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  1. I have the same trouble. Use the navigation pallet to avoid it, but don't chose details...
  2. It works just fine. Thanks a lot!!!
  3. I'm using version 12.5. I changed the HArea to ObjArea and still have the same error. Can it be cause by units? The Area1:= HArea(Shape)/10000 to change the value from square centimeters to meters?
  4. I get this error message: "Error: TIPO_E_AREA N - String index or count must be from 1 to 255" When I run this script: {Selecione um objeto 2D e use o comando - Select a 2D object and run the command} Procedure Tipo_e_Area; VAR Shape: HANDLE; Center,Area1,X,Y: REAL; Area,Comodo: STRING; n: INTEGER; BEGIN Shape := Nil; Shape:= FSActLayer; IF Shape <> NIL THEN BEGIN Area1:= HArea(Shape)/10000; Area:= Num2Str(2, Area1); n := Pos('.', Area); Delete(Area, n, 1); Insert(',', Area, n); HCenter(Shape,X,Y); Comodo:= StrDialog('Nome do Comodo or Room name','Quarto'); IF NOT DidCancel THEN BEGIN PushAttrs; TextJust(2); TextVerticalAlign(2); TextSize(9); TextOrigin(X,Y); TextSize(12); FillPat(0); BeginText; ConCat(Comodo, Chr(13), Area, ' m2') EndText; PopAttrs; DSelectAll; END; END ELSE AlrtDialog('Select a solid 2D shape and try again.'); END; Run(Tipo_e_Area);" What am I doing wrong?
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