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  1. Hi Ray, what do you suggest we do? I mean we have to let the user know it's a demo account. Wouldn't you rather find out that you're using a demo, then finding what you were looking for and then having to learn only then that you were using a demo account? Again, any ideas as to how to better are most welcome and I appreciate your feedback. Best, Ori
  2. The demo accont is up and running. Please sign in at the architect/designer link by using "demo" for both user name and password. I look forward to your thoughts and commentary.
  3. Hi Ray, Thanks for the feedback. I'll add a free user account which can be used to view. I'll post this as soon as it's available. Once again, thanks!
  4. McLaugh, the information is not sold. When you download an object, the manufacturer who owns the rights to the product sees it not your user information or contact details, just your company name. Again, the idea is to provide the architect/design community with real world products (high-end), and the manufacturers are just looking for reassurance that the goods will not be copied. We do live in the information age. And FYI, I had to register to each and every one of the following sites: vray-materials.de, yahoogroups, renderosity, cadforums.cz to name a few. McLaugh, when you present a product which belongs to a manufacturer, you have to assure them of their ownership. The site is a bridge between the manufacturing/design worlds. Try reading the privacy policy which states: "PRIVACY POLICY Privacy for our users is a high priority at Archipedia and 3D-Pedia. Thus we do not share any personal information obtained online without permission from the submitting user, and we never will, with the exception of communication of the disclosure of the company name to Vendor?s who?s objects have been downloaded. The sole purpose is to aid Vendors in their direct marketing to clients. All information gathered by Archipedia and 3D-Pedia is used solely for the purpose of enhancing the functionality and level of service we are able to provide our users. We do not store credit card information as all credit card payments are executed via Paypal and are subject to their policy."
  5. Then again, you need to register for all forums online...so what's the big deal?
  6. I'll see what I can do to change this. Once again, I appreciate your feedback. Will let everyone know if this can be changed.
  7. Hi guys, I appreciate the feedback. The sites you mention have generic goods. Archipedia has a collection of complex pieces. I can't insist that you register however, if you don't you won't see what it's about! Check out the galleries, and if you want to use it after, re-register with your real details. Archipedia is geared towards architects and designers who work direct with the manufacturer. It's a niche market, not mainstream, geared towards the higher end. The best galleries are Decorative hardware & Ironwork. There are a few lighting fixtures too. I agree that there are many other sites with enormous amounts of objects, but you won't find a collection of pieces of this nature anywhere. Again, niche is the key.
  8. BTW...there are about 400 objects and it's growing. You probably didn't exhaust the possibilities.
  9. Waste of time you say...not a very condusive post. You could have said, wish there was more, but I guess it's always best to criticize a work in progress. I appreciate you taking the time to visit it nonetheless.
  10. www.archi-pedia.com - Gallery of 3D objects direct from the manufacturer, works with Vectorworks file extensions. Updated daily.
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