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  1. Working Planes dialog?

    AHHHHHHH! Yes, when one chooses the (unused & unmodified) Designer workspace there is a minimised palette called WP! I've just closed it every time: I've never liked WordPerfect.

    Ahhh...Petri...here's where you're going wrong. In the LANDRU WorkSpace, though kept off to the side and out of the way, the Working Planes dialog is kept open and easy-to-find.

    Oh, and BTW, I'm a die-hard WordPerfect user.

  2. We do have that feature. I use it pretty regularly.

    1) Set the working plane using the Set Working Plane Tool.

    2) In the Working Planes dialog click the icon that looks like an eye looking at a grid (bottom left-hand corner - "Look at Working Plane"). Save the new plane in this dialog.

    3) Get the object(s) where you want it(them) on the screen by zooming/panning/etc. Set class/layer visibilities. Save the resulting view.

    Works like a champ...

  3. Greetings!

    A number of VideoScreen users have contacted us reagarding compatibility with VW 2008. For those of you who did not get the e-mail sent to all of our users last weekend (which seems to be quite a few of you), the current version (2.3) does work in VW 2008. If you're running 2008 and did not get our e-mail, contact us at one of the contact links on our site and we'll get you the appropriate download info.


  4. Oops. That would have been helpful to know...

    Fast RenderWorks

    Fast RenderWorks with Shadows

    Final Quality RenderWorks

    Artistic RenderWorks

    Custom RenderWorks

    Fast Radiosity

    Final Quality Radiosity

    Custom Radiosity

    Also, when I restart VW, "Architect Classic" (the first Workspace on the list) is active.

  5. Good morning!

    I'm having difficulty with VW2008 crashing when rendering on one of my machines. VW simply ceases to exist. No lock-up of the screen content. No shut-down process. No error messages.

    The problem seems to be Workspace-related. W. any of the "stock" Workspaces, all seems to work OK. W. a Workspace imported from VW12...crash. W. a Workspace created from scratch (w. only a couple of menu items)...crash. W. a modified "stock" Workspace...crash. W. a Workspace created on my other machine...crash (though all works as it should on that machine).

    This is all w. a simple, single extrusion of a rectangle as a test object.

    My O.S. is Windows XP Pro.

    The machine in question is a Dell Inspiron 8600 w. 1 GB of RAM.

    Any ideas?

  6. "I think your wrong on this one. I have a seperate layer for my lights, and I can render fine. You just need to turn that layer on."

    Hmmm. Not a huge deal but I was curious enough to run a quick test: 1 extrusion on 1 layer and 4 light sources on another. I rendered the "extrusion" layer. No-go on the light sources working...

  7. "the boss only wanted to use a single layer and no classes. The two arguments that helped change that case where 1. Why only use less than 1/2 the capabilities of a program you have paid for, and 2. That is not the way VW is used. If you try to get tech support, they will tell you you are using the program wrong and to do it the other way."

    Pat -

    I am one of those people who really prefers to work on a single Design Layer - and to use a plethora of Classes (I'm not sure I get the "no classes part.). For me, that IS the way that VW is used. I don't see that as being "right" or "wrong" - just the way I work. My thinking:

    1) Light sources don't work across layers. (At least, they haven't in the past.) By using a single layer I don't have to create Layer Links to create rendered scenes.

    2) I don't have to use "Align Layer Views" or the like to view all of the model geometry from the same direction and perspective. IMO, that extra step should be unnecessary.

    FWIW, I don't work on multi-story building drawings and ViewPorts handle whatever scale variations I may need for things like details. Also, w. Saved Views and the tree structure potential in Class naming make handling even hundreds of Classes incredibly easy.

  8. Nigel -

    The stock curtain won't do it. Give the files I have posted at www.landrudesign.com/LandruCurtain.zip a try.

    To use, copy both files into your Plug-Ins folder. Add "Curtain From..." to your WorkSpace. (It is a menu item.) Draw an arc representing your curtain. W. it selected, run "Curtain From..." Your arc will be turned into a curtain PIO w. adjustable parameters.

    Let me know how this works for you...

  9. Greetings from Music City!

    We are pleased to announce the release of VideoScreen 2.2 - the Plug-In that makes working with Video Devices in VectorWorks incredibly easy.

    2.2 Highlights include:

    - A ?Coverage Zone? feature has been added to aide users in the sizing and placing of screens.

    - Models (including appropriate aspect calculation modifications) have been added for projectors on their sides.

    - More stock lenses have been added to the projector lens list - along with a custom lens feature that allows users to input specific lenses that may not be on the list.

    - The projector placement calculations have been improved to compensate for projector height relative to screen height. Part of this is an ?alarm? that is triggered if a user tries to place a projector higher than is possible to get a given image size.

    - A few new stock screen images have been added, including color bars.

    - The VideoScreen Floor feature was updated to allow screens and projector stands to have different settings.

    - A few minor bugs have been fixed.

    This is a FREE upgrade for current users. For those of you who are not current users, but who would like more information, visit http://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm.

    Regards -

  10. The Working Planes tool only works in the 3D Top View - not in Top/Plan.

    This has been discussed several times (NNA, taking notes?) in the Wish List section of this forum. What you're wanting to do isn't doable in Top/Plan. Until it is, your best work-around is the Alternate Coordinate system.

  11. Greetings...

    I am having a problem with Hidden Line rendering losing lines. The problem shows itself where the vertical face of an extrusion meets a horizontal surface and where the vertical face extends beyond the horizontal.

    This is an example of things "broken:"


    This is the same drawing with lines added in manually:


    Is there a fix for this?


  12. Daniel -

    Your question is not all that different from the question of how to have 3D ladders/booms and yet have legible 2D plots - regardles of the Vision connection.

    For that question, I have 3D-only symbols that are not linked to any lighting data. I then have 2D-only symbols that make that info legible and trackable for my paperwork. In a similar way, could you not have 2D-only symbols that are not bound at all to the Vision models - and 3D-only symbols that are?


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