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  1. A question from over the weekend:  "Where can I save speakers, that I created out of symbols in my own library? Meaning: I created a Symbol of a speaker in a vwx file. This symbol I want to use out of my library in the future. How do I achieve this without the need to have all my symbols in my drawing template?"


    Save any files containing correctly-formatted speakers (or, bumpers) in the "...\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Speakers" (or, "...\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools\Bumpers") folder. After you restart VW, the tools will include the contents of the files they see in that folder in the appropriate pop-up.

  2. Fuji -


    The current Spotlight audio tools don't actually use Symbol geometry.  They simply use the data attached to Symbols.  If you want to use actual Symbols, you'll need to get a license for the Landru Design version of the tools, released earlier this week.  See this thread for more info: 


  3. For those of who've been patiently waiting to be able to use the VW audio tools to place speaker and bumper Symbols, our new release does that!  (...in addition to a few other new features...)  See http://www.landrudesign.com/AudioToolSet.htm for more info or to download a manual. The manual includes detailed information on formatting Symbols to work with the tools correctly.


    MANY thanks to folks from this community who played a part in making this new feature a reality.

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  4. David -


    I'd strongly caution you against changing the field formats in the "__VS-RecModData" Record. as you're going to end up with calculation problems when using projectors formatted in different units conventions.  (This is why the fields are Text fields - including Dimensions.)


    For getting a usable number out of a Text field, you might look into using a format like "=VALUE('VS4-Projection'.'Wattage')."


    Also, have you investigated using a Worksheet formula that ignores the last 3 characters ("_kg") of the Weight field?

  5. These 2 images confirm what Kevin said.  "NoFocus" was generated w/o the fixtures having Focus Points assigned.  "WithFocus" was with Focus Points assigned.


    The challenge, here, is that, within VW, we did NOT want to use Focus Points for these fixtures.  We intentionally wanted them to aim straight-ahead (doable w. Focus Points but would have required 100...)


    As to moving-yoke fixtures exhibiting this same behavior, we saw it on one computer but not another.  We also saw things flipped 180° (not just 90°) on some loads.


    WV 2019 Birmingham-NoFocus.jpg

    WV 2019 Birmingham-WithFocus.jpg

  6. Thanks, gents.


    I've been able to replicate the 90° dispersion issue.  Until we can get an adjustment out, use AudioBox 2 or Speaker to create speaker Library entries w. dispersions wider than 90°.


    I'm not able to replicate the weight issues w. either the Landru or Spotlight versions of the tools.  If you have any files that show this and care to share, feel free to PM me.


  7. Regarding your latest forum post...:


    - I'm not sure what is going on @ your end in terms of weight.  I couldn't replicate the issue.  Would you mind trying again and, if things still don't work, sending me a demo file that shows the issue?


    - Regarding the Dispersion issue, I found the issue and will get a fix out ASAP - at least, for the Landru version of the tool.  I'm not sure when VW will be able to get theirs out.


  8. On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 3:17 AM, Mike Wright said:

    I've taken to just editing the XML file contained there as I've had a few issues with 'save type to library'


    What issues have you had??


  9. Hayden -


    2 things to try:


    1)  On each computer, open VW and find the "User Folders" tab in the "Vectorworks Preferences" dialog.  The "User Data and Preferences Folder" shown @ the top is the folder that will contain the "Libraries/Defaults/Audio Tools" folder.  Regardless of whether the locations' structures match 100% on the 2 computers, the XML file in the "Audio Tools" folder should.


    2)  On each computer, open VW and place an AudioBox 2 or Speaker instance.  Save a new speaker to the Library (a speaker that you can delete later).  On both computers, do a search on your HDD for the XML file w. today's date.  Replace the file you found on the "target" computer w. the one you found on the "source" computer.


    Does any of this help???

  10. I'll have to admit that you have me scratching my head a bit if the 2019 graphic you posted indeed matches your 2018 installation.  I was able to download and use the Library file you posted w/o issue.


    Just to humor me, would you make a Library change under 2018 (like, add a "DeleteMe" box)...check the XML file date of the XML file in the 2018 location you expect VW to be using...copy that file to the 2019 location...and re-check the date?  Do the date checking w/o VW running.


    Also, what build of the tools do you have installed?


  11. Would you mind double-checking/confirming that the location of your User Data ("User Folders" tab in the "Vectorworks Preferences" dialog) matches the folder(s) where you copied the XML file?  All versions of VW, from 2014 to current use the same XML file format (in-fact, you can freely copy the Library file back-and-forth if you wish) so the upgrade to 2019 should not present any issues, there.


  12. Here are 5(6) d&b bumpers from my library - including a "T" version of Y - for both AudioArray 2 and Speaker Array.  Overall dimensions should be fairly close but I've not double-checked weights and rigging references. The file is in 2016 format but the data is good regardless of version.



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