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  1. Now that graphical scripting is a reality in Vectorworks software, my designing spirit has been fantasizing about many forms and shapes. I’ve been clicking the mouse for over 20 years and feel like our software is like an extension of my drafting board, but I recently learned that Marionette requires a different but exciting approach. Graphical scripting to me is a form of exploration in a foreign language, it satisfies my curiosity and offers instantaneous alternatives.

    I’d like to share my experience and discoveries with Marionette and I continue to explore, and hopefully inspire you to give it a try and ultimately share the knowledge with our community.

  2. Hi Guy.

    If you see the demo with attention, only walls were involved in this exercise. Walls have this peculiarity of being hybrid objects and that helps when you put them to interact with the now smarter dimensions

  3. Vectorworks 2009 does export to Cinema 4D, it is a two step process, first you install the plugins inside Vectorworks and add some into Cinema 4D so they communicate perfect, you can set up your export settings to classes, layers or colors.

  4. After reading again the replies, I noticed something, users who experience the hidden lines problems all have something in common, version 2008, in the latest version the rendering behaves differently, no lines in elevations. that is why I posted the screen pictures.


    give vw 2009 a try

  5. Secret:

    Start with the core of the building, then one wing, create walls from polygons, be sure to add exterior textures, add doors and windows, be sure they are all in schedule, select them all and duplicate array 3 copies 90deg origin at 0, create design layer viewport and duplicate array 20 copies at x=0 y=0 z at 14', create a camera, point to the top of the tower, add a hdri background, reduce environment light to 30%, then render at best quality in renderworks. at this point when the render is done we stop the clock.

    One of our girls at tech support finished in 3:40 secs, shes is fast!

    I think we should upload the video we made with the steps to our web, it is always fun to create challenges like that at any office.

  6. Here is my comment about using VW as a modeler tool for perspectives. Vectorworks at this point creates very reliable Boolean operations, nurb shapes, test it, not just with simple plane surfaces, try a curved roof, model a spoon, organic forms in other words, and then play with other application and see if you can get to the same level and the time ad knowledge that takes.

    Renderworks has a decent style but the key factor here is to understand how the light affects materials, bounces of indirect lights make huge improvements that drives you away from the cartoonist look or amateur finish as some would say. To achieve this, I would suggest to start using HDRI backgrounds, specially on exterior shots and is all part of Renderworks. ( see attachment, modeled and rendered in 6 mins) I know this because we usually prepare quick competitions on fridays and see who models faster, ha ha.

    Then, if more realism is needed and moving parts are a most to help tell the story, well, I make use of my plugins and export them to Cinema 4D or Artlantis Render, depending on the mood of the day.

    Hope this helped.

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