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  1. 10 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    Are others seeing these issues? I most often use the Simple 2D and Simple 3D options when drawing softgoods to indicate goods hung flat without fullness. @C. Andrew Dunning this may also be occuring with your tools.


    I can replicate this w. the Landru Design version...

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  2. 8 hours ago, JanezicDesign said:

    any additional DLs not in the new file will be put to the bottom of the stacking order after I check them off.


    Can you just rearrange the stacking order of the Design Layers?


    8 hours ago, JanezicDesign said:

    Again, thank you for pointing me in that direction! It's definitely doing what I was wanting now after updating the stacking orders of newly imported/referenced DLs. 


    100% my pleasure.  Happy to be able to help.

  3. 1 hour ago, JanezicDesign said:

    All in all, the design layer reference via the organization references settings is another solution I missed. Maybe because it's considered "old-style", but is a solution to this nonetheless.


    I actually take strong exception to the "old style" label as this approach has its clear strengths.  I teach both methods - along with pros and cons of each.


  4. You already have what you're wanting if you use the Design Layer Referencing approach instead of ViewPort Referencing.  By using the former, you have full control over Class and Design Layer visibilities - both, on-the-fly (and, leveraging Saved Views) and via Sheet Layer ViewPorts.  The catch is that the Referenced file's Class list then gets added to your working file's - thus, one of the main "points" if using ViewPort Referencing.

  5. 2 hours ago, Thomas K. said:

    Solved it:


    I changed the database entry from TV -> Display. That caused an error.


    @C. Andrew Dunning: what is the tool using the "TV" for?


    In the "__VS-ModData" Record "Type" must = "TV" for Television casing models.


    That same Record is also used by projectors and stands so that value is needed to differentiate between the different model types.


    I just tested this with the file you posted and things worked as-expected.

  6. 2 hours ago, XiuhSV said:

    I wonder if someone can elaborate on what do the Near Multiplier and Far Multiplier fields represent in the Show Coverage Zone of the object info section?


    The Coverage Zone feature lets the user see the theoretically "ideal" viewing area for a given screen based on the screen's height, width, or diagonal measurement.  The "Near" and "Far" parameters are multipliers of one of those references.  Different content (and a particular user) drives different references and multipliers.


    For example:

    IMAG:  8 x Width

    Detailed images (like spreadsheets and/or graphs:  5 x Width.


    Viewers within the given generated arc would (in-theory) be able to see clearly the given content type.  So...if the arcs from a given screen don't cover an audience well for a given content type, I either need bigger screens or more of them.


    Different designers have different multipliers they like for given content types.


    Make sense?


    BTW...anyone reading this ever see a document that was floating around a few years ago that cited different ideal multipliers for different content?  If so...and, if you have access to that document or know where one can find it, would you mind sharing?  I saw it but have not been able to "re-find" it.  I know what I like but would love to be able to point our users to standards that may exist.

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  7. 1 hour ago, JoshRula said:

    I am having trouble finding a guide on creating plug in objects...


    See https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/support/custom/vscript/example for examples of commands and objects.


    See "ScriptFunctionReference.html," found in "...Vectorworks 2024\VWHelp\Script Reference" for basic call information.


    See https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Main_Page for more in-depth info on calls and other details.


    Ask questions here as other developers can be a wealth of information and tend to be more than willing to share.


  8. Resurrecting an old thread as I found it when having Project Sharing / Dropbox issues.


    I've had pretty good success with P.S. via Dropbox...until today when demoing for a client.

    • LONG delays in the Project file being available (10+ minutes) after Save/Commit.
    • Project file disappearing from the Dropbox folder when Save/Commits done - and Working files getting disconnected from the Project file.
    • Edits not being seen in Working files.
    • Multiple requests for Admin. resets.

    All computers are running VW 2023.  Only 4 users.  Project file is 119MB.


    We tried:

    • Connecting via a network other than the client's WAN.
    • Creating new Working files.
    • Creating a new/different Project file  - on different computers.

    The demo is over but I'd like to get a handle on possible issues & fixes so a) I can update my client and b) we don't see a repeat.


    Thanks for any help...

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  9. 31 minutes ago, SamIWas said:

    Yes, this is what I need to go back and do. I didn't include the " after all of my dimensions, so they're all over the place.  I think the vast majority of the issues will be fixed with that.  From there, I'll just work on converting entries in the OIP to and from whatever units.


    FWIW, I've paid LOTS of "stupid tax" by making units assumptions early on...


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  10. @SamIWas, 2 things...:


    1. Be sure to include appropriate units markers in your code for any hard-coded dimensions.  If you do that, VW will convert dimensions on-the-fly for you.
    2. As @MullinRJ recommended, you can use GetPrefReal(152) {Units Per Inch} to do things like converting given OIP dimensions to mm:

    DIMENSIONinMM:= DIMENSIONVARIABLE*(25.4/GetPrefReal(152));


  11. Greetings from Nashville, TN, USA!!!


    Earlier this month we posted new builds for all of the Landru Design versions of many of the Spotlight tools. These builds fix a few obscure bugs and add some small features. For example...:

    • Resource Manager folders are created on-the-fly and Resources are automatically moved/inserted into them as things like Textures and Record formats are imported and/or generated.
    • Several data fields have been added (more in some tools than others). With this have been appropriate adjustments to embedded text (2D & 3D) display.
    • The Audio ToolSet tools' OIPs and dispersion geometry have been refined.
    • SoftGoods 2 now has a "Traveler" toggle, affecting weight and panel count calculations for "open" curtains.
    • The VideoScreen 4 projector tools' Multiple-Projector tag is now moveable and can use different alignments.
    • VS4-LED now offers mitered left and right-end vertical edges (resulting in more seamless curved and "corner" arrays) and half-tiles.


