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  1. We are trying to print a large VW file to an HP Z6100ps plotter. The drawing file size is a complex (lots of tree symbols and planting areas created by plant line tool and revision cloud tool) site plan approximately 60Mb in size. We are getting the following error message: Unable to send trailing nul to printer: broken pipe. We have tried various things to get around this error including creating smaller jpegs/ pdfs but they are still taking an eternity to both spool to the printer and have the printer process. The final print quality is suffering as well. Does anyone know of a way to reduce the file size for plotting purposes. Would creating a symbol for all trees help for instance. All suggestions gratefully accepted.
  2. Hi Shawn, Tried accessing your file but the attached error message came up. Any chance you could repost.
  3. Hi Steve, Not sure what profession you are in but our (landscape) office produces some very graphically complex drawings with lots of hatches, fills and symbols. We get a few complaints from Architects offices that our .pdfs take a long time to regenerate on the screen usually because of some of the hatches we use. As a rule we try to keep the .pdfs under 10Mb for emailing. The best way that I have found, so far, is to use the 'Export PDF' function and then reduce the file size further using Adobe Acrobat's 'Reduce File Size' command. It seems to keep most of the intended clarity without 'greying' objects. Creating a 'postscript file' using VW print manager and then compressing it with Distiller is the best way for producing really small file sizes but we find that it gives a very 'washed out' final product. As previously suggested experiment with the DPI output.
  4. Is there a quick way to copy custom workspace file settings from VW2010 to 2011?
  5. Jeremy, I have attached a 45deg herringbone hatch for your use. Its scaled to suit 230x115mm paver size
  6. Thank you to all repliers to my post. Taken a little bit from each reply which will improve my drawing production, and sanity.
  7. Hoping someone can help. When I toggle between design layers and sheet layers I'm finding that the sheet layer border is not immediately visible and I have to do a 'fit to page area' command to get it visible on my screen. Is there a setting I can activate that allows me to have the selected sheet immediately visible. Also going from sheet layers to design layers is there a way to ensure you return to the same design layer view you had prior to going into the sheet layer. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Try doing a copy and paste of the drawing from the sheet layer into a design layer. I have received a few drawings from architects where they have sent their drawings as a symbol located on a sheet layer. I am guessing that it may have something to do with the drawing program that they use. Good luck
  9. I am looking to purchase a really good landscape symbol database. Interesting tree and plant symbols (plan and elevation view) a priority. Suitable for Australian tree and plant representation. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find one.
  10. Cloud tool allows you to do convex or concave shapes. Different mode settings allow you to create complex shapes. Can be hatched or coloured as required.
  11. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. Tried Ray's suggestion (successfully) as it was quickest and easiest. Upgrading to VW2008 may provide a more permanent solution.
  12. I use VW12 Landmark. We import a lot of dwg files from architects/ surveyors/ engineers. When preparing our landscape plans we do not require all the classes to be visible so we go through the process of turning off and/or on classes as necessary. When we receive an updated dwg file and import it into our landscape plan we have to go through the process of turning off and/or on classes again to match our original setup. Is there any way of getting VW to turn off and/or on dwg classes to match the previous drawing setup when importing an updated AutoCAD file? Thanks
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