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  1. I tested Wes's suggestion and BINGO! easier than using a new file. Yes the origin has a great deal to do here. Great Catch Wes. Your are really a spaceballs.
  2. Hi gmm18 I took a shot at your file and I found the same behavior, I can see the walls in plan but when in Isometric the walls vanish. So, this is what I usually do when searching for causes: Classes? Correct layer? Type of objects? Ht of walls in a layer? All is correct but..... when you select all the objects in a axon view and ZOOM OUT real far, you'll see that your walls are hovering way above the floors, can't select them, but I can see they are not showing properly. My conclusion? File is corrupted somehow, but not all is lost, if you copy only walls and paste them in a new file, they all transfer nicely, then do the same with the floors, if you do both at the same time you'll provoke the same bad effect, can't explain it, but at least you can still work on your project, just do it using a fresh file. Good luck
  3. My first impression is that the settings for text are not properly established. While your referenced design layer viewport is selected, check on the object info palette and see about the advance properties, there is a check button related to flipped text. Hope that helps.
  4. Having the opportunity to apply textures to every face of a wall offers a great deal of flexibility that we did not have before, for example: create a new texture in your browser, some neutral dark color, then apply it to every "top wall" of a project, you'll see how a floor plan in isometric explains itself better, (see attachment)
  5. Hi beanus. I just tested pack 2 ( english & spanish version of VW 2009 and works well on MAC osX platforms. I'll check on the Windows platform
  6. Hi J I was not able to increase the opacity of the plug in object, reduce yes
  7. Hi Peter. One more thing before you submit your "Autocad" drawings, double check that your translation is perfect, I suggest you download one of those Autocad viewers and check that things are in order. We don't want our users to fail their studies due to a overlooked translation error
  8. Luis M Ruiz

    File Size

    I checked on your drawing and it looks like vegetation is what's increasing the file's size, I wonder what type of symbol you use for trees and bushes? try switching your symbols for some less rich on detail, maybe with plain 2d polygons and some transparency, remember that at the scale you are presenting this plot showing every leaf is not necessary. Make a duplicate of your file, make the changes, save it and let us know what happened to the size of the file
  9. HI J Lucas. Yes, you are correct. Doors and windows take on the opacity ( 50% for example) that is set to the wall even if those inserted objects belong to a class including individual components, what is interesting is that you can reduce the opacity of those objects a bit further ( 20% for example), give it a try. Let me tell you that the idea of representing Demolition walls by reducing opacity is clever, stylish, I'll start incorporating that in some of my projects.
  10. Here is a suggestion. I have run into the same aspect on some of my projects. Until VW presents the opportunity to assign a class to ID text and another class to the bubble the temporal work around is this: 1- Assign a class to the object ID ( look into object info > data > ID class ) 2 - Your objects should present the ID text but select no bubbles, just plain text for ID 3 - Create your own symbol bubbles, one for 1/4" and other for 1/2", put them in classes 4 - On your final sheet, 1/4" viewports may show your symbol bubbles 5- Use your viewports advance properties and change the text hgts as needed. At a 1/2" hide your bubbles and place new one as annotations. I'll dig more into this and I'll see if we can find a better solution. ---------------------------- Luis M Ruiz Architectural Industry Specialist NNA
  11. Hi! try this check list: 1 - Do you have a import sketchup plug in in your VW 2008? 2 - If not, download it, if so, then you should be able to import any "sketchup" file. 3 - Try save your sketchup file to v6. 4 - Export your sketchup to dwg then bring in into VW 2008 (VW 2009 imports sketchup files v.7, no problem)


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