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  1. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    I think I have solved my issue. I had 90 Sheets of various viewports [preset room layouts] where I would edit then publish individual sets of sheets as required. I deleted all sheets [working off of a back-up copy...], and now no more spinning beachball. I have all design layers intact still. VRAM might very well be an issue, but for now and for me, this is a reasonable fix. Thanks all.
  2. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    Hi bjoerka, The no-go is that nothing had improved, same lengthly spinning beach ball after any click. Anyhow, I have reinstalled completely and have not updated to SP2. I shall see where that goes. Thank you for your help.
  3. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    Hey Kevin, thank you for jumping in. I have tried the Compatibility drop down selection as well as do not use Multi-Pane Views. I have tried a new empty file, same outcome with a few lines and squares. Very strange. Maybe my iMac specs are too low. SomethIng I can most likely have upgraded..
  4. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    Ugh, sad to report that it is a no-go for me on this potential fix [revert to SP 1.1]. Perhaps others will have additional things for me to try.
  5. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    thank you bjoerka, will give this a "whirl".
  6. Mark Mosher

    VW 2019 and Spinning Wheels

    Hi all, I have upgraded from 2015 Designer to 2019 Designer SP2 recently. Am now experiencing the spinning beachball with increasingly longer spin times as my work continues, sometimes ending with a Forced quit. Almost every click causes the spin. Watching muy Console Log while this spinning is happening, I get many many lines of the Message NSGenericException -- The window has been marked as needing another Display Window pass, but it has already had 3 Display Window passes. Restarting has no effect, nor did re-installing the application. I am, however, using Batch Converted files [event facility] with all of the same content from 2015. 2019 Designer SP 2 27"iMac Late 2015 Intel Core i5 3.2GHZ 16GB Ram 1TB HDD Radeon R9 M380 2GB VRam ASUS PB328 Monitor OSX 10.14.1 Any suggestions would be super helpful, thank you. Mark
  7. Mark Mosher

    thinking of upgrading to OS Sierra

    Hi jmartinarch I have VW2015 Designer, and so far have had no issues with OS Sierra. Regards
  8. Mark Mosher

    Pen tablet

    Hi Chris, If you are referring to an iPad or other similar product, then sorry to have misunderstood your question. If not, however - I use also a Wacom Intuos Medium tablet. Works fine for me, although I do fairly simple 2D Drafting. Has been very stable with VW 2015 and 2014, speaking for myself only. Good luck Mark
  9. Mark Mosher

    Incomplete Installation VW 2014?

    Hi Jim, File size is 5.8gb [Designer-DownloadAllContent-2014-202999] Sorry to ask, but how do I send you the log file? Thanks Jim Mark
  10. Mark Mosher

    Incomplete Installation VW 2014?

    Hi Jim, hope I am in the correct place.. I am having content installation failures. The application seems to be installed ok [operative word here is "seems"]. I have checked permissions for both the package as well as the app itself. Any ideas/should I re-install 2014? I have downloaded the package using multiple browsers multiple times. Thanks Mark
  11. Mark Mosher

    exporting to earlier version

    Hi Dave, Working OK with my stuff. anyone else?? Maybe try reinstalling? Fun stuff.
  12. Mark Mosher

    Layer view keeps switching on its own

    Aha!! I am using 2d objects as well as symbols. Will keep that in mind for my next drawing. Lots to learn yet!! Thank you willofmaine, and Peter as well.
  13. Why does my "view" keep switching back to Top/Plan on its own? I hope someone can point me in the correct direction for some possible fixes, as it is rather frustrating. Thank you iMac 3.06 GHZ - 4GB Ram VW2011 Designer - RW
  14. Mark Mosher

    VW 2010 and Snow Leopard

    Hi all, first post for me. Tried to install VW2010 Designer w/ Renderworks [upgrade from 2009] OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.1 [VW 2009 works, although have not really tried too too much] Installation disc was not recognized for 2 attempts, then started on 3rd attempt. Installation failed 60% of the way though. Anyone else have this issue with SL and VW2010 ? I have successfully installed VW2010 on iMac 3.06GHZ, so far works fine. Thank you MBP early intel, 2gb ram, 256mb Vram iMac 2009 intel core 2, 4gb ram, 512 mb Vram


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