    This update will likely be one of the last for Vectorworks 2019©. So...if you're one of our users who has been dragging your feet in terms of getting current, now might be the time...


    Many thanks to the folks who made suggestions and who helped steer the new features!


    Fee free to reach out w. questions...

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  12. 6 hours ago, Gerson Martinez said:

    I´m trying to draw a concave LED screen backdrop in a stage with a texture mapped on it, after a while trying to make it work I just solved it making multiple arrays of 1x5 modules and giving the angles one by one.


    How can map a a single image to the whole screen?


    As @Kevin Allen said, users of the Landru Design versions of the tools have access (by asking) to a VERY BASIC VideoTile Command.  Here is a simple demo using 174 tiles:



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  13. 39 minutes ago, Tom W. said:

    Can't you just use a uniform '#' for all of the placeholder texts? Then the rectangle will expand to the width of the longest text in the instance of the tag. Or maybe I misunderstood the issue.


    Yes and No...


    The default field contents and the dialog label are one-in-the-same.  So..."#" wouldn't be appropriate.  -BUT-  Changing the defaults/labels to shorter strings works beautifully.  So..."Name," "Dept.," and "Change" work.


    So...the box WILL change dynamically as-desired but its starting-point reference is a function of the DEFAULT string length AND the Dynamic.


    So...good call!


  14. 11 minutes ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

    There is currently no way to tell that you want only the longest text to be with fixed distance, because you can only set that you want fixed distance between a text and the boundary. You can achieve what you want if you constrain only the widest text to the right but the problem is that you do not know which is the widest text as its content is dynamic and changes with each data tag.


    1)  This is not what has been said in the past.  Other engineers have affirmed that what I am wanting to do is possible - as shown in the other D.T. in the file I posted.  The solution in that D.T. is what was suggested by another engineer.


    2)  Even when I pick one of the 5 fields to use as a single reference - 1 that I assume will be the longest - things still do not work correctly.  I tried that before submitting my initial question.  I am 100% open to your showing me that working w. a single-field reference...

  15. 1 minute ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

    @C. Andrew Dunning Here is an image showing how the fixed distance constraint is working as designed.




    I don't think you are understanding what I'm saying.


    Yes; the fixed distance constraint IS working - relative to "Department."  The desired margin IS 1/8".


    BUT,  Department (and, the other fields) is stretching incorrectly.

  16. 24 minutes ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

    Let me know if you still think that this is not working as expected.


    No; it isn't.


    Using the image you referenced, Date is the longest.  In-theory, the other fields should stretch to match it and the margin should be relative to that stretched width.  Instead, "Department" is stretched far beyond what it should be and the margin references that field.  - OR -  As Date is the longest, the margin should reference that field and the other fields should stretch to fit the margin.


    Again...the desired outcome is that the right side of the box is constrained to a given distance from the widest field - which could be any of the 5.


    34 minutes ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:



    Look again at the graphic you posted.   Date is the widest, but the other 4 fields are stretching beyond its width - for Time, a little and for Department quite a bit - and the margin is referencing the resulting widest field, which is Department.  So...the margin might be behaving correctly but the stretching of the 5 fields is not.



  17. I believe there might be a bug related to the text block re-sizing.  I understand how the alignments are supposed to work but the tool is adding unnecessary spaces.  See the instance in the attached file with only "-" in the 3 User-Entered Fields.  Compare with the PIO Data-associated fields in the Seating Section label D.T.


    Change Data Tag - 2.vwx

  18. I have a D.T. w. a rectangle bounding box that I want to re-size with data edits (to track a margin w. the longest of 5 fields).  So far, in trying different settings, I either get no margins or text fields that expand in  unwanted ways.  I have a similar D.T. (but, w. only 2 fields) that works as-expected with the same settings.


    Anyone give me a hint as to what I've missed...?


    Change Data Tag.vwx

  19. 8 hours ago, symo said:

    Thank you @C. Andrew Dunning


    Yes, thats right


    Food-for-thought if you want the Class structure saved in your Template:  Place an instance of the PIO in-question, change the defaults to suit your wants and get the Class structure in the Parts Classes dialog set the way you want it.  Click "OK" an let the PIO generate the Classes.  Delete the PIO instance.  Re-save your Template.  The PIO settings will be saved in a hidden Record and the Classes will be added to your Template structure.


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  20. 6 hours ago, symo said:

    where in VW can I pre-assign these classes before I insert any symbols into my drawing?


    Echoing Kevin...


    In the "Parts Classes..." dialog, you have 2 options:  1)  You can set each part Class individually using the pop-up menus - or - 2) You can click the "Assign Default Classes with Prefix," which will set up a default Class structure for you.


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