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  1. I just woke my girlfriend up at 2 in the morning with the darn music-intro thingy. Everybody has seen it by now, it is very nicly done, but also very disturbing. Please take this into consideration.
  2. I think this shows that it's not only about having big resources but rather making the right decisions. It seems people with a real talent for programming can do incredible things. Look what julian carr has done on his own. Then look at how crappy Autocad is with hundreds of programmers and huge funds. Vectorworks is miles better than Autocad, but I truly think Julian Carr could make it shine if they put him in charge. Been looking at the other local austalian stuff he has, and he is actually making plug-ins that are useful for making modern international architecture. (which Nemetschek is not really focusing on)
  3. Hire the guy from OzCad I've been testing the WinDoor demo from OzCad and this guy has a gift of making easy to use user interface. Although the BIM features of VW are easier than most programs, this guys manages to take things to a whole new level. I doubt anybody would choose to use the built in window or door tools after trying this plug-in. Again, I'm not bashing VW in any way, just praising the WinDoor plug-in. So my adwise to Nemetschek is: Hire the guy from OzCad, buy his WinDoor plug-in and integrate it into VW and then have him direct a team of programmers to improve all the parametric tools such as the stair tool, roof tool, wall tool and so on.


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