbol common to a series of sheet layers (drawings) that share this format in the same drawing file without having to create a specific viewport on each new drawing's sheet layer just for the title block. It can then apply to other formats within the same drawing file where annotations would be specific to the sheet layer. At the moment it is cumbersome to have to assign a viewport to each sheet layer just for the title block but there doesn't seem to be any obvious way for us to avoid it when assigning viewports of different scales to the same sheet layer drawing (which itself is its own scale). Are the options given when creating a viewport to assign layers and classes etc the key here?? Is it not possible to have drawing border(s) as symbols on a template file's resource browser and assign these to a sheet layer on creation??? Perhaps the drawing border is assigned as a Class??? Can anybody advise or suggest a simple route to achieving this???? Probably missing something fundamental. We are primarily using VW 12.5 and have 2008 capability. Thanks a million.
  11. When exporting a PDF some colours do not 'print' and lineweights default to a single weight. Why? Also, is there a way of saving the exported PDF as a B&W image when exporting?? I am able to save in this way printing a sheet layer as a PDF for an attached printer, ie in B and W, but not in a format for which a printer is not available. Is it possible to choose a Printable Area paper format,eg. A1 in Page Setup, select for any printer in Printer Setup and not get the vertical and horizontal page numbers defaulting to a proportion od the default printer setup?? Confused. The Cute PDF writer in Windows was a lot more straightforward printing what was on the screen to a desired format. Perhaps someone can demystify this for me.
  12. Thanks it was simply not in all groups having the set to class tab checked! Not sure about the compatibility issues between 08/09.
  13. Why can I not print a sheet layer set at A1 size as a PDF file or to an A3 printer? Setting for the A3 printer to print a page horizontally and vertically automatically changes the printable area with strange results. Is there not a 'Fit to Page' setting for defaulting to another printer?? Saving as a PDF at A! format must be possible for sharing information without a specific printer listed??
  14. Why do some grouped objects not change after revising class characteristics in the Organisation Box? Am having trouble with changing the colour of grouped objects on the same layers and viewports. Tried ungrouping and regrouping individually etc. Can change in OIP manually but want a global change across layers obviously. Also.......... why do some colours not print in B and W?? Greens, Yellows and and light greys especially. Ideas?
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