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  1. Grant - Check out Panzer's ViewPort Pack @ http://www.panzercad.com/. It does just that.
  2. 2 concerns I have in using the curved truss tool: 1) When 12" box truss arcs are created the lacing does not stay within the confines of the main chords (in 3D). The lacing sections stick out (above) around .3". This is when the ladder spacing arc is 22.5. 2) The radius dimension is the radius through the center of the truss - not the outer or inner radius. This is a little confusing in that the user has to remember to do a little math in order to create a circle or arc w. a specific radius or diameter (as such pieces are created in reality by the manufacturers). Otherwise, a pretty useful tool. 99.99% of the time I use my own truss symbol set, but when I need a quick arc for which I don't have a symbol yet, this tool is indespensable.
  3. Ben - Though it isn't a VW plug-in, have you looked at "Bullseye" @ http://www.claychristian.com/? I believe it does what you're wanting. Also, Clay is a VW user, so you might chat w. him about porting his routines to VectorScript.
  4. What I had in mind was [ESC] being user-definable to whatever default tool each user desired. That way, we'd be avoiding the alpha-numberic keys alltogether.
  5. A single default tool hot key that consistently works is REALLY needed. As things stand, "X" works some-times (especially not when leaving the text tool) and "ESC" works sometimes. The trick now is to hit "ESC" then "X." 1 too-many button presses...
  6. > 1)Try Copy&Paste of parametric values < That is currently what I do. It just seems to be a pretty convoluted process for software that has some other-wise "productivity-encouraging" features. > Also, have you checked out some of the additional Vectorscript procedures available online ? < Yes. I'm a bit of a junkie for such things. > 2) For Glo effects try using a semi-transparent phong or plastic lens based on a White Texture or any other color & pattern. < Thanks for the hint - though I'd already given that a try. It makes the object glow, but doesn't even come close to acting like a light source.
  7. Greetings from Nashville! For those of you who might be interested, we now have available a VW tool that allows users to insert video devices, like projection screens, plasma televisions, CRT monitors, and LED arrays in their drawings. This tool was inspired by the many projects that I've been doing that involved projection screens. I was dealing w. many "what ifs" w. my clients: "What if we changed the screen size?" "Where would the projector need to be placed?" "Would you show me a picture of what things would look like w. different images on different screens?" "Will 4:3 or 16:9 work better?" Sound familiar? I was more than happy to give my clients what they wanted, but a lot of this was proving to be fairly time consuming. W. needing to modify masked light sources, change images, and correct screen borders, a simple size change might have taken 30 -45 minutes. No longer. Now, more like 1 minute (or less). If you'd like more info, please visit www.landrudesign.com/VideoScreen.htm or http://www.jonker-wu.nl/videoscreen/. Thanks!
  8. There are a few different "move by vector" and "copy by vector" scripts floating about. Check VectorDepot.com for them. I believe I'd go mad w/o those tools. Their not being part of "vanilla" VW made my transition to VW a little more difficult than it had to be.
  9. Shaun - I, too, have been asking for this for a while (as have many others). I'm more than a little annoyed at the total lack of response from NNA to the questions. "It's on the list"...or..."You'll need to use 'Program X' to do that"...some acknowledgment would go a long way...
  10. > Are you saying that you have a utility program that lets you assign default directories for VectorWorks? < No. VW is not one of the apps that has this feature - and no utility to do so.
  11. I have multiple apps (in XP) that let the user define several default directories/folders - data files, templates, resource files (such as symbols), etc. Sure saves a lot of unnecessary navigating...
  12. Greetings! 3 features that are really needed are: 1) Volumetric rendering / atmospheric lighting effects. 2) A "glow" parameter for objects. Especially needed for creating realistic flourescent and neon tubes, as well as rope light. 3) A "Like" command. Explanation: When in the OI box or a tool-bar value box, the user would hit a hot key (such as "="). VW would then let the user use either the ruler tool or the protractor tool to measure a value from pre-existing drawing geometry. That value would then end up in the OI or tool-bar space. No more having to write things down... Regards - C. Andrew Dunning Landru Design www.landrudesign.com
  13. Where/how can I get more detailed information on Spotlight? I and several colleagues are current LD Assistant/Studio users. Because VW9 does not allow that plug-in to work, we are now faced with 4 options: 1) Stay with LDA/S and VW 8.5.2 indefinitely. 2) Switch to LDA for AutoCAD. 3) Switch to Spotlight. 4) Switch to one of the other plug-ins for either AutoCAD or VW. Thank you. ------------------ C. Andrew Dunning Landru Design Nashville, TN
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