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  1. Is there a way to produce room finish areas in a worksheet? Took a look at VA Create Schedule... but the built-in Room Finish Schedule doesn't show any area properties. I'm new to VW room finish staff at the moment, so any hints will be appreciated Another question concerning room finishes I was looking at (in this forum and VW Help) without luck is about cases when room has non-rectangular shape, height is 3000mm, 2 doors 900x2100mm and some windows are present, and wall finish materials are varied among walls and height in specific wall (tiles from height 0 to 1600mm, color from 1600 to 3000mm, 1 door plus 1 window in this wall are present, besides 1400mm from corners there are no tiles just color from 0 to 3000mm). I need total area of tiles and color. Besides today I continued my yesterday's experiments with Room Finishes and guess what - when I select a space, click Assign Room Finishes on OIP, there's nothing in it. If I click Edit Finishes and create some new I still can't see any Finishes to choose from. After everything I've read and experienced (bugs in Room Finish in VW12.5.3) I'm wondering if Room Finish Tools is right direction to look at all for this kind of task.
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    Yeah... something to think about. In my case that would mean to make 3 symbols for window type W01 if this window type is to be inserted in 3 walls with different thickness. And in case window type W01 definition changes I have to make changes in 3 instances. Still this is better than changing 20 instances.... Is there an option to get area of window opening in worksheet? I tried NetGlazed criteria, but it isn't what I need. If window is rectangular I multiply window.overallwidth and window.overallheight. But if window is not rectangular this won't work.
  3. The way we do windows in our office is to make types of windows. If window parameters (width, height, fractions) are same, we call it say W01. Another type of windows we call W02 and so on. We use these types of windows across layers. Lately we started to use symbols, made from 1 window object. Very nice feature about making windows as symbols is that in case parameters of 1 window type are changed, I edit symbol in resource browser and all instances of specific window type are updated. The trick comes if I try to insert same symbol in a wall with different thickness. Then window remain it's original thickness. Is there techniques in VW to remain window as symbol like instance (in case of changes I apply them only to definition) AND act it like PIO in means of inserting it in different thickness walls?
  4. Ahhh! When someone says it, it seems obvious Never imagined that the way would be dividing sum with amount to get value for single instance. Thanks Pat! Another question. There's an option to hide database row. In my case there's a need to show only database header row and hide database sub-rows. Is there such option? As I haven't seen such, my first shot would be to make 2 worksheets, in first one (A) do all functions/criterias and get the full data package, in the second (B) make links to worksheet's A appropriate cells to get only database header row information in the table. Currently I'm not at office and can't check if it works.
  5. Hi folks, I've spent last few hours trying to figure this out and now seem to be out of luck. The way the window labeling and window schedule in my office should be done is: all windows with same parameters are labeled with same label (i.e. W01, W02) which represents window type. On schedule must be Label (W01, W02...) of window types in columns, in according rows - amount of windows of that specific type on each floor and total, Window Height and Window Width for each window type, Area of specific window type (1 peace) and total area of that one window type (Area for 1 peace multiplied total number of that type of windows). How do I do this with worksheets? Tried VA Create Schedule, but in database rows it shows records for all windows. Tried to insert windows as symbols (named symbols W01, W02 etc) , but same thing. Finally in worksheet entered symbol name (text 'W01' in B2 cell) used worksheet function =COUNT((INSYMBOL & (L='Layer Name') & (S=B2))). In this way I got amount of symbols in each floor, but don't have idea how to get window width, height and area of that one particular window in the symbol named W01. May be I should use some other techniques to do this? Also, additional question - if I want to have separate sheet for window schedules, containing schedule plus front view of each window type with dimensions, window type name (W01) and total amount of this type of windows (symbols?) in drawing, what would be the way? Currently I'm doing pure line work to do this. Thanks
  6. I'm trying to use worksheets and their functionality for calculating volumes and areas of wall materials, but find some things stumbling. My wall is 15 mm stucco, 300 mm light concrete blocks, 100 mm heat insulation. 15 mm stucco. Total 430 mm. 1. Is there a way to calculate volumes of components of wall? I need volumes for light concrete blocks and heat insulation. If I enter =VOLUME(...), I get volume of all wall. I thought about adding some coefficient after like =VOLUME(...)/430*300, =VOLUME(...)/430*100, but it isn't perfectly correct because inner perimeter is different from outer perimeter of walls and proportions of wall components are different (300/100). 2. How do I get in worksheet inner and outer areas of walls? I tried to use WALLAREA_NET function, but it doesn't show exact value. I draw square of walls 4x5m, delta Z = 3m, in worksheet cell type =WALLAREA_NET(...) and get the value 59.16. But 4x5x3=60. Where VW loses 0.84 sq.m.? Later I made another walls which at some point look like zig-zag and in this case WALLAREA_NET function gave me number (89.16) witch as I later discovered, is mathematical middle number of inner perimeter (84) and outer perimeter (94.32). How do I get wall area of inner side and outer side? I'll need these numbers for correct amount of color. The difference of what VW shows and what actually in this case is +/- 5.8%. That's a lot if amounts are high! Thanks in advance! If any other good experience for these or related tasks - go ahead, I'll be glad to hear anything concerning automating calculations, wall creation tricks, ...anything.
  7. Just tried a different mouse and it works better! The one I use by deafult is Apple mouse; the one I tried and find working better is Logitech mouse. Afterwards working with previous mouse again I have a feeling that amount of mouse wheel ticks for zooming is same to both mice, just with Logitech mouse making 1 tick takes wider movement with finger than with Apple mouse and in this case is more comfortable.
  8. Howdy! I'm new to VW and trying to get into it. I've worked with AutoCAD previously 2 years, and currently reading much of Help. One thing I don't find how to do is: how do I delete a workspace? I've made a few and now I want to get rid of some! Thanks in advice! Janis Prodnieks Riga, Latvia


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